My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 114


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 114 – The Black Shadow

When the rat died, Shana showed a bit of disappointment as if she didn’t have enough fun.

She played around with the corpse and said with disappointment in her voice, “It died too fast.”

Ling Mo suddenly felt a chill, grabbed Ye Lian to stop her from going near the rat and said, “Try to stay away those kind of things.”

Shana argued, “It’s so little, it basically has zero threat towards us, what’s the worst that could happen? There’s nothing to be worried about.”

“Ya…” Ye Lian hesitated and nodded, she agreed with Shana.

Obviously it wouldn’t harm these two because the virus in the rat wasn’t even 1% of what they both had in their bodies.

Even though it might not be harmful to them, it might still be harmful to him. Ling Mo didn’t want them to have this kind of curiosity since it safer if they didn’t take such big risks.

After closing the storage room door, Ling Mo took them back.

When Ling Mo got back to room with the girls, they had just finished eating and were putting on their clothes.

When they saw Ling Mo, they quickly hid to the side.

A girl was in the middle of pulling up her pants, when she saw her companions moving to the side to hide, she panicked and tried to run, but she tripped on the her pants in the process and fell.

Ling Mo paused a bit and then quickly helped her up. When the girl stood still, she back away a bit and looked a bit nervous before softly saying, “Sorry…..”

Ling Mo knew a lot of girls and had interactions with them before, but this was the first time he has ever seen a half naked girl in front of him. Although she wasn’t hot, she was still a female.

Ling Mo didn’t think it was funny or anything, he actually felt sad for the girl since she has to survive under this kind of situation.

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He understood why they were so afraid of him. The guys would abuse the girls and those guys were all killed by Ling Mo which made them think that Ling Mo might be even worse than the guys that had abused them. They were scared that he might kill them too.

They could still tolerate being abused, but death was scary for them. No one wants to die. If it weren’t because they had wanted to live so bad, why else would they have tolerated being abused or being treated like sex objects till now.

The girl saw Ling Mo staring at her, quivered, and then she hesitated while nervously grabbing the collars of her shirt to widen the middle parts which showed her cleavage. “Please don’t kill me…..If you want…..”speaking to this point, she looked at Ye Lian and Shana. She wasn’t really sure if she made the right move.

After all, her looks were way worse than Ye Lian or Shana and Ling Mo didn’t look like the kind of person that Li Dan Yang was.

Ling Mo got puzzled with her move and quickly said, “Stop doing this. I will clarify once again that I’m just here to stay for one night and leave tomorrow, I won’t kill anyone.”

He really wanted to lose his virginity, but only if its to Ye Lian and Shana.

Although Ling Mo hadn’t found the right moment to fuck them, he believes one day he will be able to, he can wait…

After telling the girls that he wasn’t going to end them once again, Ling Mo quickly took Ye Lian and Shana to their corner. As for whether the girls believed Ling Mo or not, he didn’t have time to care about it.

Although there were a lot of corpses in the library, the smell wouldn’t spread outside of the library that fast since it was a closed space. They could only stay here for the night since it wasn’t safe outside.

Since Ling Mo used the zombie puppets as guards, he would have more secure feeling since he’s in a building instead of a open place.

Ling Mo was started planning and checking his supplies, “The food should be able to last about 5 days. After looking into A1 and C3 we can leave”.

The girls after making sure that Ling Mo had no intentions of doing anything to them, they all felt relieved.

It’s a luxury to have food and clothes to wear. Yet even after having both they still didn’t dare stay too close to Ling Mo. They waited until they saw him finally close his eyes and going to sleep before moving to a corner to sleep together.

They all held on tight to their foods even while they were sleeping.

Just when the night sky was starting to cover X city university, a dark shadow appeared near by the library.

He had no weapons on him yet he was able to safely arrive at this place.

Looking at the zombies at the door, this guy paused.

“Did Li Dan Yang and the guys get killed by the zombies? No.. if they were killed by the zombies, why would the zombies come out?” The guy thought for a while , looked at the library and thought of something: “I come by every day, but this didn’t happen till today. They might been killed by Long Fei. But Long Fei couldn’t be capable of this. If he wanted to destroy Li Dan Yang, he would’ve done it earlier….something’s weird.”

He thought for a while and then changed directions, dashing to the back side of the library, the speed and agility was really fast.

This guy appeared on the back side of library and grabbed onto a pipe to climb up to the second floor and then leaped in through a window.

He got into the storage room.

“Ka tsa” The dark shadow quickly came out from a door and went through the bookshelves.

He quickly appeared at the corner where the girls were, seeing the girls were sleeping, he paused and reached out to grab one of the girls. Before the girl could wake up, he covered her mouth and took her to the side.

“What happened here?” He lowered his voice, nearly sticking to the girl’s ear, so that nobody could hear.

The girl was too scared to talk. The guy opened his palm and said, “Write it..”

The girl tried to get loose, but this guy showed no mercy, he punched her in the stomach and coldly said: “Write it quick!.”

The girl was so hurt that she twitched and cried without making any sounds.

She quivered with fear, and slowly raised her hands and slowly used her fingers to write on the guy’s palm.

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