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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 117 – You Look Delicious

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Wei Jun Yen’s ability was definitely related to speed. It could be really effective towards normal zombies or ordinary people, unfortunately Ling Mo was neither.

No matter how fast you were, if your sight or judgement got blocked, that advantage would disappear.

Although Ling Mo wasn’t really good at close combat, he at least had two advanced zombies and more than ten zombie puppets to help him with each battle.

If Wei Jun Yen hadn’t cut off his own arm, Ling Mo’s zombies would have ripped him to pieces.

While controlling the zombies to walk back, Ling Mo frowned and looked over at his shoulder.

Shana and Ye Lian came over and looked at his wound, then Ye Lian said: “Good, at least it’s not deep.”

“It’s just a scratch on the surface.”

Shana took off Ling Mo’s coat and rolled his t-shirt sleeves to see the wound.

From Shana’s vision angle, Ling Mo could see his wound. Wei Jun Yen had just made a shallow cut which didn’t cause any big harm.

Shana used her finger to wipe the blood on him and then suddenly put it in her mouth, “Brother Ling, Your blood tastes very sweet!”

“Hey, don’t even think about it!”

Ling Mo tried to avoid the desperate look on her face.

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Seems like zombie instincts can’t be changed, although Shana had never tried human blood before, she still seemed like she couldn’t resist after touching it.

After listening to Ling Mo she reluctantly promised, but she kept sucking on her finger.

Apparently the human body was very tasty to zombies.

Thinking of how Wei Jun Yen fled with panic, Ling Mo frowned.

Ling Mo really wanted to kill Wei Jun Yen even though he won through their exchange in combat. He only got a cut from Wei Jun Yen while he forced Wei Jun Yen to jump off the second floor building and then also made him cut off his arm while fleeing for his life.

The guy attempted to attack Ye Lian, which is one of Ling Mo’s taboo.

Ling Mo didn’t want to fight in the beginning since he hadn’t had any conflicts with anyone before the fight so it wasn’t necessary to start one.

But right now Ling Mo realized that he needed to change his mindset! Even in the current end of the world situation right now, he’s still treating others the same way he used to before the apocalypse which makes him constantly being attacked and forced to fight back.

In reality after having superpowers, he was no longer a normal person. With lots of food on him and two beauties with him, he can already be considered as a cash cow.

After coming to the university, Ling Mo has seen so many things from the survivors. Life, hunger, and fear were the factors that awakened the dark side of the survivors.

As for survivors like Wei Jun Yen, they became arrogant and cold-blooded.

Although Ling Mo didn’t think it was wrong to stick with his ethic values but when it came to Li Dan Yang or Wei Jun Yang, he knew that he couldn’t treat them the same way he treated regular people anymore.

Ling believed he was very strong now, much more powerful than the piece of shit Wei Jun Yen.

He wasn’t the one being forced to jump out the window or forced to cut off his own arm or flee like a little bitch. That was all Wei Jun Yen.

Thinking to this point his heart started to get excited.

“Brother Ling….let me help you….. blow….”

Ye Lian saw Ling Mo frowning and she thought he was in pain, so she planned to blow on his wound to see if it would make him feel better. (TL: Lol ok im pretty sure i wasn’t the only one with a dirty mind who thought this was gonna go differently..)

She smelled the blood and her eyes turned a bit red, apparently she liked the smell of blood.

She knew Ling Mo would get upset so she backed off and pointed at Ling Mo and said, “Brother Ling, you seem to be very yummy.”

The chill from the wound awakened Ling Mo.

“Silly girl. You can’t eat me, if you want, you can eat something else in the future.”

He felt a lot happier, he rubbed Ye Lian’s brain and flirted with her.

But Ye Lian didn’t understand what he was talking about, just nodded and said, “OK…”

A wound like this was nothing to be afraid of, Ling Mo took out a bandage and then wrapped it around his wound.

After treating his wound, Ling Mo went to the girls that were in the corner.

The girls had awaken from the noise caused by the fighting and then they realized someone from their group had disappeared which made them all end up quivering.

“Do you guys know Wei Jun Yen?” Ling Mo asked directly.

Although Wei Jun Yen lost an arm, but Ling Mo didn’t want to let him go. That arm could only be considered as interest.

After all losing an arm, Wei Jun Yen still might hold a grudge against him.

It would still be annoying if the guy wanted to get revenge on him since this university was such a big place. He didn’t want to be on constant alert, all the time afraid that a guy with superpowers could attack him at any time. So instead of waiting for him, Ling Mo thought that it’s best if he could kill him while he’s currently in a weak position.

The girls were quivering, one of them nodded.

Ling Mo thought so, from Wei Jun Yen’s personality, he wouldn’t try to avoid those girls when he’s negotiating with the girls.

“Do you know where the base is?” Ling  Mo looked at the girl and asked.

The girl looked at Ling Mo with fear and said: “I think it’s at the swimming pool”

“Swimming pool?” Ling Mo paused and looked at the map that Lin Luanqui gave him, turned on the flashlight and quickly found where the swimming pool was.

To his surprise, the swimming pool was near the A1 education building.

Seems like even if they didn’t meet today, they were going to meet each other sooner or later. That was because going to the A1 building was part of Ling Mo’s plan, he had wanted to get some more gels for Ye Lian and Shana.

“Let’s not wait until tomorrow morning, if he could go out at night, I definitely can too.”

With the help of his zombie puppets and two advanced zombies he could easily go out at night. Not to mention the fact that if there were a lot of zombies, most of them probably were already either attracted by Wei Jun Yen or removed by him on the way back to his base.

As for the girls in the library, he could only let themselves figure a way out, he had already given them enough food to sustain themselves for a few days.

After he recovered his stamina and spirit power, Ling Mo planned out everything and took Ye Lian and Shana out of the library.

This was the first time he ever went out at night, but from a zombies vision, everything looked clear as day.

There were still some zombies roaring outside which made it kind of creepy.

Zombies were much more active at night time.

Ling Mo quickly found the place where Wei Jun Yen lost his arm, he could see blood stains extending to the bush.

But after following the blood stains, Ling Mo saw a piece of cloth, seems like he did some first aid treatment to his arm, and the blood stains had stopped there.

“To bad I already know where your place is, there’s no point in hiding.”

Ling Mo looked out and sneered.

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