Welcome To Go Create Me Translations

Go Create Me Translations (GCM Translations) is a brand new translation group that has started to translate novels on their spare time. Our group started out as Web developers but then decided to start translating novels since we all loved reading light novels and saw that we can do that on our spare time. We are currently translating a novel called "My Girlfriend is a Zombie. As this is our first time translating please leave some comments for each chapter to let us know how we are doing.

Recently Added Chapters:

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 395 Part 2

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 395 Part 2 – What’s worse than saying it’s not my business?… Just Passing By! Due to being surrounded by zombies for the first time, their performance wasn’t very good. Many bullets missed, allowing many zombies to rush closer to them. Fortunately, Lucy’s accurate… Read more »

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