My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 107


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 107 – Garbage

In the early morning of the next day, a few zombies were slowly approaching the Peace Theater.

Their expressions were all distorted, with blood-red eyes that were round, and they had dirty clothes that clung to their bodies, covered with mud and blood.

These zombie’s movements were very slow, and from time to time they stretched their necks and sucked their mouths really hard, as if they were looking for something.


Suddenly, the zombie walking at the front roared in a deep voice, pulled it’s leg, and then dashed towards the Peace Theater.

The rest of the zombies rushed to follow, and several figures quickly approached the Peace Theater.

However, as soon as the first zombie stepped on the steps, the front door of the theater was suddenly pushed open. An quick figure emerged from the inside, and then a sudden cold white light flashed.

As the zombie’s head flew to the sky, it’s body was still rushing forward while the figure that had cut its head off, had already easily dodged it and went for the zombies behind it.

“pu tong!”

The headless zombie dashed forward for a few seconds, fell, and then sprayed blood all over the floor.

“Holy SHIT!!!”

Ling Mo, who had just stepped out of the gate, saw the headless zombie rushing towards him and falling down right in front of him. He quickly jumped to the side and at the same time grabbed Ye Lian behind him and evaded it.

All zombies had agile and nimble movements as well as their strong arms that could rip through human flesh so easily. They were in all aspects, better than humans, yet they were still no match against an advanced zombie that had good knife skills.

Looking at Shana, who was standing over several bodies and holding a long knife while smiling, Ling Mo felt a sudden headache.

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It became apparent that her memory seemed to have also integrated with the nature of a zombie. Shana seemed to have finally awakened something from within her. Maybe….. The pleasure of killing?

Fortunately, at least when she’s with him, she would still behave. She only kills zombies…

“These zombies are all garbage, they have nothing in their heads.” Shana said with disappointment after picking open the back of the brain with a long knife.

Ling Mo thought in his head, “They already lucky bumping into prey sometimes, while they also had a higher chance of randomly killing each other and also not getting food. Just because they don’t have gels condensed in the back of their heads, your calling them garbage….That’s really not fair….”

“Ling brother, where are we… where are we going?” Ye Lian asked. Her voice was very special, soft but not too much with a crispy feeling too it, felt extremely comfortable every time you heard it. But she talks a bit slow due to not talking for a long time as well as it takes a while for her to think of the correct words.

Ling Mo’s heart suddenly had a hint of warmth. Although she started only talking for one day, the progress of Ye Lian has been great.

He thought, “advanced zombies much have great learning abilities.”

In fact, they learn much faster than the average infant, because the knowledge was originally stored in their brains, but because of the influence of the virus, it was basically suppressed.

“We are heading towards the A1 school building, it’s not too far from here. Although the gels currently have little effect on your evolution, it is at least food for you guys.”

After taking out the map Lin Luanqui gave, Ling Mo pointed to the marked A1 school building.

Ye Lian leaned over and looked at it, but it seemed that she didn’t remember it. She just nodded and said: “Yes”

“What is this?” Shana asked, walking with a long knife that had blood dripping from it. She curiously stretched her head and looked at it. Then she grabbed it away. “A….. Map?”

“Stop fooling around, we need this for directions.” Ling Mo thought to himself, “No one knows the correct way to our destination, if we lost this map, we would be like headless flies, flying cluelessly around.

There are no signs in the campus, which was kind of weird for such a big school.

Had to say that Lin Luanqui had a knack for drawing maps, for normal routes she only sketched it, but for those remote sections, she made the paths that zombies appear less, very clear.

However, even with the map, the three of them had already walked for two hours, yet they were still only half way.

There were too many zombies on the road. Even if the spiritual power of Ling Mo had been upgraded to a certain level and with a team of twenty zombies, the huge gap in the numbers still made the walking process very slow.

Another problem was that there honestly wasn’t anything useful on the road to help speed up the process. There were only buildings or plants on the road. It was hard to find anything useful, and in order to find something useful, usually you would have to provoke a large group of zombies. Ling Mo wasn’t stupid enough to do something like that.

Also before the apocalypse the school’s secret paths only had a few things that could probably have been useful(when we say useful it mean like weapons). When the apocalypse happened, those useful things were taken and used to escape which led to the remaining 3,000 survivors currently still alive.

This also indicated that the virus spread so fast and the chance of getting it when it was released was very high. Not to mention the ones that got injured while escaping and then later transformed into zombies.

The current setting within this school is now basically the same as the rest of the world.

They would of been slower in getting to their destinations if Ye Lian and Shana hadn’t evolved to advanced zombies.

Ye Lian was extremely fast just like a cheetah. Usually when they just rushed into a crowd of zombies, she would already kill a bunch of them before they reacted.

As for Shana is that she had great sword skills, especially after she recovered her memory, her moves were even more smoother and unstoppable.

Even though zombies had great physical strength, their energy wasn’t endless. In fact, they try to reduce physical exertion as much as possible since when they fight they actually use a lot of energy.

The main reason why they were stronger than humans was because they virus made them unable to respond to pain as well as having no sense of fear. Of course, with the evolution, some of theses senses would slowly return to them, yet the zombies would not be afraid of evolving since in return they would become more intelligent and more powerful than humans.

At the same time, in terms of physical strength and regenerative abilities, they were better in both aspects than ordinary people! Which meant that their output would be greater than a humans making battles last longer. Due to zombies unable to understand how to stop they over exert themselves and damage their bodies most of the time.

Fortunately Ling Mo understood this and wouldn’t let Ye Lian and Shana keeping fighting endless battles. When they were exhausted, he would swap them with the zombie team to replace them.

If Ling Mo didn’t care about his lover, he would have already reached the A1 building.

But he would never do things like sacrificing or hurting his lover.

“So….. Tired……”

Looking at the twenty zombies walking slowly in front of him, Ling Mo felt a bit dizzy.

Although he could probably recover his physical strength by letting the two zombie girls fight while he took a step back, after looking at Shana and Ye Lian’s tired faces, Ling Mo thought it might be better to find a place to rest.

Looking for food wasn’t easy for zombies or humans.

He thought to himself, there’s no reason for him to rush.

So he took them to a library to rest. Although places like this might have people in them, he took a chance because the space was big enough.

As for the 20 zombies, he left them outside the door.

There were two reasons why he had left them there…

First one mainly because they smelled like shit.

The second reason was because they could guard the area since Ling Mo had a spiritual connection with each zombie and could control them to stand guard over a certain area.

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