My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 101


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 101 – You do it or I do it?

After leaving the hospital, they looked at Lin Luanqui’s map and headed to the Peaceful Theater.

His goal in coming to X city university was to help Ye Lian and Shana get stronger. When they got stronger, Ling Mo would also eventually get stronger as well.

They might also bump into mutated zombies on the way, but the possibility was pretty low. If they couldn’t bump into them that’s okay as well. He was wishing that they could meet some better type of prey, like the advanced zombies.

Ling Mo felt that after getting more accustomed to using the spirit tentacles, he would be able to protect himself when he saw an advanced mutated zombie. It wouldn’t be like last time where he was basically pushed down without any resistance.

Just thinking about the zombie without underwear sitting on top of him still makes him shudder….It’s always going to be a dark spot in his heart.

“Let’s walk this way. This path might be far but there are less zombies in this path so we won’t be surrounded.”

Ling Mo carefully folded the map, then put it in his clothes. He and the zombie girls then started walking through the path where the zombies were less and they vanished around the corner of the hospital.

But what they didn’t know was that when they had started to move towards the path, a shadow appeared on the side of the hospital door.

Behind the silent door and a slightly dark hall, Tang Xiao Xue frowned and stared at the zombie’s corpse and then asked.

“You do it or I do it???”

Through the clean cut, blood had sprayed out. The zombie body was immediately covered in a puddle of blood. A bloody smell was creeping out of the body. It smelled sort of like rust. He and He Peng Peng understood that although this blood looked like human blood it was actually a deadly kind of blood with the virus. This virus was the cause of everything that has happened in this world.

They stared at the body for about a minute. Although the looks on their faces showed that they didn’t mind touching this stuff, deep down they were scared shitless after Ling Mo repeatedly warned them not use it.

To be honest the whole process of applying everything was gross.

But if they wanted to get back alive, this might be their only choice.

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They looked at each other and then He Peng Peng covered his nose and took a deep breath and stepped forward, “Let me do it, since I’m already very dirty right now.”

“OK” Tang Xiao Xue thought to himself and remembered that He Peng Peng had wet himself, then nodded said yes.

After speaking, He Peng Peng reached to the blood with his hands.

“Don’t touch it.”

A girls voice suddenly popped out, He Peng Peng got so scared and almost wet his pants again.

Tang Xiao Xue was stunned and turned his head, and then his eyes opened wide, “I thought you left?”

The person behind him was Lin Luanqui.

Seeing Lin Luanqui coming back shocked Tang Xiao Xue. He Peng Peng had his mouth wide open as if he saw a ghost.

Lin Luanqui looked much better, at least her lips were red now, but she was still a bit slow and her left arm is seemed weak.

But seeing them both there and a zombie body on the ground, Lin Luanqui looked a bit more relaxed.

“Didn’t you leave earlier, why are you still here?” He Peng Peng asked with a surprised tone in his voice.

Ling Luanqui smiled and said: “Yea, I left, but I came back.”

“But why? If you didn’t want to go then why didn’t you just stay.”

Lin Luanqui expression changed to a more serious one and said: “I was thinking about what to do the whole night and I decided that I would like to go with you guys.”

“W..why?” He Peng Peng asked with doubt, and then looked at her carefully, and suddenly said: “You wouldn’t want us to protect you do you? HAHAHAHA!”

He got slapped on the back of his head by Tang Xiao Xue after laughing.

“We couldn’t even defeat her or else why would brother Ling let her leave by herself.”

“This…” He Peng Peng wanted to argue back, but then he thought about what he said, which a lot of sense, although she looked weak, she was very calm. She doesn’t really look like a weak little girl.

Lin Luanqui looked a Tang Xiao Xue with surprise and then smiled and said while holding onto a metal piece with her hand: “Good, you understand, you saved me a lot of time from explaining a lot of unnecessary bullshit. Don’t worry, I won’t cause you guys trouble. As a matter of fact, I am saving you guys.”

“What do you mean” Tang Xiao Xue looked at the metal piece and suddenly felt a headache coming, thinking that this girl was powerful. If he hadn’t stop He Peng Peng they probably wouldn’t die but they would definitely get a beating from her.

“Just lead the way and also don’t use the blood anymore. It might work on some zombies, but if you bump into stronger ones, you will be dead in second. Also I don’t wish to walk behind two people covered in that stuff.”

After talking too much she seemed to be even more tired and frowned. Although she got a lot of sleep last night, it would take more time for her to fully recover.

She thought if Ling Mo hadn’t refused her, she wouldn’t even need to use this method. She was a bit envious of Shana and Ye Lian.

“No point in thinking about it…” She told herself and got rid of the complicated feelings.

She didn’t say anything other than that and Tang Xiao Xue didn’t keep asking. He knows that the two of them were no match for her.

Good thing was that the two bitch ass couples didn’t say that they couldn’t take any survivors back. They just hope she doesn’t mess up anything.

As for saving them, Tang Xiao Xue didn’t really think she could do it. Even though she seemed pretty powerful, at most she could probably handle the bitchass couples. She wouldn’t be able to handle the guy with superpowers though.

He still didn’t dare to offend her though since he learned his lesson from Ling Mo and became really careful. He could easily tell that she has some sort of plans for them. He wouldn’t mind as long as she doesn’t harm the other normal survivors.

He Peng Peng looked at her with hesitation and then looked at Tang Xiao Xue. Although he was a bit dumb, he could tell that Lin Luanqui was strong, so he also gave up resisting.

“Sure, then you are now our big sister. But this zombie was something big bro made a lot of effort to give us, we shouldn’t waste it.” He Peng Peng said

He finished drinking a bottle of water and carefully gathered all the blood.

Lin Luanqui frowned and said nothing. She didn’t try to argue with him or stop him.

Lin Luanqui patiently waited He Peng Peng to gather all the blood and asked, “Lets go when you’re done. Where do you guys live?”

Tang Xiao Xue answered: “Not far from here, We stayed at the Rui Wen building over there.”

She was quite familiar with this building actually. She used to have classes over there in the past before the apocalypse. It looks like a big old school building with a grass plain on the outside. It didn’t look that great but the space inside was quite big.

“Let’s walk from the side door, with the amount of blood that is here, we will attract zombies right away if we take the front door.”

Lin Luanqui’s soft words freaked He Peng Peng out and he quickly stopped. He hid beside Tang Xiao Xue and followed Lin Luanqui going through the side door.

As expected, after a few minutes the front door was bumped open. The annoying chewing sound became very loud. The once zombie-free school hospital has become another home for the zombies.

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