My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 105


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 105 – A Huge Upgrade

No matter how intelligent the zombie was, it still couldn’t beat Ling Mo in his schemes.

Under the combined surprise attack of Shana and Ye Lian, this advanced zombie corpse was cut into half before it could even turn it’s head.

Fortunately, the two mutant female zombies dodged quickly and so they were not splashed with blood.

Ling Mo stood by the doorway. Although he had an extreme headache, he was very happy!

There was practically no chance of winning if they were facing any of those two advanced zombies. Even if by some small chance of winning, they would probably not end up well either.

Although he could probably use the semi-evolved puppet zombies to manipulate them and attack the two advanced zombies, he knew that after the experience of confronting them, the puppet zombies would be no different from cannon fodder.

Ye Lian and Shana would be able to hold their own for a while but eventually they would lose. In terms of speed the white zombie was faster than Ye Lian and both Ye Lian and Shanas strength was weaker than the advanced zombie.

Obviously if you can’t win by strength or agility, use your brain!

Ling Mo sacrificed one puppet zombie to break their balance and got two ruby like pure gels.

This deal was totally worth it!

Plus they also got a lot of the crappy gels as well!

After taking a few deep breaths, Ling Mo had finally calmed down from his excitement.

Enough, these gels are enough to let Ye Lian evolve to advanced zombie.

We didn’t come to X city university in vain!

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After both gels were removed, the bodies of the two advanced zombies were basically useless.

Ling Mo looked outside the window which had some blood stains. They were probably caused by the white zombie when he was pulling back the corpse.

Does this white zombie have a habit of storing food? Ling Mo thinks this was a bit unbelievable. Don’t zombies just eat right away?

While Ling Mo was still doubting , his eyes scanned the corpses and he noticed a fresh body whose brain hadn’t been opened yet. The red bloody eyes on the corpse proved that it was a zombie’s body.

It seems like the white zombie did have a habit of storing food. However if he was slightly smarter, he could of just taken the gel out and left the corpse alone.

It this white zombie had been given more time to grow to the point that it could dominate the advanced zombie, it probably would have taken the initiative to attack it.

Based on the fact that there weren’t many corpses piled up here, the white zombie probably didn’t have a big appetite and also most of the zombie corpses that were in the pile were normal zombies. That also meant that the need of gels for a advanced zombie became very low.

Thinking about this, Ling Mo had gotten a better understanding of advanced zombies yet still had a vague concept.

Advanced zombies, should have self-growth, right?

In addition to generating self-awareness, they should also have recovered some memories, like the white zombie shouted out a vague “Otte”.

Originally, Ling Mo felt that this place was not suitable for evolving, but when he took the gel to the bathroom, Ye Lian approached him, showing a hint of lust.

It was rare to see Ye Lian’s eyes revealing her feelings in addition to closeness. Ling Mo thought, “oh well i guess we will do it here then” and gave her the gel.

Since she wanted it, it was indeed very urgent to her. Maybe if she ate a piece, she could evolve?

Instead of giving both to Ye Lian, he decided to give it separately just in case Ye Lian evolves after eating one so he would be able to let Shana eat the extra one.

Before eating, he first brought Ye Lian and Shana to the next room, and blocked the door with furniture. He felt much more comfortable feeding them in a safer place.

After eating the gel, Ye Lian’s eyes immediately began to turn red, and her aura became more bloodthirsty and furious. Ye Lian was becoming a advanced zombie. Her instincts had also been fully liberated.

Currently she gave people a feeling like some sort of wild beast with a strong pressure. The pressure rose to the same height as the two advanced zombies.

At the same time, Ling Mo also felt an unprecedented frantic atmosphere that swept his mind, if he hadn’t held on, he might have gone crazy.

The stormy spiritual force rushed so fast almost making Ling Mo lose his soul.

Ye Lian was also suffering, the virus had spread through her body and started to gather at the back of her brain, and the quality of the gel was rapidly increasing.

The whole process took about two hours yet for Ling Mo it felt like several days. When Ye Lian’s eyes went back to normal, she melted in Ling Mo’s chest, the two of them piled on the sofa.

He and Ye Lian’s clothes had been soaked with cold sweat. His forehead was also full of sweat. The two held each other tightly.

Shana has been watching quietly this whole time. When she finally saw that Ye Lian had calmed down, she used the cuffs from her clothes to wipe the sweat for Ye Lian and Ling Mo. Although the action was a bit clumsy, it still let Ling Mo reveal a smile.

Ye Lian lay softly on Ling Mo’s chest, her breathing seemed to be a bit more rapid. Her eyes were still a bit red, but it was much better than before.

After calming down, Ling Mo knew that Ye Lian was now no longer a mutant zombie. She was now an advanced zombie. Although Ye Lian has turned into an advanced zombie she wasn’t fully recovered yet since her evolution was a huge upgrade rather than a simple one.

Seeing that Ye Lian has calmed down, Ling Mo wanted to be fair and gave the last gel to Shana.

Comparing to Shana’s devouring process, it was much calmer. Maybe it was also due to the fact that she decided to faint after looking at Ling Mo. Without knowing why she had fainted, Shana’s promotion didn’t give Ling Mo much of a surprise, especially in the regards of the physical aspect.

With the improvement of both female zombies, it brought a huge impact in changes to Ling Mo. In the process of waiting for them to recover, Ling Mo was also experiencing his own changes.

He noticed that first, the strength of his spirit tentacles were significantly stronger than before, which meant that both his control ability and influence had greatly improved. However what made him most excited was the ability of pushing things with the tentacles.

Before he could only move a leaf, but now he could move a seat with his spirit tentacles.

Although he was still far away from his dream of using spirit tentacles to beat the shit out of people, he has at least taken a big step in the right direction.

After the feeling of happiness started to end, he seemed to realize he was tired. Ling Mo hugged Shana and the three of them fell off into a deep sleep.

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