My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 125


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 125 – Probably got eaten

After being defeated, Li Ya Ling didn’t come back, Ling Mo didn’t see her on the way back downstairs.

Advanced zombies were very strong, but even if they were strong, it wouldn’t be easy to attack Ling Mo anymore since he was now aware of how strong and intelligent they really were.

On the other hand it was also going be hard for Ling Mo, if he had wanted to capture Li Ya Ling in such a complex environment.

So after contemplating for some time, Ling Mo gave up on looking for her and took Ye Lian and Shana to leave the building.

Most of the mutated zombies in the building had already been killed by Ling Mo so he wasn’t really interested in the rest of them.

Although Lin Luanqui’s notes contained mainly the outline of the central area, she had a also noted a few paths to get out of the school area..

After doing some research on the map, they finally decided to leave the school area by heading to the front entrance of the school area.

To Ling Mo’s surprise, when Ye Lian had taken a look at the map, she said with some hesitation, “I think I remember this place and how to leave.”

“Really?” Ling Mo smiled with surprise.

Seems like Ye Lian was slowly recovering her memory. Her memories were probably being triggered while they were in this school area.

“Yes……..” Ye Lian looked up and nodded.

Ling Mo could tell based from Shana’s situation, that it actually didn’t really matter if Ye Lian recovered her memory or not.

Even if they recovered all their memory, they were still zombies, this fact wouldn’t change.

To Ling Mo, no matter what Ye Lian was right now, she was still that thoughtful and tender girl he knew.

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Ling Mo doesn’t wish for that memory of her to disappear.

With Ye Lian’s advice, they reached the front entrance immediately.

They were fast in reaching the front entrance due to the A1 building being located already close to the entrance of the school area. Not to mention they also had mutated zombies to help clear the way.

So even though there were zombies on the way, it didn’t cause any problems.

But controlling the mutated zombies to help clear the way, made Ling Mo use a lot of spirit power. When they had seen the front entrance from far away, Ling Mo’s hair was already wet and he had started to have waves of pain on his temples.

Due to controlling all these mutated zombies he became short of spirit power so after getting to the entrance and reaching a relatively safe area, Ling Mo let the two zombie girls kill all his puppets.

They’ve been waiting for this chance to kill for so long, both of them were really excited.

After killing them so easily as if they were cutting vegetables, Ling Mo got more zombie gels, the quality so far were pretty good.

“Seems like it is easier for mutated zombies to evolve from zombies but for advanced zombies to evolve from mutated ones it was much harder. Although there were over 30 thousand zombies in the area, I have only met three advanced zombies and I even know one of them.”

Even though X city university was really big, if you were active in this area for a long time, you would eventually bump into someone you know. Obviously you would only want to see survivors that you knew rather than someone who had became a zombie.

But the possibility of that would be really low since zombies were the majority in the school.

Li Ya Ling was the first zombie acquaintance that he met. As for Ye Lian it didn’t really count since he had intended to find her from the start.

It should of been a nice experience to see someone you haven’t seen for a long time, but that wasn’t the case for Ling Mo and Li Ya Ling.

Ling Mo didn’t hold back when he faced Li Ya Ling, if she had been just a bit slower, she would have became a headless zombie.

But Ling Mo thought that this outcome was fine too. Even though she was a zombie now, she was still someone he knew from the past so he actually didn’t bother thinking of taking it’s gel. This was also another reason why he didn’t bother trying to capture her.

Outside of the entrance was a wide path which used to be a very popular area. Besides the X city university, there was also a theater diagonally across the school.

There should also be a lot of zombies in there.

The three of them were standing at a secluded alley with zombie corpses all around them

“It’s sort of late now, let’s find a place to stay for the night.” Ling Mo said while putting the last gel into his pocket.

Ye Lian and Shana were wiping their knives. The current scene was looked really scary, there were even zombies that were cut in half. If Ling Mo wasn’t used to the smell of blood already, he might have already passed out.

Right before Ling Mo was going to say something, Shana suddenly said, “My knife isn’t going to work anymore now.”

Her voice seemed kind of weird, it looked as if she was sad but she didn’t know how express it.

Probably as a zombie, she didn’t have those type of emotions, but she still remembered that this knife was really important to her.

Ling Mo was shocked and looked at the knife. She had used the knife to block an attack so it got a cut on it. As the fights increased, the cut got larger and larger. It looked like it would break at any time.

It was a very good knife, but since it was used frequently and wasn’t well maintained it became what it was now.

Shana’s fighting strength would rapidly decrease if she loses her weapon.

The reason why she was so powerful was because her skills at using a knife was good especially after she had recovered her memories.

Ling Mo seemed a bit sad after seeing the knife.

Even though he remembered that there were still some knives at the Wang family knife store, they weren’t as great as her current one so it wouldn’t be worth the journey to go all the way there.

Shana looked at the cut on her knife and turned towards Ling Mo. “Let’s head to my house tomorrow and we can see if there’s any weapon suitable for you.

Oh yeah, Shana’s family should have those kinds of things at home as well. Ling Mo looked at his knife, it was actually a bit too short. It was fine if he used it to fight the zombies one by one, but the disadvantages would quickly be exposed when he became surrounded.

It was very risky for a human to fight zombies since just one little scratch from a zombie could cause an infection. Although Ling Mo had his spirit tentacles and a ton of experience, he was still actually always very careful when he fought with a zombie.

It would really help him if he had a better weapon.

Ye Lian had a really good weapon which seemed to be in good condition still so far.

“Where is your place? You have never mentioned it before.” Ling Mo asked.

Shana had a special look in her eyes. Even though she became a mutated zombie she didn’t feel sad when it came to talking about her family since zombies didn’t have emotional feelings. “At a small area on East Main street in Hundred Flower district.”

“Hundred Flower district?? Isn’t that kind of far?? I guess we will need to go since your weapon is almost broken.” Ling Mo nodded and then asked, “Did you go back before?”

“Obviously” Shana smiled at Ling Mo and then added, “Or did you think i brought my knife with me to school everyday?”

“Then in your home….” If Shana wasn’t already a zombie, Ling Mo definitely wouldn’t have asked her this but since she was right now and couldn’t feel sad, it didn’t matter if he asked or not.

After all the relationship Ling Mo and her had was different than the one Ling Mo had with Ye Lian. Ling Mo didn’t actually know much about Shana. They had only established their relationship after she had mutated.

Ling Mo didn’t really actually care about what had happened to her before but now he was interested.

Shana paused and then shook her head, “I’m not really sure, when i went back home nobody was there. There were also no corpses so probably…….”

“OK OK, if it’s like that then let’s go to your house tomorrow. It’s late now so lets find a place to stay.”

Ling Mo interrupted her because he didn’t want to hear the chance of her saying “probably they got eaten” with a cold voice.

While the three of them were talking, a tall shadow was standing behind a telephone pole staring at Ling Mo with it’s red eyes.

From the look of her eyes, she seemed to be a bit puzzled. At the same time her right hand was covering her neck to hide a cut that was there.

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