My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 102


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 102 – Tentacle Shooting Machine

Currently Ling Mo was leading Ye Lian and Shana to cross through a green area. He had no idea what happened in the school hospital after he left. They were taking the path to go to Peace Theater. Looking further ahead, they see a wide road in the front.

A gust of wind blew by and Ling Mo’s nose started to itch. He suddenly held it in and breathed out. He relaxed..


After wiping his nose, two zombies that were wandering around in the area suddenly turned both their heads towards the grove after hearing the noise. They began to run towards him without hesitating..

The two zombies were only ten meters away, his sneeze wasn’t really loud but it still got their attention.

With such a sharp sense, those wandering zombies that would look harmless were in reality a ticking time bomb with great explosiveness.

This is why zombies were so intimidating. Once they took action, they would become a killing machine that didn’t know the word stop. With this kind of momentum it’s no wonder why most people would lose their courage to fight them.

“Great, we can let you two lead the way.”

The spirit tentacles came out from Ling Mo and controlled the zombies.

By now Ling Mo’s spirit power had already grown powerful enough to easily control regular zombies. He could even control up to ten zombies if needed. Yet controlling was one thing, making use of them to their full potential was a different story. Ling Mo just wasn’t strong enough yet to make them use their full potential.

Controlling ten zombies was not the same as making ten zombies do something all at the same time. Ye Lian and Shana were a bit different. Ling Mo didn’t really need to control them that much since they had a bit of consciousness already. He basically had them on autopilot. As for those normal zombies, they had all lost their consciousness so all their actions had to be controlled by Ling Mo. No matter how talented someone is, its hard to multitask with that amount of zombies, not to mention Ling Mo was pretty much a normal person before the apocalypse.

Ling Mo understood that in order to be powerful it takes practice. A person does not just get powerful by getting super powers and not using them. This was the key point of getting more powerful.

But practicing spirit power needed to be gradual or else you might end up hurting yourself. So Ling Mo could only slowly practice and gradually enhance the intensity of each practice.

When the two zombies dashed to the side of the grove, they stopped and stood there for a second. They moved their bodies in a weird way, changed directions and slowly left.

“shishi.. tsutsu..”

The people who came out afterwards were Ling Mo and the zombie girls. In taking this path, they had to go across the green area which made their clothes and hair wet by the morning dew.

Although Ye Lian and Shana both wore coats, their hair still got wet. The wet hair positioned behind their heads gave them a more beautiful look which made Ling Mo unable to stop staring and wishing to look at it a bit more.

The weather seemed to be affected too by the apocalypse. Usually at this time X city would be a bit warmer, but right now it’s only one hour away from the morning but the sky still looked pretty dark.

Ling Mo was happy that he brought a thick coat. He predicted that most people were still probably wearing summer outfits, they must be having a very hard time.

The two zombies were leading the way followed by Ling Mo and the two girl zombies, if a normal person saw this, they would probably be scared to death.

A lot of zombies spotted them but Ling Mo didn’t kill them, instead he controlled them. After a short period of time, it had became a team of seven zombies, and the two girl zombies.

To Ling Mo’s surprise, there’s a zombie thats half way through becoming a mutated zombie. But he felt disappointed afterwards cause the gel it had was very small.

“Probably just turned…”

It’s still a gel thought Ling Mo, so he put it in his bag, and then controlled another zombie with shitty luck that decided to walk by.

Seven was Ling Mo’s limit in controlling zombies and also making them do tasks at the same time. His spirit power wasn’t that strong enough to multitask even more, so he decided he needed to improve by practicing with his spirit tentacles more.

Ling Mo used the puppet zombies to kill all the zombies they met afterwards. Although the zombies he controlled didn’t have weapons, the other zombies wouldn’t take the initiative to attack them.

It’s simple to kill zombies that just stood there and did nothing. With the amount of power that the controlled zombies had, it was easy to break the necks of the regular zombies.

While the number of zombies increased, Ling Mo’s puppet zombies had started to get injuries. The more injuries the puppet zombie had, the bigger the disadvantage it would have on the next battle.

When a regular zombie saw a puppet zombie, it wouldn’t attack it. It would just stand there and let the puppet zombie attack it. But if the puppet zombie didn’t kill it after the first attack it would fight back in a frenzy.

Ling Mo had a hard time in the beginning controlling the puppet zombies to fight but eventually he got the hang of it. During each fight he would between the puppet zombies and regular zombies, he would use his spirit tentacles to slow the other zombies down a bit or distract them.

From where Ling Mo is standing, he was like a tentacle shooting machine, the twenty tentacles shooting out from him were used  to control his puppet zombies and distract the other zombies.

Whenever Ling Mo lost a zombie, he would just take control of another one. With Ye Lian and Shana providing support everything went smoothly.

On the way to their destination they left nearly fifty zombie corpses, yet Ling Mo still looked clean without any blood stains on him.

This fighting method turned out to be so godly!!

Right now the number of zombies he could control wasn’t a lot, but when Ling Mo’s spirit power reaches a certain point he might be able to control hundreds or even thousands of zombies.

He was basically a captain of zombie group right now, but who knows what will happen in the future. Maybe he might even have a zombie army!

It’s hard to say how good he will be, but from what he sees so far, he wouldn’t be weak in the future.

But in order to be that good, his spirit power needs to advance to a level in which he couldn’t imagine right now.

Ling Mo quickly calmed down from excitement. The future might look good, but he still needs to take it step by step.

Ye Lian and Shana killed the last two zombies and came to him

Shana had good knife skills, although her knife was covered with blood, her body was a different story. It had only a little bit of blood.

Ye Lian was the same whose ability tended to be focused on speed, no one would be able to see her once she used her full power to attack.

She was also getting familiar with the knife she was currently using, unless she was surrounded. If she got surrounded by zombies she would still reach out with her hand….….

“Honestly….snatching the heart is not a good habit, change it…” Ling Mo sighed and wiped her hands.

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