My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 103


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 103 – Sneak Attack

After an hour, Ling Mo finally reached Peace Theater with his zombie puppets.

Killing zombies on the way wasn’t really that hard, but it’s extremely annoying to Ling Mo when the zombies get attracted to blood that is being spilled after he kills them.

At last he sacrificed two zombies and attracted the zombies to an opposite direction.

In the beginning before he came to X City University, he didn’t really know the estimated amount of zombies currently in that area, but right now he assumes that it’s as big as thirty thousand.

Even though he chose the path where zombies were less, he still had a tough time getting through. He could imagine how hard it was for normal people to survive with that many zombies roaming around.

He thought he was very lucky to team up with Lin Luanqui. Otherwise who knows which path he would of taken and how many more zombies he would of have to deal with.

The door was slightly opened with a small gap, Ling Mo sent a zombie to go in and see how it was inside.

The moment he landed on the steps, he realized it must of been like hell in there.

There was a lot of blood stains on the front door and those stains followed to a short hallway.

The hall wasn’t clean either, just looking at it he could tell that horrible things had happened here.

After crossing through the hallway, they saw a middle sized theater. Although it wasn’t bright, the puppet zombie had great vision so it wasn’t that hard to see everything clearly.

Using his psychic powers to see what the zombie was seeing, Ling Mo felt his hair on his back stand up.

Bloody was the one word he could describe everything

From the zombie’s vision, he could see everything except for the backstage. He would need a close look for that area.

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It was not a big theater, the capacity was around a thousand people in the two floors, but it had turned into a slaughterhouse.

The walls and seats had been splashed with blood. After a few seconds Ling Mo pulled himself together and carefully guided the zombie puppet into the theater.

The scene currently wasn’t only caused by the apocalypse. The zombies also fought each other as well.

Zombies were cruel yet also very stupid, they would stay immobilized after reaching the target of their attraction until they found their next prey.

In this kind of closed area, they would only kill each other off until a conscious mutated zombie appears or an advanced one appears.

Ling Mo’s heart made a  “ba bump” sound. If all the zombies are dead, he might of came here in vain.

But when Ling Mo controlled the zombie puppet to the stage he knew that he thought too much. Some shadows were walking around, there were even some on the path. There were about thirty zombies, although it’s not a lot, they seemed be a bit stronger than normal zombies. Although they weren’t mutated zombies, they probably weren’t far from being one.

If they had started to kill each other one more time, the ones who managed to survive might be able to become mutated zombies.

The controlled zombie started walking by them and in the process it still made some noise which made the other zombies in the room look at it. If they went crazy, this zombie might be torn into pieces. Luckily the other zombies didn’t do anything at the moment. They probably didn’t feel like fighting.

Are there only these zombies that were half way through mutating? Aren’t there any mutated or advanced ones?

Ling Mo felt disappointed, he had assumed that since it was such a big theater, there should of been a lot of people that were killed. He had thought that there should of been at least ten or more mutated zombies here.

He carefully went around the zombies and went to the back of the stage.

The moment he reached the backstage of the hall, Ling Mo suddenly felt a dangerous feeling. When he turned around, a dark shadow rushed towards him.

Only advanced zombies hide and have such quick speed!

Ling was surprised and thought ”Oh FUCK ME! Do zombies like to sneak attacks or something? Or is this some kind of racial habit?”

Advance zombies can make judgements and use tactics since they have a bit of consciousness. Since he was the only zombie walking around, it made him stand out. Apparently advance zombies could hide and wait for others to come before it attacked.

Since Ling Mo only expected mutated zombies to be in the theater he didn’t prepare the zombie puppet with any weapons. Unexpectedly the zombie turned out to be an advanced one.

The zombie’s movements were pretty smooth. It had leaped very high and then attacked with its skinny hands which sort of looked like a eagles claw.

Ling Mo had wanted to hide in the beginning but then he thought to himself, it isn’t his body anyways, might as well see how good he was in controlling a zombie to fight the advanced one.

Under this kind of life or death battle, his psychic powers were of no use at the moment.

He used the arm to block.

Ling Mo realized that the powers between the previous advanced zombie he had fought and the current one weren’t even close.

This one was even stronger than the one at the mall.

Since it was not his body, Ling Mo’s reaction wasn’t that fast, so when he raised the arm, the advanced zombie grabbed it and threw him on the ground.

Even though zombies didn’t feel pain, Ling Mo was still shocked.

“This piece of shit is so fucking powerful and fast…” Ling Mo tried to make a quick plan but the zombie was already running towards him.

Ling Mo quickly controlled the zombie to roll over, but it was still a bit too slow. Even though it dodged part of the attack from the claw, it still made a long cut on its body.

“This fucking sucks that i can’t use my spirit tentacles through my zombie puppet or else I could’ve blocked it.”

In the past Ling Mo couldn’t even control the advanced girl zombie in the mall. Now he had the confidence to do so. Even if he couldn’t control it right away in battle, he could at least distract it’s movements with his powers.

Unfortunately he wasn’t able to use his tentacles through the controlled zombies body. His only option was to run deeper into the backstage despite his zombie was leaking blood.

Ling Mo’s plan was to lure this advanced zombie to a spot where they could ambush it with the other zombie puppets.

If the advanced zombie kills all the puppets he and Ye Lian would team up then and kill the advanced zombie. By then it probably wouldn’t be so hard to kill it.

But just when he was controlling the zombie dash through the washroom, an arm reached out and grabbed it!

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