My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 124


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 124 – Don’t Do This

TL: So this chapter was a bit hard to translate since it was a lot of fighting scenes and explanations. Let me know if you don’t understand something.

Although it was kind of dark, but in such a close distance, Ling Mo could clearly see her facial features.

Although she was a senior from his high school, Ling Mo didn’t remember much about her.

That happens sometimes, even if you didn’t have much of a impression of someone, but once you saw them, you would remember them.

Especially in this type of situation.

Li Ya Ling had clear-cut facial features, looked like she was sorta mixed(TL: Mixed child if you don’t know what that means google it lol). Her skin looked pale white, probably because she wasn’t exposed under the sun for a long time. Her thin long eyes made her look very foxy.

She was also very tall, even taller than Ye Lian. From Ling Mo’s memory, she was a very arrogant girl.

But what she was like before had nothing to do with how she was like right now after she became an advanced zombie. Ling Mo could tell that based on Ye Lian and Shana.

Instead of recovering sanity, they had their own sanity as a zombie each time they evolved.

Although they have their human memories, but the way they think and deal with things were very different than humans.

Those were zombie instincts, they would have their human memory but with a zombie mindset.

Li Ya Ling was now pressing Ling Mo on to the desk, a strong smell of blood flowed to his nose, he didn’t feel happy at all with this reunion, instead he felt a bit upset!

Even though they had knew each other before, but this advanced zombie doesn’t know him now! She seemed to want to eat Ling Mo.

Ling Mo couldn’t tell when she had started to stalk them but he thought that Li Ya Ling decided to take action because she probably thought he was the weakest and he was finally separated when the zombie girls went ahead of him.

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As an advanced zombie she showed that she had a very high IQ, not only waiting for a good chance to launch an attack, but also grabbing Ling Mo into this closed space.

Right now Ye Lian and Shana were trying to break through the door, but Li Ya Ling didn’t seem to be bothered, she pressed Ling Mo on the desk and was preparing to eat him.

Ling Mo was much weaker than her in terms of strength but he at least had his puppet skills.

While using the tentacles to distract her, he put his hands on her towering breasts so she couldn’t keep pressing onto him.

The breasts were changing shapes under Ling Mo’s hands, but Ling Mo didn’t feel excited at all, because if he wasn’t careful now, he might be dead at anytime.

From Li Ya Ling’s bright spirit ball Ling Mo could tell that she was a very advanced zombie, nearly the same as Ye Lian. It wasn’t going to be easy for Ling Mo to control her.

It’s actually hard for Ling Mo to control an advanced zombie right now, because advanced zombies have high intelligence and wouldn’t be that easily controlled.

The reason why he could easily control Ye Lian and Shana was because he had already established a spirit connection with the two of them when they were both still mutated zombies.

When they evolved, the connection between them actually got even stronger.

Right now he didn’t even really need to control them because they were kind of merged together.

Li Ya Ling was different, this was the first time she had felt her mind getting invaded by the spirit tentacles, causing her to feel a stabbing pain which in turn made her have strong will to resist it.

From Ling Mo’s angle, Li Ya Ling’s bright spirit ball waved crazily, and the tentacle he had just used to grab the spirit ball in order to control her was immediately pushed away.

The stimulation made Li Ya Ling even crazier.

If Ling Mo didn’t fight hard, he might have been bit on the neck already.

Li Ya Ling seemed to be pissed. Although her hand was being held back by one of Ling Mo’s hands and her towering womanly parts were being grabbed tightly by Ling Mo’s other hand, as an advanced zombie, her way of attacking wouldn’t be that simple like normal zombies.

She lifted her legs and used her knees to press on to Ling Mo’s leg, the strong power gave Ling Mo a sudden chill, and his arms lost some of its strength.

Li Yan Ling seized the opportunity and pressed down, her face was practically next to Ling Mo’s face.

Seeing Ling Mo’s sharp nose in front of her, she tried to bite it!

“Damn it!! Don’t do this to me!!”

Ling Mo began having a headache. He immediately shot out his spirit tentacles and exploded his power, grabbed harder with his hands and lifted his legs to push her from the belly.

Li Ya Ling missed the bite, but she licked the tip of his nose and some of her saliva flowed down to his mouth.

Although he couldn’t completely control her yet, he could at least make her space out for a bit. After distracting her, he took the chance to push her off and got released from her grapple.

After breaking free he looked at the door immediately. Since he was attacked so suddenly, his knife had been knocked away from his grasp which made him only able to play on the defensive.

Li Ya Ling was dizzy for a bit, but got totally awaken after being pushed, she stared at Ling Mo with her red eyes.

They were standing in front of each other with less than 3 meters, the atmosphere became very intensive.

Ling Mo looked at her and then the knife on the floor thinking: “C’mon we are from the same school, how could you attack me?”

But she seemed to realize his intention, she moved quickly and was ready to take the knife.

Ling Mo was shocked! That’s fucking cheating! Without the knife, how am I supposed to fight her?

He shoot out his tentacles again to distract her again, her moves started stagnated, Ling Mo seized the opportunity and flew past her to take the knife.

This was actually a very dangerous move, if he was any bit slower or if he had hesitated, he would of been captured by Li Ya Ling!

Ling Mo’s decisive personality and ability to make quick decisions really helped him at this very crucial moment to take the knife.

At the same time Li Ya Ling pulled herself together again, but before she made any moves, Ling Mo had already turned around and slashed towards her neck.

But Li Ya Ling was a highly advanced zombie, even though Ling Mo was already very fast, but it was still a bit too slow in front of her.

Li Ya Ling stepped back, the knife cut through some of her hair and a thin layer of skin leaving a cut.

At the same time the door has finally been bumped open.

Ye Lian and Shana’s eyes were fully red already, the charged and slashed hard onto Li Ya Ling.

But the moment they got in, Li Ya Ling had already backed off. When they started to attack, she was already at the window and had decided to retreat by jumping out the window.

Jumping out the window again? Ling Mo was shocked, and dashed to the door, suddenly he paused.

Li Ya Ling actually jumped on an air conditioner first and them leaped towards a window at the bottom floor.

Only zombies had the courage to do something like this, from this he could tell that Li Ya Ling was already pretty smart.

They probably wouldn’t be fast enough to catch her, since she moves too fast and so far she’s the only advanced zombie so far that has the habit of hiding.

She probably won’t show up anymore since she almost got killed by Ling Mo.

Ling Mo still felt a bit scared, but he escaped after all. After this incident, he had no interest in hunting mutated zombies anymore.

“No need to go to the other building, we already have this many gels, time to leave this university” Ling Mo thought.

Shana and Ye Lian looked out, their eyes looked cold.

A zombie captured Ling Mo under their watch and locked them outside, this really awoke their bloodthirsty zombie instinct.

Right now standing beside them, Ling Mo felt a chill. Guess this is the so called murderous look.

“Are you ok Brother Ling?” Ye Lian looked down and then turned her head to look at him. She had look that flashed with a sign of caring.

Even though he wasn’t hurt, he still got a bit scared. This was the first time he really fought with his own body and nothing else. Usually he had his mutated zombies fight with him to help him in battle. This time it was all him.

First time actually fighting mutated zombies was actually a pretty good experience.

Thinking to this point he rubbed her head and said: “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Shana sniffed and nodded with relief: “Although there are some bloody smells, at least it’s not yours.”

Ling Mo felt a chill, he couldn’t believe that she still remembered how his blood smelled like.

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