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Translations Resume after Dec 15

After taking a very long break due to our translators being unable to translate due to personal problems, they have finally agreed to resume translating on the 15th. of december. Hope this is good news for everyone as we will be resuming the story of My Girlfriend is a Zombie.

Translation Team Update

Hey everyone, A few personal things have come up during the past week and our translation team decided to take a 2-3 week break since I’m in process of moving to a new home and our other translator just gave birth a few days ago to a baby girl. We… Read more »

Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and I would also like to say thank you to our Patreons and readers. You guys are the reason that keeps me translating. After the week of Christmas is over, I’ll be releasing two chapters a week. As for the our patreon readers, it… Read more »

For Future Release Format

Hey everyone, I’ll be setting up a poll on the patreon site and on our translation site to see what release format you guys prefer since someone asked to change the format. We have two options, one is to keep it the same way and release 1/2 of chapter 4… Read more »

Bad News/Update

Hey everyone, Sorry for the delay in an update. Its been a frustrating three days for me. On Monday, my laptop got visited by the BSOD and wouldn’t let me even login to my PC. I had to bring it to Best Buy to give it a fix. I thought… Read more »

MGIAZ updates and other stuff

Hey Everyone, It’s been a while since my last announcement. Just wanted to give an update on MGIAZ. As you may have heard, Webnovel has decided not to continue on with redoing MGIAZ on their site so we can continue to translate for now. Thanks to everyone who support us… Read more »

Updates and News and how to follow new posts!

Hey all, As everyone may have noticed QIDIAN decided to try and retranslate the novel that we’ve been working on for almost two years. I’m currently still going to be translating this novel until no else wants me to lol. As for novelupdates removing all the previous links to our… Read more »

Back to Disqus Comments

Update: We will be reverting back to the old Disqus comments system. The new system is causing a lot of issues apparently. We had thought the reaction emojis would have made it more interesting but the platform itself is relatively new so there is a lot of bugs. For now… Read more »

Finally back home~

Hey everyone, Just landed from my flight from taiwan back to vancouver. Ill be adding new chapters in a few hours. Hope everyone that was celebrating chinese new year had a good one! Jhung0301