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Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year to all our readers, Now that the holidays are all past us, Translations will be released normally again and new translations will be added daily. jhung0301

Full Time Translator – New Novel Maybe?

Hey Everyone, As recent changes have occurred in my life, I’ve decided to try translating full-time for this month while looking for another position to help provide food on the table. I’ll be also looking for a new novel to translate. I usually prefer translating stories that aren’t wuxia. If… Read more »

Hey Everyone Sick At the moment

Hey Guys, Sorry about the delay in updates for my highest paying tier patreons. I’m a bit sick with some food poisoning and haven’t been well. I’ll resume adding new chapters tomorrow. regular chapters are set on auto release so they will be released at the usual time. Sorry again… Read more »

Chapter Updates

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that I will resume adding chapters on Monday. I currently have a high fever and havn’t been able to translate properly. I will add all the missed chapters at the end of monday that i was suppose to for today and yesterday…. Read more »

November Re-modifications and Simplifications

Hello Everyone, I’ve recently gotten a lot of complaints from our patreon members, apparently the way we set up the November changes was bit too much and too complicated. I have taken consideration for our patreon readers that they should get more benefits since their the ones helping support our… Read more »

November Changes and Clarifications

Hi Everyone, Its the beginning of the new month tomorrow and so the Go Create Me Translation team has decided to give a bit more as well as clarify the new release schedules which some people are still a bit confused about (Mainly our fault for writing it incorrectly.) We… Read more »