My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 104


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 104 – Profiting From Two Zombies Battle

TL: So sorry guys for the delay in this chapter, took a while to translate since it was a pretty long chapter. Hopefully you guys enjoy it!

The sudden hand that came out of the door grabbed the zombie puppet while the advanced zombie rushed towards the door at the same time.

“Oh crap……”

It definitely was a zombie since a survivor wouldn’t appear in this zombie infested building. This zombie will certainly be attacked by both sides though.

What kind of zombie would dare snatch the food from a advanced zombie?

Ling Mo imagined how it would play out in his head, in the next few seconds his puppet and the zombie snatcher would be torn to pieces by the advanced zombie.

But to Ling Mo’s surprise, this advanced zombie actually stopped at the door. It had no intention to run in. On the contrary, there was a trace of vigilance and fear in the blood-red eyes.

He issued a threatening low pitch roar and bowed slightly preparing to launch an attack, but he didn’t enter the door.

“What the fucks going on?”

Ling Mo quickly manipulated the puppet and turned to look at the zombie behind him, but found that the zombie was not a normal zombie.

He had a typical white face, short stature, big nose that was half ripped off exposing half of its nostrils, which made it look very scary.

But the white hair on top of his head had long been glued together by blood plasma, and the dirty dress on him looked very funny.

However, in his bloody red eyes, he showed a very fierce look.

Ling Mo vaguely thought that the strength of this white zombie seemed to be stronger.

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He scanned through the room from the puppets sight, and he discovered a ton of corpses, which were probably eaten by the white zombie.

However, it seemed like the white zombie only ate the back of the brain of every corpse whereas the body itself was still intact. To Ling Mo’s surprise, there were still two or three seemingly fresh bodies.

“Does this zombies go out to look for food?”

Ling Mo quickly glanced inside the house and found out that on the other side of the washroom, there was a window leading to the outside and the window’s glass had disappeared.

This advanced zombie sure is intelligent. It knows how to go look for food as well as making a nest here.

Seems like these two advanced zombies don’t attack each other and share this place, one in the front of the stage and on in the back of the stage.

Also seems like they have coexisted for some quite some time. They probably didn’t leave this place because of the existence of each other and had some sort of balance.

Unfortunately this balance was broken when the puppet came in.

The advanced zombie had probably believed he wouldn’t meet the white zombie face to face if he chased after the puppet zombie, but he didn’t expect the puppet zombie to be so nimble with a weird behavior.

At this time, it looked very scared at the eyes of the white zombie, but it was reluctant to retreat. The two advanced zombies immediately stayed in deadlock.

As an advanced zombie, it would no longer fight crazily to kill the other. In the balance of power between the two sides, they would rather wait a while before fighting.

The mutant zombies usually increased their powers by engulfing each other, but the mutant zombie’s gel gives minimal help towards advanced zombies. Since these two advanced zombies were not in a hurry to kill each other, it meant that their evolution was not solely based on eating each other.

The zombies can now be counted as a new race. It seems that their evolution was not so simple.

However, such rapid growth was really shocking.

The white zombie at the door placed Ling Mo’s zombie puppet in his hand, and the blood continued to dribble down his back and soon formed a pool of blood on the ground. The advanced zombie outside the door were stimulated by the blood.

In the throat of the white zombies, there was also a “grilling” sound, and the sound seemed a bit rapid, seemed to warn the advanced zombie outside.

Vaguely, Ling Mo seemed to hear human words. “Otto…get out? Get the fuck out?”

The white zombie repeated it two or three times in a row, but Ling Mo never heard clearly, nor did he know if it’s because this guy’s nose was half ripped off.

After Ling Mo pulled himself together, he realized that this was a good opportunity. The two advanced zombies were quite similar in strength and seem to have been trying to swallow each other, but were unable to do so. Both are waiting for an opportunity probably.

Although the puppet could not break away from the control of this advanced zombie by itself, but under the control of Ling Mo, it twisted it’s body without hesitation, with its strength that was much stronger than a human’s, it broke its arm, clenched its fist and slammed it into the white zombie’s eyes.

The white zombie didn’t expect for its prey to escape from its grasp, to a even bigger surprise, it didn’t expect a zombie to punch. It was confused for a bit.

However, its reaction was still very fast, when Ling Mo’s puppet was just about to throw the second punch, it kicked right away.

However, Ling Mo was determined to make the white zombie bleed, so he didn’t shy away. Instead, he grabbed the ankle of this white zombie.


While the puppet was kicked away, it’s sharp nails also created a wound for the white zombie. Blood immediately soaked it’s legs. The puppet had gotten its ribs broken and wasn’t far from death.

