My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 111


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 111 – There’s a Price for Being Greedy

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While his subordinates surrounded Ling Mo, Li Dan Yang stood behind his subordinates while constantly looking for chances to sneak attack Ling Mo when it seemed that Ling Mo wasn’t paying any attention to him. If it weren’t for the fact that Ling Mo had spirit tentacles, he would have already been hit several times.

Whenever Ling Mo would put his focus back onto him, he would move back and hide behind his subordinates and shout to tell the others to keep attacking him.

These people fought crazily because they were determined to take Ling Mo’s stuff to get the “Spot”.

This was the difference between zombies and survivors. Survivors knew how to use weapons and their moves were much more diverse making survivors much harder to deal with.

After battling for a minute, Ling Mo’s tentacles started to get tired. He had to jump onto the round table in order to avoid being attacked from all angles.

When Ling Mo jumped on the long table, Li Dan Yang roared and rolled like a pig onto the table and used the steel stick to hit Ling Mo’s leg, which made Ling Mo have to jump in order to dodge.

When Ling Mo jumped, Shana smiled and said: “Ye Lian, Your Brother Ling is so silly….”

Ye Lian hesitated, seems like she was unable to retort, but she didn’t want to agree with what Shana said. After a while she said, “He’s also your Brother Ling as well….”

“HAHAHAHA” Shana’s smile made her innocent face look a bit evil, “He’s having a hard time right now because the weapon he’s using right now isn’t good, the steel sticks are a lot longer than his knife.”

This was actually true, Ling Mo’s knife was just too short. If he was fighting one on one, he wouldn’t be having such a hard time, but right now he’s surrounded by a group which made it really difficult.

“Kill him!” While Li Dan Yang shouted, the people started attacking again but Ling Mo had already jumped off the table. At the same time his tentacles confused a person in front of him and he stabbed the guy right in the stomach.

Seeing that both Ye Lian and Shana had pleased looks and were enjoying the show, Ling Mo felt a bit helpless.

This was apparently Shana’s idea, this gal has been extremely mischievous since she gained her memory, and he was very reluctant in controlling her.

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Seems like he’s gonna have to “train her” and let her know the price for not helping brother Ling Mo.

Even if they don’t help, he still has a ace in his sleeves.

Outside the library, the twenty zombies stormed in as if they were summoned.

“Fuck you, do you really think your the only one with backup?!.”

After Ling Mo roared, the twenty zombies lined up properly at the door.

A guy who had a sharper sight shouted: “Zombies!!”


Ordinary zombies wouldn’t take the initiative to look for food, unless they heard something or smelled blood. But mutated ones and advanced ones were a bit different, especially advanced zombies, according to what Ling Mo observed, they could hunt for food.

For these people, they have mostly seen only ordinary zombies and maybe if they were really unlucky, a mutated one, but they’ve never seen a bunch of them together rushing inside a specific place.

The guys started to scream and had lost all the intentions of fighting, they just wanted to run away.

Li Dan Yang’s reaction was the fastest, although everything happened so fast and the zombies were rushing in, he ran away immediately.

When he was running, a dark shadow passed by and a person blocked his way.

Ling Mo stood in front of him sneering and said: “Don’t run, before it was me vs. everyone. Now that the teams are even, let’s play something fair!”

“Dickhead! Are you crazy! Those are zombies, get the fuck out of my way!”

The security guard’s face looked extremely twisted. If it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t have red eyes, he would of looked like a zombie.

While roaring he used his steel stick and smashed towards Ling Mo’s head. This fat guy actually had some strength and by looking at his moves you could tell that he was attempting to kill Ling Mo.

At the same time, the zombies went around Ye Lian and Shana and dashed towards the guys.

Those who were stabbed tried to get up, but they were too slow. The zombies grabbed their heads and opened them up instantly killing them.

There were no chances of escaping from the zombies unless a human ripped off both of their arms.

Usually they start to scream with despair once they got caught and what happens next would contain a extremely bloody scene.

The screams made Li Dan Yang crazier.

But what made him feel even more despair was the weird dizziness that appeared again! He started to feel like this after he began fighting with Ling Mo, but he could never connect the feeling to Ling Mo.

Having this kind of feeling during a fight was no different than being dead.

Despair had covered Li Dan Yang, he realized that he had missed his attack and at the same time a piercing  pain came from his breast.

The knife had stabbed into his heart.

“Ba Bump… Ba Bump!”

The sound of his heartbeat became louder, he stared at Ling Mo pulling out the knife and then kicking his body away.

But what surprised him the most besides his death was the zombie that went around Ling Mo and instead went after another guy who was escaping.


He still didn’t know what happened and just stopped breathing.

Within a short period of time the zombies had killed most of the people. The rest tried their best to fight but they only ended up being pushed into a corner and getting surrounded.

A guy suddenly saw Ling Mo who was outside the circle behind the zombies, he immediately realized that the zombies would go past Ling Mo and his group without any intention of attacking them.

This weird situation had gotten everyone’s attention, they immediately shouted: “Save us, save us.”

But Ling Mo just raised his hands and put it down hard.


There’s a price to pay for being greedy.

Screams and flesh flew everywhere.

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