My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 109


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 109 – Aim For The Face

Within a short period of time, Ling Mo had completely intimidated these guys by knocking three of them out.

These guys were pretty strong for normal human beings but they were facing Ling Mo who could move much faster than they could without any hesitation.

To Ling Mo stabbing people was just like stabbing zombies. He could do it so fast even though he didn’t really need to. All he really needed was the right angle and he could probably catch his opponent off guard.

After gaining stronger spiritual power, Ling Mo didn’t only get a increase in strength for his puppet skills, he also gained a bit in all other aspects. His reaction for his brain was much faster than his body’s reaction right now, he was much stronger than ordinary people in terms of observation and concentration. The ordinary guys looked strong but in front of Ling Mo they are just garbage.

Ling Mo had complete dominance in this fight, since he had experience in fighting with his life was on the line. Even if his current strength couldn’t beat pros, it was enough for dealing with ordinary people.

Ling Mo pointed his knife on the neck of one of the guys. Blood had started to flow down the guys skin, the strong feeling of fear made him start to cry.

It was quite embarrassing for a guy to cry due to fear, but nobody was laughing.

Maybe no matter how bold you were, you still wouldn’t remain calm when you are facing death! It’s hard to understand if you’ve never been through it.

The other people in the room just looked at Ling Mo, they couldn’t talk. That Yu Yang guy was now regretting to have irritated Ling Mo.

Although he failed the sneak attack, and almost got killed by Ling Mo, he wasn’t aware how good Ling Mo was, he just thought Ling Mo was just slightly better than him.

Who could blame him? Not a lot of people know about the psychic powers that now exist for some humans.

He was even regretting that if his attack missed, if it didn’t, everything would be fine.

Everything was out of his expectations.

“Don’t kill me…. Don’t kill me…”

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The guy was begging for mercy, Ling Mo looked at the guy with hatred, and then used the knife and slapped him on the face, the guy screamed with pain and fell down holding his face.

The guy who just got stabbed wasn’t actually dead, but he was stepped on by Shana so he couldn’t move. He could only just see himself bleeding out on the floor.

Ling Mo didn’t hold back on that stab, although he didn’t stab on fatal spot, the guy might still die due to excessive bleeding.

Ling Mo was planning to leave since there were other survivors, but after getting into a fight with them, he suddenly didn’t want to leave.

Ling Mo knew that even though there were probably a lot of survivors in here, Ling Mo wouldn’t mind killing them all if they suddenly attacked him. He had twenty zombies outside waiting for his orders.

Apparently because they saw that his group only consisted of one boy and two girls, they had the right to bully them. With this kind of attitude that they had, they definitely deserved to be punished.

The scream had gotten the attention of the people in other rooms. A fat white security guard came while lifting his pants up making it look like he had just slept with someone.

The fat white guy that looked like a pervert was apparently the groups leader. He was shocked by what he had seen.

It seemed like this guy was a bit smarter than the rest. He didn’t come out and immediately attempt to attack Ling Mo.

He simply looked around and walked over, looked at Ling Mo with awareness from a few meters away, and asked, “What happened?”

Ling Mo was already in a pissed off mood, so he didn’t bother responding.

A guy talked with a shaking voice and said: “It’s Long Fei….”

The security guard suddenly looked very serious: “You work for Long Fei? How come I’ve never seen you?”

Ling Mo thought in his mind “Who the fuck can tell me who Long Fei is. I don’t even know who he is. How the fuck could you have possibly seen me before.” He coldly looked at Yu Yang.

Yu Yang didn’t dare to say anything, when he saw Ling Mo looking at him, he quivered and stepped back.

Although he claimed that Ling Mo was assigned by Long Fei, but he wasn’t really sure.

Actually he just started to somehow realize that when Ling Mo had walked in, he seemed to not know if anyone was here. So if he didn’t even know that people were here, how could he possibly be Long Fei’s man.

But right now his boss came out and Ling Mo had beaten three of his men, he could only shut up and not say anything.

The fat white security guard thought in his head, why would someone this powerful work for Long Fei?

“What does Long Fei…I mean, Brother Long want this time? Why does he have to do this? He and I, Li Dan Yang worked at the same school, we were co-workers. Last time we went to collect foods, you guys have took a lot already.”

The fat white security guard seemed to be afraid of Ling Mo, even the way he called Long Fei changed.

Ling Mo was about to deny everything, but then he saw that the security guard seemed to figure out the truth for himself even though it was probably wrong. Ling Mo decided to just make a cold laugh without saying anything back.

Li Dan Yang looked at Shana and Ye Lian and thought in his head, they probably aren’t with Long Fei. Long Fei definitely wouldn’t let two beautiful girls come out. Even if he wanted Ling Mo to work for him, he would only give him one girl to play with, he absolutely wouldn’t give the tall one to Ling Mo because she was so stunning.

Although he was a bit paranoid and not 100% sure,he still said, “Plus, brother Wei has contacted your boss Long right? If you’re stealing our stuff, you are actually stealing from brother Wei….”

Brother Wei? It might be Wei Jun Yen!

This is the second time he heard someone mentioning him, the first time was from Tang Xiao Xue. This psychic is so active, he must have contacted nearly everyone in the central area.

Long Fei must be another boss of a group of survivors, and seems like they were asked by Wei Jun Yen to gather more food. But there wasn’t a lot of resource so they tried to take Li Dan Yang’s.

They must have had a lot of conflicts, so once Ling Mo appeared, they thought he was Long Fei’s person.

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