My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 110


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 110 – Getting Greedy

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When there is no one to help you in the beginning of the end of the world, whatever supplies you find is basically your life. You wouldn’t be sharing your life with others that you wouldn’t know. Even Ling Mo himself wasn’t willing to share his stuff with others.

This wasn’t being selfish, it was just trying to survive.

After listening to what Li Dan Yang said, it sounded like Long Fei had stolen their things once before.

Ling Mo understood now, this guy was weaker than Long Fei otherwise why else why would he be willing to tolerate this kind of humiliation.

This also implies that Long Fei had the ability to cross through a region and steal other peoples stuff, while this fat white security guard doesn’t.

Which means this fat white security guard is kind of afraid of Long Fei’s side. He even had to use Wei Jun Yen’s name to try and intimidate Ling Mo.

Ling Mo began to feel that the power struggles between survivors were so ridiculous yet also inevitable.

It was already hard to get survivors to group together with enough supplies. Even if they did split into different groups, eventually there would be some internal conflicts for benefits. In this type of group they would have to aware of zombies as well as each other.

After understanding everything, Ling Mo made sneer and said: “I don’t know who Long Fei is, and I’m not here to steal your food, We just came here to take a rest.”

Li Dan Yang paused and said: “You’re not Long Fei’s person?”

Ling Mo sneered and said: “Do I look like someone’s bitch?”

Li Dan Yang was already suspicious about it, since Ling Mo admitted, he believed it a bit.

“Then why did you harm our people?” Li Dan Yang went on asking.

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“Isn’t it obvious enough?? I only came here to get some rest, not come in and start stabbing people. If no one had provoked me in the first place, i wouldn’t have harmed anyone.”

Li Dan Yang began to think, “Hmm it seems like he really isn’t working for Long Fei and there’s a lot of zombies downstairs so his story seems plausible.”

Thinking to this point, he looked at the people who first came out.

All the guys faces went pale, especially Yu Yang.

Li Dan Yang wasn’t stupid, he immediately realized what had happened. Apparently, his people attacked first so Ling Mo fought back.

He began to think that the reason why they would attack would be either a misunderstanding or they wanted to take Ling Mo’s stuff.

Ling Mo was carrying a big bag with two beautiful women beside him. If anyone saw this, they would be an idiot not to take it away.

Li Dan Yang looked at the guys, and then coldly looked at Ling Mo, he then proceeded to take a steel stick from a person behind him, his face suddenly looked ferocious and said: “Since you’re not Long Fei’s people, then there’s no reason stopping us from taking the food and beauties.”

Ling Mo’s eyes went cold!

This guy was cruel, the moment he knew he wasn’t Long Fei’s people, he not only didn’t apologize for what his people did, he tried to threaten Ling Mo and take all his things.

Li Dan Yang thought maybe he didn’t have the power to handle Long Fei but he could definitely handle one man and two girls.

He didn’t see how the fight before so he took a guess that Ling Mo knew some kung fu and the two girls didn’t know how to fight.

Since a conflict occurred and it was impossible to ask him to join them since he was not going to apologize in front of his men, then there was no point in being nice anymore.

When Li Dan Yang yelled, the guys looked really hostile, Yu Yang covered his wound and hid behind Li Dan Yang looking very excited.

He thought if Ling Mo was dead, Li Dan Yang wouldn’t investigate on what had really happened.

After hearing Li Dan Yang’s shout, seven or eight people came out. They were either students or staff members of the school.

The weapons they were using were very simple and crude, most of them were chair legs. Although these weren’t ideal weapons to use, it was still good enough to beat someone up with it.

Ling Mo sneered and held on tight to the knife.

Li Dan Yang sneered and said, “Sorry, you can only count yourself unlucky that we ran out of supplies. Brother Wei said we can use supplies to change for a spot, since our supplies were originally stolen by Long Fei and you have some, we can only take yours since we are short of seven to eight portions.”

“Supplies to change for a spot?” Ling Mo paused and thought, what did that mean?

But after listening to Li Dan Yang, his people looked at each other and then looked at Ling Mo, their eyes were full of intention to kill. Apparently the “Spot” was really important to them.

Ling Mo took a step back to create space between them.

“Kill him!”

After Li Dan Yang roared, the guys charged towards Ling Mo.

Ling Mo was fearless, because he knew even if he couldn’t handle the twenty people here, there were twenty zombies waiting outside as backup.

It looked like Shana and Ye Lian were enjoying this, they just stood there not doing anything.

His tentacles were now also effective against human beings, he used them to distract some of them making them bump into each other when they charged at him.

This shocked all the guys but before they could recover from their surprise, Ling Mo seized the opportunity and stabbed the person in front of him.


Ling Mo pulled out the knife, pulled the guys arm towards him and pushed him to the side blocking some of the people who were charging.

Li Dan Yang’s words really worked, despite someone already getting stabbed, the others still dashed towards Ling Mo crazily.

But it’s not easy to kill Ling Mo. Although it seemed like he was gonna lose on almost every clash, with the help of the spirit tentacles he managed to avoid death and instead managed to stab a few other people.

Although Li Dan Yang might be fat, he moved quite fast. Ironically he was causing Ling Mo the most problems.

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