My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 123


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 123 – Attacked by a Senior

Inside the A1 building, there were shadows moving, sort of like mimes, quiet without any sound.

This type of atmosphere made it kind of creepy.

A zombie that was wandering in the classroom, with one of his arms dropped and the other one suspended on the side of the body, looked very ferocious.

Suddenly, it turned it’s head, stared at the dark hall with it’s red eyes, and dashed out like a hound.

However, while it’s body was disappearing into the darkness, a “bang” sound came out.

Ling Mo frowned at the body and wiped his sweat off his forehead.

Although he had two advanced zombies and 7 mutated zombies around him, he still felt that this A1 building was quite tough.

It’s easy to understand, there were just too many zombies and the environment was way too complicated.

Crossed hallways and lots of classrooms.

These styles of buildings were quite popular lately, because it could use the space effectively.

Students would get lost, not to mention Ling Mo.

The reason there were so many zombies in this section was also because of the building’s complex environment.

When the disaster happened, who would be able find the right direction in here?

If you paused, you would be caught and get infected or else die.

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The student’s unluckiness offered Ling Mo a perfect hunting field.

Although it was quite overwhelming but within more than one hour, Ling Mo had already killed more than ten zombies and had also gotten some gels, though the quality wasn’t that good, it’s still quite a lot.

This was already the fifth floor, the number of zombies was less than the other four floors. He believed that there were still one or two hundred zombies here.

The sounds of bodies dropping grabbed the attention of a zombie in a classroom, from it’s outfit one could tell that it used to be a teacher. White shirt and a skirt, with a collar that was ripped which made her reveal her breasts and a red laced bra. One of the heels on it’s shoes was broken making walk in a weird way.

“Body is fine, but that face looks busted..….”

Ling Mo sighed while manipulating a zombie to go on.

Normal zombies always seemed to look crazy, with their big eyes and mouth opened, the face looking twisted. Even this teacher with a hot body looked scary.

When the zombie looked at Ling Mo, the red eyes turned even brighter and it ran fast towards him.

But under Ling Mo’s control the mutated zombie had run in front of the teacher zombie and grabbed her arms. The other hand was grabbing her neck.

“Ka tsa!!!”

After the sound, the female zombie teacher stopped moving and slowly fell down.

“Mutated zombies really are strong.”

Ling Mo looked satisfied, with these seven zombies, Ling Mo didn’t really need to do anything.

There were some dangerous times, like when he was being surrounded by more than 10 zombies.

But with Ye Lian and Shana, it would turn into a bloody hell.

As advanced zombies, Ye Lian and Shana were desperate towards killing. After entering the building, Ye Lian and Shana stood at the front with excitement. If Ling Mo didn’t scold them, they might have dashed to the top by themselves.

Ling Mo grabbed Shana who was going to attack and said.

“You two are misbehaving yourselves, seems like last night’s punishment wasn’t enough, see how I will punish you two when we leave this place.”

Ye Lian wanted fight too, but after listening to what Ling Mo said, she stopped, but she couldn’t hide the desperation on her face.

This really bothered Ling Mo a lot since now they resemble more like humans but their instinct as a zombie was stronger.

Good thing was that they would still listen to him.

After the female zombie got defeated, more than ten zombies dashed out of the classroom, but all got blocked by Ling Mo’s mutated zombies and where then killed.

To Ling Mo’s surprise there was a mutated zombie that had evolved to a certain level.

Being blocked by the zombies from the front, the mutated zombie jumped on a table and then jumped on those zombies head.

The vertical leap was amazing, but it’s a shame that the height of classroom wasn’t that big to begin with. Distracted by Ling Mo’s tentacle, the unlucky zombie bumped to the roof of the floor and fell on the ground full of blood. The mutated zombie got ripped to pieces by Ling Mo’s puppets.

Ling Mo controlled the zombies to take out the gels and then give it to him.

“Nearly 20 of them, this could last for 20 days I guess.”

Previously, in order to let them evolve, Ling Mo tried to let them eat as much gels as they possible could, but right now gels were just food to them, so they don’t need to eat as much.

But if they had fought  too much, they would need more to restore their stamina.

It wasn’t easy to find a place where a lot of zombies gathered together like this, so Ling Mo decided to kill all the mutated zombies before leaving.

After killing all the zombies Ling Mo controlled the puppets to walk. Ye Lian and Shana walked towards the front with excitement.

Ling Mo was going to tell them to walk slower, but since they’ve been suppressing their need to fight for a while, if he didn’t let them even watch the fights, they might get upset.

Thinking to this point, Ling Mo smiled bitterly.

Suddenly at that moment, Ling Mo felt a chill on his back, as if he was being followed by someone.

“What’s going on?”

He stopped and looked back. But there were only zombie bodies in the dark hall.

“An Illusion?” Ling Mo was paranoid, because it felt very real, but if it was a zombie, it would have dashed out.

But if it’s a human, how could it possibly stay there safely and peep at me?

Probably just an illusion.

But just when Ling Mo turned his head, a dark shadow popped out and grabbed Ling Mo’s back collar.

Ling Mo was shocked, but before he could react, the shadow had pulled him into an office.

“Brother Ling!”

Ye Lian and Shana looked back. Although Ling Mo wasn’t fast enough to contact them with spirit connection, the sound still caught their attention.

The two advanced zombies dashed to the door, but the door was actually quite firm, so they couldn’t break it open.

The dark shadow was very fast and very strong, Ling Mo was pressed on a desk and couldn’t get loose.

Seeing the dark shadow’s face getting near him, Ling Mo kept shooting out his tentacles to stop it.

As the face was getting closer to him, Ling Mo could see how it looked like from the dim light.

Ling Mo was surprised.

“Li Ya Lin! Sister Li Ya Lin! ”                                     

Even though her hair blocked half of her face and her face was pale, Ling Mo could still recognize her.

She was an upperclassman in Ling Mo’s high school, a very arrogant yet excellent student.

But he didn’t have much contact with her. Afterwards he only heard that she went to X city university and chose to stay at school, but he never thought that he will meet her under this kind of situation.

Li Ya Ling’s eyes were rose red and cold.

Only advanced zombies look like this.

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