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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 100 – See Ya

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Ling Mo was expecting Lin Luanqui to still be there when he opened the door but was instead stunned.

This girl had already left, and left a descriptive map of the center area, with some some words, “This is a gift to thank you. Hope we can see each other in the future! And thank you!!”

Ling Mo all of sudden started to think about last night and trying to recall what had happened. He felt sad subconsciously.

“Guess I was thinking too much.”

Ling Mo shook his head, they honestly didn’t even know each other that well. Their relationship was based off a cooperation only. There was no need to think too much.

But Ling Mo’s plan was to at least wait until Lin Luanqui recovered before splitting up. At least the good thing was that Lin Luanqui had powers and probably can survive. Plus she knows the environment more better than Ling Mo probably.

Since she said meet in the future, maybe we could probably really meet in the future.

Ling Mo believed that the map should be accurate because Lin Luanqui didn’t seem like the type of girl to owe favors.

Ling Mo put away the complicated feelings and focused on the map. Looking at the notes on it, although there were lots of zombies around,they mostly gathered in certain areas, there were still lots of blank space.

The reason for the spaces was because in order to make the school look more elegant they had built a artificial stream and lake crossing the entire school.

The complicated environment caused most of the zombies to group up at some of the wide open areas, which meant that there were some small paths where survivors could go through without trouble. Although those paths were relatively safe it didn’t necessarily mean that it was a zombie free path.

Most of the zombies were probably grouped up in the buildings. It wasn’t safe going into buildings. Going into buildings was basically like going in a zombie’s home, you wouldn’t be able to survive going in unless you were powerful. Lin Luanqui had also added some notes on the buildings, estimating how many zombies there were in each building. Although it might not be accurate, Ling Mo had still used it as a reference.

There were two buildings highlighted by Lin Luanqui on the map: C3 Education building and A1 Education building.

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The two education buildings were positioned at both ends of a path, seemed to be the buildings with most people having classes in the past according to the size. There were a lot of man-made landscape like flower beds and a also a river.

When the disaster happened, a lot of people ran out from the buildings but those people who didn’t get out on time, got turned into zombies and basically were probably still inside. Though it may look pretty on the outside, it probably was a death trap inside. This was what Ling Mo thought of after looking at the information on the map.

Ling Mo decided he didn’t want to put his target that far, so instead he focused on a target near him.

“Peace theater??”

X city university’s musical theater’s show was quite famous in past, some foreign show groups would sometimes choose this theater to perform. If there was a show right before the apocalypse started, the number of zombies in that theater would probably be a lot.

The word “peace” in its name seems to be a bit ironic right now.

When Ling Mo was carefully looking at the map, Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng had also shown up. They couldn’t sleep all night due to thinking about Ling Mo giving them zombie blood..

“eeeh, where did…..” He Peng Peng looked inside , when he started to talk, Tang Xiao Xue covered his mouth immediately.

“What the fuck are you doing, I’m just asking where the girl who got hurt went!” He Peng Peng said unhappily.

Tang Xiao Xue felt relieved, because he thought He Peng Peng was going to ask if he had enjoyed his night with the girls last night.

“But that’s none of our business, stop being so fucking nosy, let’s talk about something else that’s more important.” Tang Xiao Xue was thinking you better shut the hell up and let me talk.

Ling Mo and Lin Luanqui didn’t try to avoid them when they were talking, although they didn’t listen to the whole thing, Tang Xiao Xue figured out that they were not really on the same team.

In this case, he felt differently about Ling Mo and his companions identity.

“Big brother, are you capable of killing a zombie without getting harmed?” He Peng Peng stared at Tang Xiao Xue and then excitedly asked Ling Mo.

Looking outside the window, there were tons of zombies that would probably give headaches to other people but not Ling Mo.

He told the two idiots to stay inside the building, and went out himself. Tang Xiao Xue was very worried that Ling Mo would ditch them and run away, but Ye Lian and Shana were still there so it made him feel a bit more secure. But could Ling Mo really defeat a zombie by himself? It might not be a one on one since other zombies might get attracted during the fight.

But seeing Ling Mo easily jumping into the garden without any look of nervousness, he felt relieved.

When Ling Mo showed up, a zombie saw him right away and ran towards him.

The two survivors tightened their hearts, but unlike Tang Xiao Xue who was worried, He Peng Peng was a bit more of excited.

Ling Mo should be able to cut this zombie to pieces……….

Out of their expectations, Ling Mo ran towards the hospital the moment the zombie ran towards him. Ling Mo’s speed was slightly faster than he originally was when he jumped into the garden.

The zombie followed Ling Mo, it also dashed to the hospital.

“OH FUCK!! We are all gonna die!”

He Peng Peng was shocked, he started to backup, but then he suddenly realized Shana was right next to him.

“Scram.” Shana said coldly.

Actually without her reminder, Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng had already moved to the side, and Ling Mo had already dashed back to the hospital.

The moment the zombie popped out its head, it was immediately cut off by Shana who was right behind him.

“Great team work!” This scene made Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng speechless, what surprised them the most was that Ye Lian seemed to know what was going to happen before it really happened, she had closed the door immediately after the zombie came in.

This was done to prevent the smell of fresh blood from attracting other zombies.

Looking at the headless zombie on the ground, Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng felt cold. Looking at Ling Mo’s expression, he looked so calm, in the beginning they thought that he ran because he couldn’t defeat the zombie, but actually it was because he already had a plan.

Seems like doing something dangerous like this was too easy for them, they didn’t even need to prepare anything.

Honestly Ling Mo could have actually done it in a much easier way by taking control of the zombie and making it commit suicide, but he wanted to stay low-key as there was also another guy with super powers in the area. Hiding one’s ability was a good idea. It wasn’t wise to show everyone all your cards.

“Ok, enjoy using the blood.” Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng didn’t pull themselves together until Ling Mo started talking.

“Big bro, if it weren’t for the girls, I would totally want to follow you man.” He Peng Peng laughed and said.

Tang Xiao Xue rolled his eyes ,thinking Ling Mo and the girls around him were already this powerful, who the fuck in their right mind would want a man like you who could only eat.

Ling Mo didn’t want to see how they would cover their bodies with zombie blood and also didn’t want to be there while waiting for it to dry so he prepared to leave.

“Emm..try not to die.” Ling Mo blurted out. This was all he could say as encouragement since in his mind he honestly didn’t think there was much hope for them.

He Peng Peng looked happy but Tang Xiao Xue looked a bit disappointed and said “You too.”




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