My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 122


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 122 – Different Positions

In the morning Ling Mo took Ye Lian and Shana away.

When it became midnight there was a bit of chaos, but it soon became peaceful afterwards.

Seems like Lin Luanqui had everything under control after announcing Wei Jun Yen’s death.

Ling Mo was thinking of saying good bye to her but eventually gave up on that idea.

The way Lin Luanqui looked at him always made him feel a bit weird.

But there was one thing that Ling Mo definitely knew for sure was that they both had different ideas.

Lin Luanqui wouldn’t say more or ask more and he wouldn’t overthink it. That’s just the way it was.

But before leaving, Ling Mo actually thought it would be nice if they could meet again…..

What Ling Mo didn’t know was that when he went out from the washroom window, Lin Luanqui was standing somewhere else watching him leave.

After Ling Mo had landed, he helped Ye Lian and Shana come down as well. While he was trying to help them, he also took the chance to take advantage of them at the same time. Unfortunately Lin Luanqui also saw what had happened from where she was standing and her expression changed.

She bit her lips and held onto her wrist tightly, but decided to let loose of her wrist afterwards..

“What an asshole….”

Although she was saying this, but in her mind she was thinking about if they could ever meet again.

With ten puppets and two advanced zombies, Ling Mo’s journey to the A1 educational building was quite easy.

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After killing Wei Jun Yen, Ling Mo thought that he had a better grasp of his spirit powers.

It seemed like more practice was required in order to improve his powers. He thought that he if relied on only using his tentacles to distract enemies during battle it might not be enough. His spirit tentacles also had a few weaknesses. For one, they weren’t able to constantly distract his enemies, meaning if he met someone with a higher attack frequency, eventually one of those attacks might land on him. When their frequency of attacking was more than the times he could use his spirit tentacles he would be in great danger.

As for Ye Lian and Shana, all they just needed to do was keep evolving.

The swimming gym wasn’t that far from the A1 educational building, after about half an hour of traveling, Ling Mo showed up at the A1 building.

The building was really big, the window at the front door was broken and he could see zombies in the hall.

His timing was just too great! At that moment some of the zombies were fighting with each other. After the experience from last time in the theater, Ling Mo knew that it was probably due to one of the zombies going berserk and triggering the fight.

If there were a lot of zombies fighting maybe all of them would join eventually since if one of them gets killed, the other zombies would start to eat them.

After consuming enough flesh, their virus would upgrade and they would need more flesh to turn into a stronger zombie with a purer virus.


After accumulating enough of the virus, it would eventually condense a virus gel and successfully turn into a mutated zombie.

So killing to eliminate the weaker ones was actually a process of evolving for the zombies.

Ling Mo looked and felt surprised since there were more than a hundred zombies fighting.

Those zombies that were wandering outside had also gotten attracted to the fight, although they only just wanted to eat the fresh corpses, once they got in the hall, they would also become involved in the fight.

Battles between zombies would always start fast but they also end very fast as well. This was because when two zombies fought, they would only attack each other’s fatal spots without defending themselves. Basically it was like an All or Nothing kind of battle.

Seeing that the battle was coming to an end, Ling Mo sent his zombie puppets in.

His strength should be able to control 10 mutated zombies, if not, at least five or six would be safe.

Since the zombies were half way from becoming mutated zombies, he should give some help.

Losing ten regular zombies for some mutated zombies was actually a pretty good deal.

Seeing ten of his zombies dashing towards the A1 building, Ling Mo put a creepy smile on his face.

These puppets were controlled by him, so he could receive ten different vision angles, no one can imagine how that feels.

“Want me to go?” Shana held on to her long knife and asked with excitement.

The blood stimulated Ye Lian too, although they had been played around with by Ling Mo yesterday, they seemed to be energetic now.

Ling Mo suddenly had an evil thought. With their body they could probably do all kinds of positions and also for a long time……

I just need to find a way to take their virginity. Ling Mo felt that one of his body parts couldn’t wait any longer.

Sex was a very normal physiological need, Ling Mo thought.

Seeing the two of them with their eyes turning red and a very interested expression towards the fight in there, Ling Mo suddenly felt a headache.

“No, if you two join, those zombies would all be dead.”

If these two advanced zombies go in, there’s no way the zombies inside could stay alive.

After controlling the zombies to move into the battlefield, Ling Mo started to look serious.

Controlling ten zombies to fight required a lot of concentration and spirit power.

Good thing was Ling Mo’s intention from the beginning was to make the fight more intensive and help him push himself to the limit.

The ten zombies made the fight that was going to stop, start again.

When Ling Mo controlled one of his zombies to approach a zombie that was currently eating, that zombie quickly attacked the puppet before it could do anything. Good thing was that with Ling Mo’s manipulation, the puppet was able to dodge the attack and use its nails to make a cut on the zombies face, making it bleed. The zombie looked like it wasn’t far from evolving since it was ferocious and fast.

Since all the puppets were being controlled by Ling Mo, they were much slower than the other zombies. Because of this, the zombie was able to grab the puppet’s arm and rip it off.

Ling Mo had cold sweats. That was close, he thought. If he hadn’t broken the connection with that puppet, he would see himself being ripped apart instead.

Although normal zombies wouldn’t feel pain and Ling Mo wouldn’t feel the pain either, but it still would be hard to look at a zombie ripping him into shreds.

The battle started to get heated, after Ling Mo used his puppets.

Broken limbs, blood, body pieces… It looked like hell…..

After about 10 minutes, Ling Mo took Ye Lian and Shana in, the hundreds of zombies right now became only 7 and all of them were upgraded to mutated zombies.

They all stopped fighting under Ling Mo’s control.

Going in the dirty and bloody hall, Ling Mo started to frown, but Ye Lian and Shana looked excited….

“Seems like Lin Luanqui’s note was quite accurate, there really were a lot of zombies here, probably thousands.”

More zombies meant more mutated zombies, so there were definitely gels to pick up.

Although gels couldn’t help them evolve anymore but it still could be used as Ye Lian and Shana’s food. So collecting gels was as important as Ling Mo getting food.

While controlling the zombies to move forward, Ling Mo made both of them follow him.

Ling Mo wasn’t really worried. From the current situation, he could tell that there should mainly be mutated zombies. They shouldn’t be able to see any advanced ones.

Even if there was, he had two of them with him….

But what Ling Mo didn’t know was that while he was going upstairs, a shadow flashed by on the second floor.

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