My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 120


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 120 – Being Slapped

“Fuck your mother!”

At the moment when he knew he was about to die, Wei Jun Yen exploded towards Ling Mo.

He knew that close combat was Ling Mo’s weakness so he pushed his superpowers to the limit and dashed towards Ling Mo.

Since Ling Mo was determined to kill him, he was already well prepared. He hadn’t used any spiritual power when he was following Wei Jun Yen so now he was at 100%.

His spirit tentacles became the bane to psychics that concentrated on agility and speed.

Wei Jun Yen’s attack had failed more than ten times due to the spirit tentacles. He kept having illusions, the disturbance made him feel like he eating tons of flies.

And every time when his attack would fail, Ling Mo would seize the opportunity to counter attack.

What drove him crazy was that every time when Ling Mo could kill him,  he would stop as if he was a cat playing with a mouse.

Every time when he saw a beam of cold light, Wei Jun Yen could here the “Pah!” sound from his face. That sound was Ling Mo using his knife to slap his face.

He got slapped about ten times already.

The extreme humiliation and anger drove Wei Jun Yen crazy.

The sound he made when he bumped onto the wall got Lin Luanqui and the other 2 guys attention.

“What happened?” Lin Luanqui looked towards the washroom with surprise.

That washroom was not being used by anyone anymore and no zombies would go there, why were there noises coming from that place.

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Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng also had no idea and Lin Luanqui had already went towards the washroom frowning her eyebrows.

She held on tight with her knife and slowly walked towards the door, when she got there she held on the doorknob and leaned on the door to listen.

“It’s not zombies…”

Those sounds of metal clashing was absolutely not zombies, it was more like someone’s fighting inside.

Lin Luanqui had a bad feeling, she slowly twisted the knob and kicked the door open.

Inside the bathroom, Wei Jun Yen was struggling, his path to retreat was blocked, the fear and despair of seeing death coming made him looked miserable.

I don’t want to die! I don’t deserve to die! Wei Jun Yen’s mind kept roaring. He wanted so desperately to rip Ling Mo into pieces, yet Ling Mo seemed to be having the fun. He was right in front of him yet he couldn’t even touch his clothes.

We both have superpowers, but why is he so much more powerful??

Wei Jun Yen felt unwilling. Too bad he doesn’t know that in order for Ling Mo to control the zombies, he had to put himself into danger multiple times as well as change his sleeping habits to train his powers.

He made much more effort than other psychics, went through more danger too.

Especially after he found Ye Lian, he kept figuring ways to use his puppet skills. He kept practicing whenever he had time.

Technically he never stopped practicing since he was always connected to Shana and Ye Lian.

But Wei Jun Yen just thought of how to crush others when he had superpowers, not even bothering on improving himself. He just apparently believed he was the best and could defeat anybody even Ling Mo. At this point he still didn’t bother to think maybe the crux of the problem was himself.

Right at this moment the washroom door suddenly opened.

It was Lin Luanqui, to her surprise the people who were fighting were people she knew.

So she paused there when she saw Wei Jun Yen and Ling Mo.

Wei Jun Yen and Ling Mo also paused.

Wei Jun Yen quickly pulled himself together, his body shook in front of Lin Luanqui, although he hadn’t gotten a clear look on who it was, his razor had already begun to slash towards Lin Luanqui’s neck.

He only had one train of thought right now and that was to kill this person and run! This was the only chance for him to stay alive.

But Lin Luanqui reacted quickly, she fired her superpower “bullet”, Wei Jun Yen’s speed became very slow, just like normal people.

At this moment Lin Luanqui just lifted her arm to use her knife to block Wei Jun Yen’s razor.


When the sound came out, Wei Jun Yen’s pupils shrinked.

If he couldn’t kill Lin Luanqui in one attack that meant that his attack had been blocked.

Right at that moment, Ling Mo’s knife had stabbed through his back, the sharp knife popped out from his chest with blood.

“gerr gerr…” Wei Jun Yen looked at Lin Luanqui with despair.

When Lin Luanqui lifted her cap and revealed her delicate face, Wei Jun Yen looked fearful.

But he couldn’t talk anymore, when Ling Mo pulled out the knife, his body started to lose functionality, in front of Ling Mo and Lin Luanqui, his body slowly crumbled down to the floor.

When Wei Jun Yen fell, Ling Mo looked up at Lin Luanqui.

After realizing it’s Lin Luanqui, Lin Mo paused and asked: “Hey, what are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here..and Wei Jun Yen…..he…”

Lin Luanqui looked shocked, everything happened so fast.

Although she had blocked Wei Jun Yen’s attack, she hadn’t pulled herself together yet from the shock.

Why is Ling Mo here? Why is Wei Jun Yen here? Why would they fight?

Questions kept coming up in her mind. The way she was looking at Ling Mo seemed complicated.

Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng came up and when they saw Ling Mo, they looked surprised as well.

“Brother Ling?”

“You guys are here too…” Ling Mo paused, and then looked at Lin Luanqui.

Lin Luanqui and the other two must of came here for some reason.

After figuring the connections, Ling Mo realized that Lin Luanqui pretended to leave and then came back to find Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng.

Her plan must of been to use the survivor group Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng was in and get a chance to approach Wei Jun Yen.

Just couldn’t figure out why she wanted to do that.

What made Lin Luanqui feel very complicated was that she made such a great effort in coming here to kill Wei Jun Yen, but he ended up getting killed by Ling Mo’s hands and in such a miserable way.

Everyone looked at each other, after a while Lin Luanqui grabbed Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng in and closed the door.

Wei Jun Yen died too suddenly, her plan had been messed up so before she figures something out, she couldn’t let other people see Wei Jun Yen’s corpse.

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