My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 108


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 108 – Surprise Attack

“This place is creepy….”

Ling Mo didn’t feel right when he stepped into the library. Inside the spacious hall, there were only rows of desks with computers and bookshelves. The place was a mess.

Ling Mo took two steps forward and then stopped with disgust.

He was stepping on a ripped piece of clothing, which had blood plasma that was solidified and bones underneath it..

It looked like no survivors had come by before, but when Ling Mo looked down, he realized this bone has been stepped on several times. It was so fragile that after he stepped on it, the bone totally broke to pieces.

Since there were survivors passing through this place, there shouldn’t be a lot of zombies around, but just in case, better check around.

Good thing was that they could split up, Ling Mo randomly picked one direction and slowly walked into the bookshelves.

Because the door had been opened for a while, the shelves were all covered with dust. Most of the books were wet and probably will eventually decay afterwards.

Walking in a cramped space between the selves in such a quiet place would make people paranoid. It gives the vibe that a zombie might just pop out at anytime.

Luckily Shana’s and Ye Lian’s vision could be shared so there was no need to be so nervous.

Comparing to Ling Mo, the other two girls were much bolder. Probably it’s due to them being a higher level zombie. A normal zombie would tend to fear zombies that were higher in level so they mostly wouldn’t need to fear anything unless it was a advanced zombie or higher.


A wind blew from outside the door, Ling Mo shivered a bit.

There was nothing on the first floor, Ling Mo and the other two met up and went to the second floor.

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The second floor had a long hallway, that led to a study room with a gate on the outside. The moment Ling Mo stepped into the gate from outside, a large steel stick came flying towards his head.

Ling Mo dodged backwards and shot out a tentacle making the direction of the steel stick change.

This really scared the crap out of Ling Mo, but he wasn’t slow in calming himself down. The moment he dodged the steel stick, he slashed towards the direction the steel stick came from.


There was a scream, Ling Mo’s short knife stopped when it was less than 1 centimeter from a body.

He stared at the attacker and saw a guy who had widened eyes with fear and despair staring back at him.

The knife was almost in that person’s stomach, if it went any deeper, that person would be dead for sure.

“Don’t kill me, I thought you were a zombie.”

The guy said while shaking.

Ling Mo coldly looked at the guy quietly and slowly took out the knife. The blood on the knife had already soaked the guys thin clothes but the guy wasn’t hurt or anything just scared shitless. The guy dropped down after feeling his legs melt beneath him.

Everyone that close to death would have the same reaction unless you had a very strong mentality.

The moment the guy screamed, some boys with steel sticks came out.

They had expressions like they were going to fight a big enemy but upon seeing Ling Mo, they paused.

A boy with two girls didn’t look anywhere near threatening. A guy even cursed before asking, “Yu yang, you…. Yu Yang, you ok?”

In the middle of cursing while he was helping Yu Yang get up, he noticed a blood on Yu Yang’s stomach and immediately looked at Ling Mo and angrily said: “Fuck you, you dare to harm our people? Did Long Fei tell you to come and steal? Fuck you! Guys, beat his ass up!”

Ling Mo’s expression became dark. Of course he didn’t know who the fuck Long Fei was, but this guy started to curse at him for no reason and he even wanted to attack him.

“ka cha.” Ling Mo twisted his neck, and took two steps forward while coldly looking at the guys.

Ye Lian gave a cold look, but when she was ready to take action, Shana stopped her.

Shana told Ye Lian in a low voice with her signature smile, “Let Ling Mo get rid of them, humans are much more fun than zombies.”

Ye Lian didn’t seem to understand, but when she got stopped by Shana, she stopped moving.

The boys seemed a bit hesitant about fighting due to weird situation. They saw how this new group only had a huge bag full of supplies and didn’t look like thieves.

But seeing Ling Mo giving a “well come on then” attitude, the guys started to curse again.

“Whatever, he harmed Yu Yang, Fuck him up!”

At this moment if Yu Yang had said something, everything could have been avoided, yet he did the opposite.He looked at Ling Mo with hatred and said: “He must been told to come here and take away our food by Long Fei.”

The guys got irritated, one of them took his steel stick and attacked Ling Mo. Seemed like he was aiming to kill.

This made Ling Mo really pissed off, without using any of his powers Ling Mo used his knife and stabbed the guy right below his ribs and then twisted it.


Ling Mo pulled out the knife and blood started to spray. The guy tried to take a few steps forward but then got kicked down by Shana.

The others roared, and realized their companion got easily knocked out, so they all stopped.

“Fuck you….”

These people have never seen someone fight this good.

The guy who was cursing the most also didn’t know what to do, he paused and shouted: “Call for more people to come and….”

It was a shame that before he finished talking Ling Mo had gotten in front of him and kicked him right in the face.

By the time the guy got back up he was already nose bleeding. Ling Mo was already in front of him with his knife on him.

“Don’t kill MEE….!”

He kept crying to beg for mercy, wanted to move backwards, but he was too afraid and couldn’t move….

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