My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 115


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 115 – Persuade

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“One boy and two girls”

The dark shadow read with a slow voice, and looked at the girl he was holding on to.

The girl looked at the guy with fear.

“Don’t be afraid…”The dark shadow said softly to the girl, he flipped his wrist, a cold beam of light appeared on his palm and before he finished his words, the cold beam of light had sliced through the girl’s throat.

The girl’s pupil shrinked, she twitched and then her body fell down.

Just when the girl’s body touched the ground, a cold voice came out, “Don’t move.”

The dark shadow froze. He remained in the position where it seemed like he was going to get up from picking something from the floor while holding onto the cold beam of light.

The person who talked of course was Ling Mo, he was looking at the dark shadow that had suddenly appeared.

The dark shadow would probably never have thought that even though he was very careful, it still wasn’t good enough. When he had opened the door, Ye Lian and Shana had already opened their eyes and seen everything.

Although the sound that came from the door opening was very quiet, two advanced zombies in a silent library could still hear it.

Since they share all five sense, if Ye Lian and Shana found something, Ling Mo would also find out as well.

When the guy was interrogating the girl, Ling Mo had already quietly picked up his knife and slowly walked over, looking into the storage room carefully through the book shelves.

In between the book shelves, he had already saw that this guy was threatening the girl.

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It was a shame that the guy had already killed the girl before he could get there on time.

“Who are you?” Ling Mo pulled his knife in front him, preparing to fight.

This guy really must be something since he could easily get in. In the morning Ling Mo already knew that there were no doors from the back of the library.

“Who the hell are you?”

The guy’s voice made people feel uncomfortable. Through the moonlight, Ling Mo could somehow see that the guy had long hair which nearly covered his shoulder.

Ling Mo frowned, he felt familiar with this kind of style, but just couldn’t think who the guy was at the moment.

Two shadows appeared behind Ling Mo, it was Ye Lian and Shana. They were in a fan shaped position which blocked the guy’s way out.

“What? Isn’t this the school babe Ye Lian? So you guys are together?” The guy looked up and said with surprise, and then looked at Ling Mo and stood up and said, ”Since we are alumni, lets not do this.”

Ling Mo frowned and roared, “Don’t move.”

From the outside the guy didn’t seem harmful, but he gave Ling Mo a lot of pressure somehow. Ling Mo felt the eye under the hair was like a snake staring at all his fatal spots.

It felt like once he moves, he could probably threaten his life. This was the first time another human being was capable of giving him this kind of feeling.

“Wei Jun Yen?”Ling Mo suddenly thought of this guy.

It’s not the first time Ling Mo heard of this guy, but besides knowing that he was trying to do something big, Ling Mo didn’t know anything else.

He was actually just curious about what superpowers this guy had, after all he hasn’t seen anyone who possessed a really powerful superpower.

As a person who also possesses superpowers, Ling Mo was of course very curious about this guy.

But Ling Mo never thought that this was how he would meet this guy.

After realizing that Ling Mo knew his name, Wei Jun Yen didn’t show any surprise but instead laughed and said, “Seems like you know me! But sorry I don’t know you, could you introduce yourself a bit?”

Although he was felt relieved in the beginning, after being roared by Ling Mo, he didn’t dare move anymore because he felt that if he really moved, Ling Mo would take some kind action against him.

“What are you doing here?”

Ling Mo didn’t feel like making friends with him, he creeped in the library and killed a girl, apparently he didn’t have any good intentions.

Ling Mo actually knew pretty clear that the girl had told Wei Jun Yen everything and since Li Dan Yang works for Wei Jun Yen, Ling Mo wanted to see how he was gonna deal with this.

Although Wei Jun Yen could be dangerous, it didn’t matter to Ling Mo since he thinks that he is more powerful.

“Are Li Dan Yang and the guys really dead?” Wei Jun Yen asked. Although it seemed like he cared, Ling Mo could tell he didn’t really care from his tone of voice.

Ling Mo still kept his eyes on him and said: “Yup, they deserved it, because they were greedy.”

Wei Jun Yen didn’t seem to be surprised, instead he seemed to be interested in Ling Mo, “You must be very powerful. Li Dan Yang had a lot of people under him and you killed them all?”

For no reason, when Wei Jun Yen asked him this question, Ling Mo felt goosebumps.

This guy gave him a very unpleasant feeling.

“Oh yah, since you killed them all, you must have all their supplies. Don’t worry I’m not asking for it, I’m just wondering if you wanted to join our base?”

Base? Of course Ling Mo wouldn’t join, but before he could refuse, Wei Jun Yen said, “Since you guys are from X city university, you know what it’s like in school. No food, no water, no supplies, and everyone was basically waiting to die. Unlike them, I kept myself busy these days, our team had created a base, After we collect the things we need, we can supply ourselves.”

Oh!! So that’s it…..Ling Mo sneered in his mind, it’s just giving false hope to those survivors.

There was no way he could create a base that could self supply that easily, this was just a trap he had set up. Letting those ignorant survivors collect things to share with only a select few people by letting the survivors fight each other for a spot. This way it looked fair but in reality it was actually very cruel.

Hearing to this point, Ling Mo felt that he didn’t like this guy at all, so he interrupted and said: “Don’t bother. I don’t like being controlled, if you’re done you can leave, this is my place, it’s not a place you can come whenever you want.”

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