My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 106


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 106 – Changes

It wasn’t easy to recover mental power from exhaustion. When Ling Mo opened his eyes again, it was already bright outside.

He sat up with soreness all over his body, and slowly felt his energy coming back to him after a few ten seconds


There were weird sounds coming from his stomach and his throat felt like it was burning of thirst.

From the these physical reactions, he estimated that he had passed out for two or three days.

Ling Mo quickly looked around and felt relieved when he saw Ye Lian and Shana.

He took a bottle of beverage to drink and felt better.

“Ye Lian …” he turned and looked at Ye Lian.

At this time, Ye Lian was curled on the sofa. She was looking at the machete in her hands with her deep black eyes.

But when she heard Ling Mo’s low voice, she immediately turned around. At first she had a slight sense of confusion in her eyes, but soon her eyes immediately revealed a surprise look. She immediately put her machete to one side and in a flash, Ling Mo immediately felt like his chest got hit by a truck. He had just sat a up a few moments ago and was already knocked back down.


Although Ye Lian’s actions are very skillful and light, but sofa was quite shitty and uncomfortable. After Ling Mo was knocked back down, he felt that his body seemed to have spread out like an eagle.

Ye Lian who was currently hugging him on his chest seemed like she wasn’t willing to let go.

When Ling Mo pulled himself together, he immediately felt the elasticity of Ye Lian’s amazing breast which were stuck to his chest. her face was close to his shoulders, her arms were tightly embracing him.

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With such a situation, Ling Mo felt like he was on Cloud Nine!

“Ye Lian, did you think of something?” Ling Mo couldn’t help asking after hugging her for a long time.

When Ye Lian heard him asking, she reluctantly released him and let him sit up.

Ye Lian paused and thought for a while and slowly spit out two words: “Ling…. Ling brother….”

At this moment, Ling Mo’s eyes widened!

He could see that Ye Lian did not recover too much memory, but she already had a bit of rationality and the most crucial thing was that the first person she remembered was him!

How could this not make Ling Mo happy!

He stared at Ye Lian for a while and then hugged her.

Upon hearing a cough beside them, Ling Mo was awoken from his daze.

“Brother Ling? I don’t remember calling you that before”, said Shana who next to them now. She came over when they were hugging and she had put her chin on Ye Lian’s shoulder, only a few centimeters away from Ling Mo. Ling Mo could see Shana’s seemingly normal pupil, with a touch of faint blood light.

Ling Mo suddenly had a weird idea, was it only possible for zombies that had a spiritual connection with him like Ye Lian and Shana, to be able to control their zombie instincts and be like a normal person? After all zombies were known to always have red eyes due to being in a frenzy state at all times.

Yet, Shana still has a glowing blood light in her eyes. What does it mean? Although it’s not obvious and can’t be noticed without careful observation, it was still there.

However now was not the right time to think useless thoughts, Ling Mo leaned over and pinched Shana’s lips and smiled. “Then that’s how you will call me from now on.”

After hearing him, Shana turned up a corner of her mouth, revealing a smile that was perfectly familiar to Ling Mo. This smile was the biggest feature that Ling Mo had noticed when he first noticed her. In battle, that kind of extremely enjoyable faint smile!

In the blink of an eye, Ling Mo suddenly thought he had been duped. Did the girl never mutate?

“Okay.” Shana’s smile quickly softened, but it brought a vivid expression, her temperament was completely different from before.

She was calm and shy girl before, the current her was totally opposite.

Ling Mo could feel that Shana should have reached the stage of an advanced zombie, but her physical changes were still not very clear, but rather her mental state was very different.

“Shana, what did you think of?” Ling Mo asked tentatively.

Shanna clinged to Ye Lian’s cheeks and gently rubbed it until Ye Lian tried to hide due to being tickled. She slowly said: “Basically, how did I become a zombie?”

Ling Mo’s heart made “Bump” sound, but he soon calmed down. Shana’s nature was no longer human, or she wouldn’t be able to make such a calm statement.

He remembered that right before she was going to mutate, she had planned to commit suicide.

Without waiting for Ling Mo to mention this, Shana said in a self-deprecating manner, “It’s strange why I couldn’t accept it at that time.”

Ling Mo thought to himself, you were a human before, of course you wouldn’t be able to accept becoming a mutant zombie, right now you have zombie’s mindset and you are actually blaming yourself for your past choices….

“Ah, ya.” Shana suddenly said, “You weren’t awake before, so I went out for a moment…”

Ling Mo suddenly paused after she spoke, but became calm right away. Shana’s spiritual connection with him still existed but he couldn’t limit her behavior that much. The current him right now could only be away from her up to a thousand meters before the connection was broken.

Seeing Ling Mo paused, Shana immediately smiled: “Rest assured, I just went outside to take a look. Anyway, there is Ye Lian sister guarding you. But unfortunately there wasn’t anything outside, except for some stupid zombie that got attracted to the noise, basically nothing to play with.”

The tone of Shana did not convey any meaning of regret, but her expression with a faint smile made Linger feel a slight headache.

Although she became a zombie, the hobbies and interests of a certain aspect did not change. Was fighting really so enjoyable?

“Oh ya!” while speaking, Shana seems to have started to undress herself. This movement made Ling Mo fasten his heart beat.

“This … …” Shana quickly lifted her hand up, and opened it, a small gel was lying inside her white hands.

Ling Mo suddenly sweated, because he had never seen Shana putting her hands on her clothes, so he subconsciously thought of “something else”…

“You found it?” Ling Mo asked while slowly letting go of Ye Lian and putting the gel in his pocket.

Shanna nodded, Ye Lian who was on the side glanced at the gel, but did not speak.

Ling Mo immediately thought of an extremely critical issue and quickly asked, “What do you two think about this gel now?”

This problem was a little rough and complicated, and it wasn’t until Ling Mo shook the plastic bag on his hand that Shana suddenly realized what he’s talking about. She moved towards Ye Lian and said lazily, “food”.

If they both aren’t interested in the gels no more, what’s the next thing that could make them evolve?

Although Ling Mo’s spiritual powers have improved, it was mostly due to Ye Lian and Shana evolving. Other than evolving Ling Mo improved his powers by continuous practice of using his powers.

Were advanced zombies able to do the same? Could they improve by continuously learning? Or was it possible to speed up this process by using an advanced zombie’s brain gels?

Seeing Ling Mo in a deep thought, Ye Lian once again embraced Ling Mo, and shouted, “Ling brother.”

This familiar voice made Ling Mo heart melt, and all the troubles seemed to vanish.

Shana paused and joined them……

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