Seeing that the advanced zombie outside was still hesitant, Ling Mo got pissed thinking: “YOUR FUCKING USELESS!!! No wonder you were being yelled at like a bitch by the white zombie. I gave you such a big help and you’re not attacking!”

The white zombies had self-consciousness apparently. He immediately recoiled backwards after he was injured, but Ling Mo’s attack was really harmful. It almost completely tore his legs apart. A long cut appeared on it’s leg which was full of hair.

The blood continued to gush and the advanced zombie outside the door finally couldn’t hold back and finally roared and dashed in.

Ling Mo was relieved and took the tentacles back.

Taking the advantage of this opportunity, Ling Mo controlled four puppet zombies to move into the theater. The normal zombies that were near the backstage panicked a bit when they saw the four puppets but didn’t attack until Ling Mo controlled the puppets to kill four zombies near them making the zombies go berserk.

The crazy killing of nearly thirty zombies looked incredible with Ling Mo’s manipulation. Although two of them died in the process the other two were walking around the other zombies and randomly attacking them.

Shana and Ye Lian also took action at this time. Once these two mutant zombies attacked, they were unstoppable.

While the number of zombies in the theater were rapidly declining, Ling Mo himself followed in and helped kill the last few remaining zombies.

About two-thirds of the thirty zombies had already condensed a gel, despite the small amount and poor quality,it was still better than nothing.

This also proves that Ling Mo’s prediction was right. In the process of a zombie’s progression to becoming a mutant zombie, there was also a chance of them forming a gel. Just like how humans have strong and weak body types, zombies also have differences. Some gels do not appear until they are fully advanced, while others slowly produce their gels as they progress. However, these gels that appear can only be considered defective. Only when they reach a qualitative change, can the zombies really advance to be mutant zombies.

The same thing applies to advanced zombies. Just like the two advanced zombies, the direction and strength of evolution were obviously different. The white zombie had superior speed, and the one outside have more strength.

Like the direction of evolution for Ye Lian should also be speed. As for Shana… Ling Mo has no clue so far.

Predicting that the two advanced zombies inside should be done by now, Ling Mo, Ye Lian, and Shana cautiously went into the backstage.

After entering the backstage, both of them seemed anxious, apparently evoked by the fierce battles of two powerful advanced zombies.

Ling Mo said quickly: “Don’t be afraid. I got a plan on how to take advantage of this.”

Upon entering the backstage of the corridor, waves of muffled noises continued to linger, and the sound that reverberated in the empty hallways would probably make people feel shocked.

Two advanced zombies with different yet equal strengths would not easily finish a fight that fast. Ling Mo didn’t rush to approach them, but hid from a distance and slowly approached.

The washroom looked like a mess and even the doors have been completely smashed. Apparently this was how the two advanced zombies fought. Ling Mo secretly thought that if he hadn’t let them kill each other, he and the other two female zombies wouldn’t have been able to take them down.

When he cautiously appeared near the door, the two advanced zombies were still scuffling, and the white zombie that predominated in speed apparently had the upper hand. Although he was injured in multiple places, he was better than the other advanced zombie.

Despite his leg injury, which rendered him unable to jump, it could still manage to dodge its opponents attack.

The other advanced zombie seemed to lack intelligence, but with his brutal force he wouldn’t be defeated that fast.

However, Ling Mo could see that the white zombie was always circling around it’s opponent and randomly attacking different open spots. Although it caused minimal damage, as the battle progresses, more wounds would accumulate making the end result with the advanced zombie being dead sooner or later.

“That’s really disappointing…”

Ling Mo secretly shook his head, and at the same time shot out the spirit tentacle to grab the white zombie. Although it was impossible to bind it with the tentacles,it caused continuous mistakes and constant delay in it’s movements.

In this way, the advanced zombie immediately gained the upper hand, but when it was about to kill the white zombie, it got stuck into Ling Mo’s tentacle, and got defeated by the white zombie.

After several consecutive encounters, the two advanced zombies made a two-sided loss under the intervention of Ling Mo. The entire washroom was filled with their blood.

“Shana, Ye Lian, time to snatch someone’s head.”

Seeing that the two of them were reaching to the end of the fight, Ling Mo made one last interference. The white zombie couldn’t manage to dodge and got knocked out by the advanced zombie.

After the advanced zombie succeeded in knocking the white zombie down, it immediately charged not giving the white zombie enough time to get up.


A loud muffled sound, and the cracking sound of the bones was also mixed with it.

This is real brute force … … Ling Mo secretly thought.

Without Ling Mo saying anything, Ye Lian and Shana stabbed them.


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