My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 116


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 116 – Battling With a Psychic

“Whoa, now that wasn’t very nice. Since you don’t want to join, then the supplies you took away shouldn’t be in your hands, so why don’t we talk about that?”

Before he finished talking, Ling Mo felt a chill, the dark shadow suddenly disappeared!

A “Ding” sound came from where Ye Lian was standing. Wei Jun Yen had failed the surprise attack, then back away several steps and then leaned on the bookshelf looking at Ye Lian with shock.

Ye Lian’s machete was in front of her staring at Wei Jun Yen.

Wei Jun Yen was really surprise, he had thought he could avoid being interrogated by attacking someone else besides Ling Mo while leading a conversation so Ling Mo wouldn’t be prepared. But to his surprise, Ye Lian was so fast and so much stronger than ordinary people, that her counterattack gave a shockwave to him which caused pain in his chest. Wei Jun Yen thought, “this beauty is really something, is she a psychic?”.

Ling Mo took this chance to see what weapon Wei Jun Yen was using. It was just a useless razor. It was pasted on his palm with the sharp side facing out.

Apparently his superpower was moving extremely fast.

If Ye Lian hadn’t become an advanced zombie, his attack might have worked.

Ling Mo didn’t expect Wei Jun Yen to be so shameless, attacking Ye Lian without saying any words. Even though he had failed, it still pissed off Ling Mo.

Ling Mo held tightly onto his knife and dashed. Although it was too dark to see him, Ling Mo used his powers to change his sight to Ye Lian’s view point.

As a zombie, Ye Lian’s ability to see in the dark was very good, although it’s not easy to look from a third person’s point of view, Ling Mo was already used to it.

At the same time he used his invisible tentacles to wrap Wei Jun Yen.

Seeing Ling Mo dashing towards him, his disgusting face sneered.

But when he wanted to move, he felt like he bumped into an invisible wall and his vision blurred.

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The shock made him back off.


The book shelves shook, some books fell to the ground, Wei Jun Yen raised his palm at this critical point.


Ling Mo’s short knife slashed towards Wei Jun Yen’s palm. Although Wei Jun Yen had almost blocked Ling Mo’s attack, it had stil cut him on the arm. The blood started to spray out.

Wei Jun Yen was totally awaken from the huge pain from his arm.

The moment he got awaken, Ling Mo saw the black shadow flash and he lost sight of Wei Jun Yen again. He felt something suddenly appear behind him.

Ling Mo immediately used the spirit tentacles to dodge Wei Jun Yen’s attack, but his back had a ripping pain, he was slashed from the back.

Wei Jun Yen’s ability was really weird, it was basically like teleporting. What a fucking bullshit power, of course he could’t literally teleport, but he could accelerate to a extremely fast speed in a short distance.

Just when Ling Mo dodged the attack, Shana and Ye Lian took action, two blades of light cut towards Wei Jun Yen.

But Wei Jun Yen was also really fast, When he heard the “Hoo..” he dodged to the side immediately. But Ling Mo wouldn’t give him any chance, he used his invisible spirit tentacles again to distract him.

His moves suddenly stagnated and he got cut by Shana from the back, but he still managed to avoid getting hit on fatal spot and jumped out the window without hesitation.

He knew he would be killed if he had kept on fighting.

The second floor wasn’t that high, but you still might get hurt if you jump down. Ling Mo looked outside the window and saw Wei Jun Yen rolling on the grass.

He didn’t leave right away, instead looked at Ling Mo and pointed the middle finger at him.

This irritated Ling Mo, he didn’t jump down also, but instead he controlled the zombies outside to charge towards Wei Jun Yen.

Wei Jun Yen had planned to take a break down there, although he was smiling after he jumped down, but his face looked really scary.

He thought he could easily take down Ling Mo and ask for whatever he wanted, but he didn’t realize that this one boy and the two girls beside him were that powerful.

He even began to think that all three of them were psychics, but why didn’t he know this about any of them?

This just didn’t add up in Wei Jun Yen’s mind, he was really active in this area, basically all the survivor groups that were good enough should already be under his control. He should of known about their powers.

But he didn’t regret attacking them, because he was not the kind of guy who’s willing to be under another’s control.

Being dominated by Ling Mo made him very upset, but what made him angrier was that he was forced to jump out the window.

He provoked Ling Mo just to vent. Anyway, if Ling Mo jumped out as well, he would already be far away from there.

But seeing the amount of zombies shocked him, he didn’t associate this with Ling Mo.

“What the fuck!” Wei Jun Yen wiped his back.

“Forgot there’s zombies around….” He ferociously stared at Ling Mo and rolled to the green area and ran through the road.

But under Ling Mo’s control, the zombies started dashing too, One of them had gotten really close to Wei Jun Yen. Wei Jun Yen kind of hurt his feet when he jumped out the window, so he was a bit slower than before. The zombie body slammed him and grabbed his arm.

Being grabbed like this was no different than being sentenced to death, but Wei Jun Yen was a ruthless guy, he knew if he had attempted to fight the zombie he wouldn’t be able to escape later.

At this critical moment, he waved his hand and cut off his arm.

Blood started to splash, but he didn’t even look back and started to use his superpowers again.

Now Ling Mo had looked clearly, he really can accelerate very very fast, sort of like teleporting, after a few minutes, he had already left the zombies way behind.

Seeing the zombies getting out of his control area, he stopped trying to capture Wei Jun Yen.

Although Wei Jun Yen lost a arm, Ling Mo didn’t seem satisfied.

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