My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 121


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 121 – You’ll Know Once You Touch It

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“How come you and Wei Jun Yen were fighting?”

The atmosphere in the washroom became a bit awkward. Lin Luanqui realized Ling Mo didn’t really have to answer her.

Objectively speaking, they were just acquaintances that she thought she would never meet again, but what triggered Lin Luanqui’s complicated feelings the most was that they suddenly met again somehow.

Especially since last time she left without saying goodbye, making it hard for her to look into Ling Mo’s eyes.

Shana still had a bit of an impression of Lin Luanqui and the two guys, but since she had no interest in human affairs, she decided to just take Ye Lian to the side.

Ye Lian on the other hand had just recovered some of her memories, so she seemed to be curious about Lin Luanqui. She probably felt something was familiar about this girl since she kept staring at her.

But Lin Luanqui’s attention was on Ling Mo, so she didn’t realize Ye Lian’s change.

“I had a conflict with this guy, I’m just here to deal with something”

He didn’t need to clearly explain what happened between him and Wei Jun Yen since he wasn’t obligated to. What Ling Mo was curious about right now was why Lin Luanqui was here.

Lin Luanqui could see from Ling Mo’s eyes that he’s probably guessing what she was planning to do, which began to make her a bit nervous.

Why would I feel nervous when Ling Mo is looking at me?

She felt a bit guilty, her cheeks turned red, “I came here with these two to kill Wei Jun Yen and take away this base. But…..” She bitterly smiled to this point and then added, “out of my expectations you killed him first.”

She was hesitating on whether she should tell the truth, but on second thought Ling Mo wasn’t interested in those kinds of things, so he wouldn’t take the base away. There’s no need to conceal her plan from him.

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Plus if she tried to hide her thoughts, it might irritate Ling Mo, which may ruin her entire plan.

After all Wei Jun Yen was killed by Ling Mo, so her plan was actually somehow ruined already.

Ling Mo’s unhappiness had really gone away after she told him the truth.

He smiled and said, “So I actually kind of helped you.”

Lin Luanqui laughed: “Ya…got to thank you, if I tried to attack him, there would probably be a price to pay. He actually tried to talk me into working for him when he knew I also had superpowers, but when I turned him down, he tried to kill me….he was probably thinking there can’t be two lions on one mountain.”

So that’s the reason, Ling Mo slightly nodded. He could tell from Wei Jun Yen’s behavior, that he is pretty narrow minded. If he wanted his plan to work, he needed to make sure that he was the only psychic, or else the other survivor groups would just wait and see whichever psychic offered the most security and wouldn’t be completely loyal to him.

No wonder she didn’t want to talk about Wei Jun Yen before, she probably got taken advantage of from him several times. Running away from the university might of also been because of Wei Jun Yen.

“The two of you must be following her?”

Ling Mo turned his head and looked at Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng and mocked.

The two of them looked at each other and nodded with embarrassment.

He Peng Peng seemed to want to say something, but with Wei Jun Yen’s body on the ground, it brought back the memory of almost getting killed by Ling Mo.

“So powerful….Before I thought Brother Ling and Sister Ling were at the same level, but it seems that Brother Ling is much more powerful.”

Not just He Peng Peng but Tang Xiao Xue had also finally realized how powerful Ling Mo was. He was so happy that he didn’t piss Ling Mo off or else they both probably wouldn’t be alive right now.

Wei Jun Yen was a psychic, but he got easily killed by Ling Mo and died like a dog.

“What are you guys planning to do next? Since you killed Wei Jun Yen, his things should be yours….”

Lin Luanqui hesitated and said in a low voice.

She seemed to expect something, but got refused by Ling Mo before so she didn’t ask Ling Mo to stay.

But Ling Mo killed Wei Jun Yen, which kind of helped her, so she thought of sharing the supplies from the base with Ling Mo.

Ling Mo shook his head and said, “I don’t care about his things, those thing are dirty, since they were all collected by exploiting others”

His words were sort of true, since all the things that the survivors collected weren’t of any use based on what he saw from Li Dan Yang’s supplies.

And those things were gotten from people sacrificing each other. Although he had killed Wei Jun Yen, his motivation to kill him in the beginning wasn’t because he wanted to take his things.

“How about you? I thought you were looking for a rescue team” Ling Mo asked.

Lin Luanqui seemed to be hesitating and she slowly said: “I thought of it before. But you were right, X city university is just too big, where can we find a rescue team? We can only try to stay here as long as possible and wait. I still believe there will be rescue team, as long as I can wait till the time comes! And with me, these people here can have better lives.”

Ling Mo nodded, Lin Luanqui really was a nice girl, although she does have some selfish motives, she was also considerate for her alumnus.

She did this probably because she sympathizes with Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng, she was probably also worried about survivors in this area…

“Why don’t you guys stay here tonight.” Lin Luanqui said with a bit of excitement.

She didn’t really know what she was excited about, probably because every time she saw Ling Mo, her envious feelings of Ye Lian and Shana gets awoken.

Ling Mo thought since he’s not really familiar with the environment there was no need to go back to the library since he already here.

Although he brought 10 zombie puppies but this was a closed space so no one will find out.

Thinking to this point he nodded.

Lin Luanqui smiled with joy. But she knows that Ling Mo doesn’t want to have any contact with the other survivors, so she took them to a small locker room.

This place was very small, they just stored supplies here, so no one was living here.

Lin Luanqui took him there so she could let him take any supplies he wanted, but it’s his business whether he was going to take it or not.

After chatting a bit with Ling Mo, she went to take care of Wei Jun Yen’s corpse.

Ling Mo thought it might be hard for Lin Luanqui to explain to the survivors about Wei Jun Yen’s death or how she was gonna take control of the base, but he knew that Lin Luanqui was smart and since she had superpowers also, it might not be impossible for her to accomplish her task.

Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng left the room with Lin Luanqui, but then they realized the changes on Ye Lian, she looked a little more “human”, but they didn’t dare say anything.

After the three of them left, Shana took Ye Lian to sit beside Ling Mo, she smiled and said: “Brother Lin, seems like the girl wants you to stay.”

Ling Mo pinched her on her slim waist and said, “I can also tell. But I’m not staying.”

Shana could think even deeper after recovering her memory, she stared at Ling Mo and said: “Is it because of me and Ye Lian?”

“Well…” Ling Mo suddenly looked very serious, “Not exactly. This is my choice, I won’t regret it now and I won’t regret it later.”

The two of them couldn’t really understand what Ling Mo said, but they know that they were very important to Ling Mo.

“Then…am I considered your girlfriend?” Shana asked seriously.

Ling Mo smiled and said: “Of course. You both are.”

“Then…” Ye Lian mumbled, “Is there any difference?”

After listening to what Ye Lian asked Ling Mo laughed evilly and grabbed them both towards his chest, “Ya, a girlfriend needs to do a lot of stuff, let me teach you OK?”


“Ah…What is this?”

“You’ll know after you touch it…”

While the three of them are fooling around, Lin Luanqui who just took care of the corpse was standing outside

Hearing the laughter from inside, her hands which were going to knock on the door, were put down. She showed a sadness on her face.


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