My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 118

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 118 – Meant to be Enemies

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As an indoor swimming pool, X city university’s swimming pool wasn’t only just big, but it also had a good environment.

Especially since it was the perfect place to hide in right now.

The man-made river surrounding the swimming pool gym could really block the zombies out.

Even though the darkness of night time made the swimming pool gym look pretty creepy, the shut door of the swimming pool gym implied that someone was living in there.

There’s a locker room in the gym with tons of people were sitting there. There’s a “ka..ka…ka..” sound coming out, a light from a small fire keeps glowing on and off.

From the fire’s light, one could somehow see a few guys that showed tiredness with blood covering them.

“Who is it? Who’s making that sound! Stop using that shitty lighter OK??”

Someone yelled with a low voice, and then the “kaka” sound stopped

Another person started to complain, “There are three groups of survivors here right? Seventeen people have already died trying to get here and then? Where is Brother Wei?”

“Stop it, Brother Wei created a place like this to let us stay, what more do you want?” Another guy said, “We have water here, there’s a river right outside. All the zombies nearby have been killed, there’s some supplies inside. Ask yourself this, did the place you lived before have a bed and mattress??”

“We gave some food. And this place over here was already pretty good before, so he didn’t actually ‘create’ it” the guy argued.

“Stop arguing, Brother Wei will tell us everything once all the survivor groups arrive. By the way his team is also here, so he wouldn’t just hang us out to dry.”

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“Oh ya, I heard that the garden in the back was being developed, is it going to be a farm?”

“How about the seeds, is Brother Wei going to find it?”

The conversation started to warm up, although they were tired, being able to make it to this place made them excited.

Right at this moment the door suddenly opened, someone popped it’s head in and said, “Sister Lin?”


Someone answered from the locker room, a shadow popped up and went out.

There were three people on the hallway, two of them was Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng, and the skinny small person that’s been called out was apparently Lin Luanqui.

But she was wearing a cap that covered her face, so no one could really tell it was her.

Lin Luanqui seemed to have recovered from the injury on her arms, she leaned on the wall and asked, “So..Wei Jun Yen isn’t back yet?”

Tang Xiao Xue shook his head and: “No.But Sister Lin, isn’t it too risky for us to come here? After all the bitch ass couple….”

“Don’t worry, they were killed, so be it. Right now the two of you are the leaders, just don’t panic. Wei Jun Yen wouldn’t care if they’re dead or not” Lin Luanqui waved her hands and interrupted.

He Peng Peng looked at Lin Luanqui with admiration, even his tone of voice was full of enthusiasm: “Sister Lin, I admire you so much!! Seriously, I think you are as powerful as Brother Ling”

“Stop bullshitting” Lin Luanqui laughed and used her cap to cover her face even more, “Are you guys sure you want to get involved? I think I was pretty clear on how dangerous this could be. It’s not too late to cut me loose right now and stop this, because if my assassination fails, you both would also be considered involved.”

“Sister Lin no need to say anything, I believe you know what you’re doing, you don’t do things that you aren’t confident enough in doing. Plus all those supplies were gotten from the survivors risking their lives, why should Wei Jun Yen have them all. He used people to work for him, why can’t we use him instead?

Tang Xiao Xue’s tone of voice was really firm. Actually once he brought Lin Luanqui back with them, he knew that she was up to something.

He didn’t exactly know what she was planning but to his surprise, Lin Luanqui killed the couples the moment they arrived.

The group went into chaos, even Tang Xiao Xue thought Lin Luanqui was crazy.

But once Lin Luanqui told him her plan, he sincerely admired Lin Luanqui.

She not only predicted Wei Jun Yen’s intention, but also planned to blend into this group and find some chance to kill Wei Jun Yen.

To do this, she integrated into a group and let him and He Peng Peng to be in the front while she hid behind like a normal survivor.

In order to come here, they lost some people, but this kind of sacrifice was necessary.

The fact was that if it weren’t for Lin Luanqui, the couples might have gotten more people killed.

In the beginning she didn’t really believe her prediction was right, but after meeting the other groups who came here first, she realized Wei Jun Yen was really just using them.

Using his superpowers as bait to make the people in the central area collect supplies for him in order to retain a spot in his sanctuary. While collecting the supplies most of the survivors would get killed. In the end there wouldn’t be much people left to share the supplies with.

This is a very ruthless plan!

This plan would also work because of the selfishness of the survivors. As time goes by the supplies around becomes less, people then start to worry about what happens afterwards.

And at this moment Wei Jun Yen would appear to show up with his superpowers, people would feel hope once again.

Most survivors would be thinking as long as I’m alive, it doesn’t matter if other people die.

He and He Peng Peng were crystal clear that Lin Luanqui hid herself just to get a chance to kill Wei Jun Yen.

As long as Wei Jun Yen dies, Lin Luanqui could be in charge due to her super powers, just like what she did after killing the bitch ass couples.

Lin Luanqui sighed, she seemed to be a bit worried. This was because the longer it took for Wei Jun Yen to show up, the more survivors would arrive. Once it reaches a certain amount it would be hard to gain control if she did manage to kill him.

“You used to want to kill me, right now I want to kill you, seems like we were meant to be enemies.”

Lin Luanqui smiled.

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