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Chapter Updates

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that I will resume adding chapters on Monday. I currently have a high fever and havn’t been able to translate properly. I will add all the missed chapters at the end of monday that i was suppose to for today and yesterday…. Read more »

November Re-modifications and Simplifications

Hello Everyone, I’ve recently gotten a lot of complaints from our patreon members, apparently the way we set up the November changes was bit too much and too complicated. I have taken consideration for our patreon readers that they should get more benefits since their the ones helping support our… Read more »

November Changes and Clarifications

Hi Everyone, Its the beginning of the new month tomorrow and so the Go Create Me Translation team has decided to give a bit more as well as clarify the new release schedules which some people are still a bit confused about (Mainly our fault for writing it incorrectly.) We… Read more »