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Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since my last announcement. Just wanted to give an update on MGIAZ. As you may have heard, Webnovel has decided not to continue on with redoing MGIAZ on their site so we can continue to translate for now. Thanks to everyone who support us through the hurdle.

Also, everyone may have noticed that the updates in Novelupdates are much slower than what is on the actual site. This was done on purpose. We will be adding two releases each week to Novelupdates, but add 4 releases on our reddit until the actual readable releases are ahead by 5 full chapters. Once its 5 chapters ahead , we will go back to releasing on Novelupdates normally with 4 or 5 submissions per week. We are doing this to combat automated piracy sites so that our readers can read here first if they want to read the new chapters instead of reading it on a pirated site.

We believe that if the actual chapters are ahead by 5 chapters, more readers will more likely read on our site instead of a pirated site that just scrapes novelupdates. Please follow our reddit for instant notifications on new readable chapters for the next two weeks. Here is the link :

If you guys have any comments, issues, or suggestions on our decision please leave them below in the comment section. We would love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. We added a new chat box on the side bar 🙂

GCM Team

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