My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 112


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 112 – Bigger Boobs Means Bigger Strength

As the last few screams faded away, the library went dead with silence.

Even though the guys had killed four zombies, Ling Mo didn’t mind.

The remaining sixteen zombies all had some sort of smell on them, with blood and organ pieces dripping out of the slashed areas on their bodies.

Shana took a deep breathe, showing a bit of enjoyment and told Ye Lian, “See, Brother Ling is very good.”

“Ya.” Ye Lian nodded, she also showed a bit of excitement.

The bloody scene of the fight gave the two zombie girls a strong thrill as this was their instinct since they got infected.

Looking at the ground that was covered in bodies, Ling Mo also felt a crazy thrill in his heart, but he took a deep breath and cooled down.

These bodies that were lying on the ground were all caused by Ling Mo!

Although this was not the first time he killed someone, it was still the first time he’s been in a such a bloody fight.

“Hoo…” After looking at the corpse on the ground, Ling Mo waved his hands to let the puppet zombies drag the corpses to the corner, while he went towards Ye Lian and Shana.

He pinched both of their cheeks and spanked Shana’s butt.

Shana attempted to dodge, but her vision suddenly went blurry and instead of dodging, she jumped into Ling Mo’s chest, and at the same time got her butt spanked.

“If you keep teaching your sister Ye Lian bad things, I’ll punish you”

Shana had a puzzled look, then gave a devilish smile and asked, “How are you going to punish me?”

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This naughty behavior totally turned Ling Mo on, he never thought that Shana could be this seductive.

It’s such a shame that the place and time wasn’t right or else he would really “punish” her.

Either way he still couldn’t he couldn’t just let her get away with this, he had to punish her somehow. So Ling Mo moved his hands slowly up from her belly and slowly towards her breasts. His hands then made a strong grip.

Shana moaned, then looked at Ye Lian with a pleading look and said “Help me…”

Ye Lian hesitated and walked towards Ling Mo, Ling Mo immediately grabbed her, pulled her towards him and grabbed her breast.

“Ye Lian’s feels much better”, Ling Mo sighed and tapped Shana’s face, “Don’t worry, I’ll rub yours and make it grow bigger.”

Shana’s looked at Ye Lian’s breasts for a while, then looked at her own. She realized there’s a difference in size so she rubbed her own and asked, “What happens when it gets bigger?”

“You will get stronger fighting powers.” Ling Mo said with a serious face.

Shana thought and said: “OK fine! How many times a day do you need to rub it?”

“It doesn’t work if you rub it, it has to be me. I guess I can make some time to rub it for you ten times each day.” Ling Mo laughed in his mind, he thought, “Guess you have no knowledge about men and women after becoming a zombie”

Ye Lian quickly said: “I also want to strengthen my fighting power…”

“Ha!!” Ling Mo laughed in his mind, but he held his laughter and said with reluctance, “OK fine, I can rub it for you too.”

Ye Lian smiled after Ling Mo nodded, this was the first time Ling Mo saw a genuine smile on Ye Lian’s face. Ling Mo paused there for a while.

After a moment of silence, Ling Mo came back to reality.

The smell of blood and organs began to make Ling Mo kind of uncomfortable.

After commanding the sixteen zombies to guard outside, Ling Mo took the two girl zombies inside the library.

The difference between the inside part and outer part of the library was that the books in there were all limited edition.

It’s a shame that these guys didn’t cherish these books. Ling Mo saw most of them only had the shells left, they probably used the paper to wipe their butts after taking a dump.

Ling Mo thought that this was such a shameful behavior, the human race isn’t completely dead yet. It’s just that the rescue teams weren’t that fast.

As long as human beings didn’t get wiped out, they would keep growing. These guys didn’t respect the essence of culture.

If you wanted to destroy a race, you don’t need to kill them all, you just need to destroy their civilization and culture..

“These people deserved to die.” Ling Mo cursed and went in.

After a few steps, he saw that behind the bookshelves, the guys made a space and used the desks as bed and had put some soft things on it.

To Ling Mo’s surprise he saw a bunch of girls gathered together, they all looked mediocre, but they are all naked. They were hugging each other and shaking while looking at them three.

Apparently, they heard the scream from out there but didn’t have the courage to see what happened outside and got freaked out when three strangers walked in.

Something must have happened with Li Dan Yang, and it must be the young guy in front of them who did it.

The scream out there scared them, right now while facing Ling Mo a few of them even started crying.

“eehhh…” Ling Mo knew he shouldn’t look out of courtesy, but there were naked girls in front of him. He couldn’t help but take a few more extra looks.

Seems like these girls weren’t being treated as humans and were apparently humiliated.


Ling Mo sympathized with the girls, they all had scars all over their bodies. Those scars were there for probably two reasons, either some of them liked S and M or they got hit for disobeying…  

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