My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 113


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 113 – Caught a Rat

Seeing that these girls were scared to death, Ling Mo put away his knife and said. “Don’t be afraid, I won’t kill you guys.”

Ling Mo would not hold back on those who made attempts to offend him, but to those innocent people, he wouldn’t do anything.

These girls had zero threat to him, so Ling Mo wouldn’t harm them.

Seeing that the girls were still wary of him, Ling Mo sighed and left them alone and started to looked around.

Shana and Ye Lian curiously looked at them for a while, then lost their interest and went with Ling Mo to look around.

Ling Mo quickly found some things under the bed. There were some clothes and some daily supplies. The biggest discovery was some food and water, but some of them the food had already either expired or became hard to swallow. Most of them were split into portions and put into bags. After counting, it had exactly 20 portions.

These must be the portions Li Dan Yang was talking about, but from the amount that was here, apparently the girls and some of dead guys outside didn’t get any food.

Using supplies to exchange for a spot??? This was probably why Tang Xiao Xue kept looking for food.

What did this Wei Jun Yen guy do, to make people so crazy?

Ling Mo frowned and started to count. He then finally took out some chocolate and water.

He looked back and told the girls, “These are for you…”

These words stopped the girls from crying, they looked at Ling Mo with wariness and didn’t do anything until they saw Ling Mo leaving to look for somewhere else to go. One of the girl slowly crawled over. The moment she opened the bag of food and started stuffing it in her mouth, the other girls also rushed to grab some food.

This was not the first time Ling Mo had seen violated female survivors, but this situation seems to be unavoidable, women were always deemed as a tool for sex.

Under a huge pressure of living on, everyone needs a way to vent and sexually abusing women was the best way to vent.

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After being treated so bad, the girls probably have very low self-esteem now.

After searching, Li Dan Yang is apparently pretty poor, probably because of the location his base is at. His base was in a educational building, so the supplies they could of collected would be very limited.

To Ling Mo’s surprise, within the limited amount of stuff he found, there was a flashlight that was powered by solar energy. Things that didn’t require batteries was definitely good stuff.

He also saw a night stick, which is quite useless on zombies, even Li Dan Yang didn’t use it, so he didn’t even bother taking it.

Given that there wasn’t much things to begin with, Ling Mo gave up trying to find stuff that would help him and decided to create a space in a corner since he planned to stay here for a night. After he cleared the space, he didn’t seem to be able to see Shana and Ye Lian.

“Ugh…Where did these two girls go now…”

Ling Mo walked towards the book shelves and decided to change his point of view, but the moment he changed to Shana’s view, the scene in front of him shocked him.

A furry creature appeared in front him, these scene drove Ling Mo crazy.

Ling Mo realized it was a huge rat.

The rat probably got attracted by the smell of blood, but then got discovered by Shana. He could tell by the blood on it’s mouth that it had eaten some flesh, but not sure if it’s the zombie’s or the survivors.

Ling Mo lost his interest after looking at it, he immediately looked around and predicted where they were  and went to find them.

But at this moment the rat suddenly twitched and started jumping around, running towards Ye Lian.

It was fast, but not as fast as advanced zombies, especially Ye Lian who specializes in speed.

Ye Lian just simply lifted her legs and the rat had been kicked to the wall.

It didn’t move anymore after it dropped on the floor, just only twitching a bit on ground. A great amount of blood started to drip out from it’s mouth and eyes. It’s body started to expand, some skin parts were broken through and blood kept seeping out, looking kind of scary.

After seeing what happened, Ling Mo suddenly thought of someone.

“Lu Xin”, the girl who made Shana change…..her situation was similar, went crazy and body was rotting at the same time.

But Lu Xin became like that because she was infected by a mutated zombie, but this rat just ate a bit of human flesh. Did it eat zombie flesh?

Is it because animals couldn’t tolerate this kind of virus??


Ling walked through the book shelves and found them in a storage room.

They were curiously looking at the rat, Ling Mo was also curious as well.

The rat was rotting inside and twitching with pain and then after a few seconds, it didn’t move anymore.

At last it’s body only had it’s skin left, the body had turned into a puddle of blood really fast.

If you didn’t see it, you wouldn’t have believed it. Just an ordinary zombie virus could cause so much damage for rats.

No wonder they didn’t see a lot of animals, the animals must have eaten zombie flesh and died the same way.

If the rat’s meat was eaten by other rats, then it would also die.

Ling Mo began to think carefully, he had an idea that probably the rat couldn’t handle the virus due to it being so small. If it was much bigger like a human, it could probably tolerate the virus and mutate.

Like Shana who got infected by Lu Xin, she had been able to tolerate the virus, yet he’s not sure if its the same for everyone.

He’s not sure how big your body needs to be in order to be able to tolerate this type of virus.

Either way it was a good thing that rats weren’t able to mutate because if they could, humans might not be able to survive…

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