My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 10


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 10 – Misunderstood by the girl

With Ling Mo’s help, those two soon broke through the zombies’ siege. At this time there already gathered dozens of zombies before the supermarket, so they cannot stay for more than one second.

“Brother, come with me.”

The boy smiled at Ling Mo gratefully, then turned to run toward an alley.

And Ling Mo looked back to the street full of zombies, he had to take Ye Lian and followed them. As for the girl, she walked last calmly, from time to time cut down zombies that followed too tightly.

Watching the girl attack from a close distance, Ling Mo did not only care about her super fast attack speed, but also the long knife she is holding. The knife is very sharp and heavy; don’t know how her thin arm can swing it so quickly yet relaxingly.

Most importantly is her facial expression and eyes when she beheaded zombies, they were too calm to the point it makes people feel a little scared…..

The boy led Ling Mo and Ye Lian in and out of alleys for more than ten minutes, then headed into a small building, which finally got rid of the big wave of zombies.

When the boy stopped to take a breath, Ling Mo already noticed that this small building has been cleaned up a bit. Most likely, this is their base.

“Bro….Brother…..It’s all thanks too you.” After death-defying fleeing for more than ten minutes, the boys’ face was completely flushed, even his hair was dripping sweat, he tapped Ling Mo lightly on the shoulder, while intermittently said, “ Really………….Thanks…..”

His expression was actually very sincere, so Mo just accepted the appreciation and nodded.

“You are so good…..” The boy finally caught up his breath and immediately said admiringly, “ And your girlfriend too, didn’t even blush or change breathing rhythm after running for this long… You can’t be a born athlete, right? By by the looks of it there aren’t really any muscles… Seems to be on the par with our Shana….

“Liu Yu Hao, why are you so annoying!” Shana who had been silent suddenly frowned and interrupted him, and she looked a bit unhappy, “Who is YOUR Shana!”

“Don’t be like this… we were classmates after all!” Liu Yu Hao laughed and said, then he turned to Ling Mo and smiled, “today is all thanks to you, how about you come and sit upstairs for a bit?” While he said, he patted the backpack behind him, “we got beer!”

Ling Mo looked back at Ye Lian and thought thankfully that her evolution made her appearance no different than ordinary people. Looking at Shana and Liu Yu Hao’s reaction, it seemed like they did not see any flaws. However, for Ye Lian’s consideration, he felt it would be best to minimize contact with the survivors.

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Therefore, after considering for a second, Ling Mo decisively shook his head: “It’s alright, we still have business to attend.”

“Ah? What kind of business, come, let’s sit together.” Liu Yu Hao was suddenly shocked. From his view point, meeting other survivors at the end of the world is clearly something to be happy about, even if not surviving together, it would be good to exchange experiences. Not to mention a powerful figure like Ling Mo must have a lot of information that might be beneficial to them. If they can stay, they will no doubt be a huge help to them.

As for business……Besides trying to survive in the end of the world, what else could there be?

Shana said somewhat impatiently, “If they don’t want to, don’t push them……Huh?” She stopped her words halfway, suddenly surprised eyeing Ling Mo’s hand knife. After a moment of pause, she suddenly extended her hand to Ling Mo’s waist in lightning speed, simply not giving people a chance to react.

Ling Mo did not expect her to act that way suddenly, but just when her fingers touched the hand of the knife, Ling Mo reacted rapidly.

He just slightly turned sideways, and with a subtle angle Shana’s action ended in failure.

This made Shana surprised instead, and Liu Yu Hao’s mouth also fell open in horror: “Shana, what are you doing?”

Action’s failure made Shana to look at Ling Mo with a glimmer of change, but her tone turned a little unfriendly: “Where did you get this knife?”

“It’s not your business.” After her sudden act and rough questioning, Ling Mo could not help but to frown slightly and reply bluntly.

Although not voluntary, but I at least saved them, there should be a limit of not knowing your manners. Look at Liu Yu Hao’s careful attitude to her, he knew that she must used to being arrogant with her own superior fighting ability, but Ling Mo is not going let her have her way.

“You!” Shana stared at Ling Mo with somewhat angry look, but from time to time her eyes flickered towards the knife which means that she is obviously concerned about this. After a few seconds of silence, she adjusted her tone slightly, then asked: “Where did you get this knife, could you tell me?”

This kind of girl rarely put down her attitude so quickly, its obvious from Liu Yu Hao’s surprised reaction to Shana’s sudden change of tone.

There was nothing to hide originally, Ling Mo then explained briefly of how he went over to the sword store in search of weapons, only he only altered the story slightly in terms of the mutated zombie, such as that piece of red gel from that zombie……

Hearing about the existence of mutated zombies, these two did not look startled, and this also allows Ling Mo to confirm his guess. Sure enough in the urban areas, there is a good number of mutated zombies….

“The shop you went to, it’s the Wang Family’s shop right?” Shana asked suddenly.

“How did you know?” Although the knife is a finished product, but the knife itself and the scabbard are without lettering, how could this girl tell? Then think again, Wang’s handmade swords are quiet famous in X city, it would not be difficult to guess…

Shana looked at the knife in mixed emotions, “In other words, all the people in that store have died. Never mind, it’s nothing.”

“Since there’s nothing else, can you not stare at my…” Since Shana has been staring intensely at Ling Mo’s lower body where that knife was hanging, Ling Mo always had a very strange feeling, he could not help but bite the bullet and said.

Shana is at first surprised for a moment, then chuckled out uncaringly: “Don’t be afraid, your girlfriend did not mind it at all, didn’t she?” Then, she pointed at Ye Lian who was standing behind Ling Mo, “Right? Miss.”

“ I do mind…..” Ling Mo at the moment did not know what to say, this Shana looked at most seventeen or eighteen years old, how could she speaks this sharply, but hearing she tried to talk to Ye Lian, Ling Mo quickly said, “Well, excuse me, she cannot speak…..”

“Ah? Such a pretty lady, is actually a mute? Uh, I am sorry, please do not mind me, sister…..” Liu Yu Hao first exclaimed loudly, and then quickly smiled with embarrassment.

Ling Mo also does not know how to explain, he could only smile wryly and nodded.

Something he did not expected of, Shana looked deeply at Ye Lian, suddenly grabbed her wrist. If Ling Mo did not immediately stop Ye Lian’s impulse attack, probably at this moment, Shana would have been teared into pieces by Ye Lian.

From her expression, clearly Shana did not realize how much danger she put herself in: “Sis, come to our home to rest for a moment, I see that you are probabl tired.”

Her tone implied a hint of sympathy, but after speaking, she look at Ling Mo much softely: “You’re good too, come upstairs for a moment, I will treat you to beer.”

Ling Mo was about to refuse, Shana is already dragging Ye Lian to walk upstairs, and Liu Yu Hao also went behind Ling Mo, pushed his back and urged: “Come on come on, we rarely see living people…”

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