My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 119


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 119 – Kill Two Birds With One Stone

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What Lin Luanqui didn’t know was that someone had appeared in bathroom by jumping in from the window.

This guy wasn’t just anyone, it was the boss of the base, Wei Jun Yen.

He had finally reached the bathroom and sat on the ground with pain. Blood had already soaked his sleeve, the huge pain almost made him pass out.

“Fuck, I can never let anyone know that I got hurt, at least not when I’m at my weakest right now….”

Wei Jun Yen’s face was pale, and his breathing seemed to be in a mess. He rested for a bit and then crawled to the sink to get the first aid kit to patch himself up.

He knew that a lot of survivors had already arrived, so he didn’t dare take the front door in case they saw him.

Everyone followed him due to his superpowers, who knows what they would do if they saw him hurt right now.

The upside of this whole situation was that he had placed his first aid here in the bathroom instead of the other rooms. After the apocalypse the toilets could no longer be used, so temporarily it was the safest place for him at the moment.

After treating the wound, he’ll sneak out and go to his room to recover….

As for the survivors, he believes his team can handle everything even though he’s not there. The survivors had walked a great distance to reach this place. There wouldn’t be a reason for them to cause problems.

Wei Jun Yen’s plan was to gather all the survivors quickly and get rid of the ones that were dead weight. No point for useless people to be alive.

The supplies those survivors gathered would be able to make him stay here for a long time.

He was now kind of X city university’s king.

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After realizing he had superpowers, he’s been seeking a different kind of way to survive.

Even though he could use his superpowers to escape, he didn’t like being alone. He was type of guy that enjoyed the moment of being surrounded by people who had looks filled with fear or admiration. Especially from those people who were teachers or classmates that were handsome, pretty, and rich before the apocalypse. They were the ones that gave him a sense of inferiority. Seeing those looks made him want to stay with people.

But the situation right now made him unable to enjoy the moment.

The supplies were running out and the environment was only getting worse.

After coming out of the swimming gym Wei Jun Yen had finally figured out something cruel.

Although there’s not a lot of supplies left in X city university, but if they were all gathered, the amount of stuff could still be considered a lot.

It might not be a lot if it’s shared with all the survivors, but if the number of survivors become less, then the supplies would last for a long time.

After considering Wei Jun Yen figured a way that could kill two birds with one stone.

Contact all the groups of survivors and give people hope that his super power could help save them. To get protection from him, people would be willing to do their best to gather supplies to live under his rule of “using supplies in exchange for spot in the sanctuary.”

Through this process, he not only makes the survivors collect supplies for him but he also reduces the amount of survivors at the same time.

And everything worked out pretty well.

In order to collect things, groups would have their own little civil wars which would eliminate some people, using different methods to force them to go look for supplies or rob other groups.

Although a lot of survivors had already arrived, Wei Jun Yen was still not satisfied.

He had wanted to speed things up by going to each of the groups again but out of his expectations, he was stopped by Ling Mo and had almost gotten killed.

Wei Jun Yen was holding a deep grudge, he planned to take revenge once he recovered.

It didn’t matter whether he lost an arm, as long as his right arm was still there.

But just when he was wrapping his arm with bandages, he felt a sudden chill from his back, his body became paralyzed.

He looked up in the mirror.

From the mirror, he could see a guy at the window. The person was Ling Mo!!! (TL: SURPISE MOTHER FUCKA!)

“God damn it!!”

Wei Jun Yen cursed in his mind. He never thought that Ling Mo would come after him.

Why didn’t the zombies outside the library stop him? Why didn’t the zombies on the way stop him either?

He also had another question, how the fuck did he find him?

But afterwards he immediately thought of the girls in the library and became filled with regret.

Should have killed all those sluts!!….

He looked at the door right away and started counting the distance. He was already no match against the three of them when he had both arms, not to mention that he has only one right now.

When Ling Mo jumped off the window Wei Jun Yen dashed to the door.

Ling Mo had finally caught up with Wei Jun Yen, there was definitely no way in hell he was just gonna let him run away. Although Wei Jun Yen was fast, Ling Mo quickly used his spirit tentacles to shut the door.

This was something Ling Mo had practiced several times before, although he couldn’t do anything extreme like Darth Vader’s Choke Hold, but just shutting the door was fine.

This shocked Wei Jun Yen, but it was too late for him to stop. “Bang!!” He rammed himself onto the door.

Wei Jun Yen who was currently dizzy and bleeding now due to running into the door, knew that it was too late to open the door so he quickly kneeled down and rolled over. Just when he was about to get up a cold beam of light went to his throat and a black shadow appeared in front of him.

Shana creepily smiled while looking down at him. The other window on the other side was the only other exit which was currently blocked by Ye Lian now.  

After the door was shut closed by Ling Mo, he took out the short knife and looked at Wei Jun Yen after Shana had caught him at knife point. With a sneer on his face he said, “Unless you can make that toilet flush your ass away, there’s no way in hell your escaping this time.”

Even though Wei Jun Yen was ruthless and arrogant, it didn’t mean he could remain calm when his life was being threatened.

In fact he is quivering with shame right now.

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