My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 126


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 126 – I know you


After opening the gate, Ling Mo slowly went through holding tightly on to his knife.

There weren’t a lot of homes nearby X city university, Ling Mo finally found a hotel when the sky was almost dark.

Just like some red light districts, the hotels here were provided for people from X city university to let them enjoy their “night”. There was several zombies in the alley near the hotel and there was even a female zombie with only a robe on her but the robe was already ripped so it couldn’t really hide anything.

When the female zombie charged towards him with a half naked body, Ling Mo couldn’t help but give her a weird look.

Ling Mo sighed, “I have never had a chance to see such big boobs up so close….”

Since the zombies were not coming towards him in groups, he could handle them easily without Ye Lian and Shana’s help.

Unfortunately the two zombie girls didn’t want to behave and so when they got the chance, they would run in front of Ling Mo and start fighting.

Sometimes when Ling Mo was fighting a zombie, they would come up to make the last hit in order to kill the zombie Ling Mo was about to kill.

Kill Stealing became Ye Lian and Shana’s interest, instead of just battling, they were also having fun.

After becoming advanced zombies, normal zombies were of no threat to them so it wasn’t weird for them to behave like this.

Ling Mo could only bitterly smile.

When they arrived at the hotel, Ling Mo went in first.

From his experience, there shouldn’t be a lot of zombies in the hotel because survivors wouldn’t go there in the first place and the zombies that were already there would have to go out to find other zombies to eat if they were hungry.

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“Ka tsa!”

Ling Mo had stepped on a piece of glass as he went in, making a loud crispy sound throughout the silent stairway.


A roar came out, a skinny zombie dashed out from the first floor with dirty things and blood covering it.

The zombie was aggressive but Ling Mo looked very calm. He released his spirit tentacles and the zombie became stupefied.

The moment the zombie paused, Ling Mo’s knife had already stabbed through its heart, he twisted his wrist and then killed it.

Ling Mo pulled out the knife and dodged the blood that came out of the body at the same time.

“Pu tong!!”, the zombie dropped to the ground, Ling Mo stepped over him and moved forward.

Ye Lian and Shana followed him and went up.

So it was just as Ling Mo had thought, it was relatively safe in here since that was the only zombie in the hotel.

While he was checking the hotel, he saw half of a dog’s corpse lying on the ground. The reason why it was only half was because there was only skin left. The flesh had completely disappeared from the corpse. Ling Mo predicted that it was eaten by the zombie that he had just killed.

Humans were usually a zombie’s number one choice for a meal. If they were starving, they would then resort to eating other living beings.

Ling Mo could tell from the rat that he saw before, small animals couldn’t handle the virus, even if they got infected, they would just die and turn rotten, so it wouldn’t harm the human race.

The dog proved Ling Mo’s theory which made him feel a bit relieved.

Although big animals were able to tolerate the virus, there weren’t many big animals in the big cities.

Even if there were some, they would most probably be hunted down by zombies to be eaten.

And for those that weren’t hunted and had survived, the amount of those animals would be so little that he shouldn’t even bother worrying about it.

On the hand, the evolution of the zombie race was extremely fast. Inside the huge X city university, there were already probably some zombies that had evolved further than an advanced zombie.

The intelligent advanced zombies were already very hard to defeat. Ling Mo can’t really imagine how hard it would be to defeat those zombies that were even more powerful than an advanced zombie.

Standing here just thinking about it didn’t help, the only thing he could do was prepare himself by improving his strength for himself and the zombie girls.

As long as they were strong enough, they wouldn’t need to worry about which kind of zombie they bumped into.

“This room looks interesting…”

Shana’s sound came from a room, Ling Mo followed the voice and went over. He became surprised when he went in.

Couldn’t believe that this small hotel had this kind of stuff.

A swing bed was in the room that had a wallpaper that contained roses and a picture of a boy and girl hugging each other.

After looking at the picture for some time, Ling Mo felt a sudden heat near his belly.

Seems like his desperation had reached a certain point. Just a small picture turned him on now. In the past even pornography was hard to turn him on….

Ling Mo coughed and was going to tell Shana to come out, but Ye Lian went in out of curiosity.

“Sister Ye Lian, come and sit here.” Shana grabbed Ye Lian and pushed her onto the swing bed.

The bed started to swing and shake, which gave her a pleasant time. And then….she didn’t want to come down.

This made Shana also curious and then both of them rolled together on the bed and turned the swing bed into a bed.

Ling Mo spent a bit of time to enjoy looking at this semi erotic scene. Unfortunately he had to check the hotel, so he had to leave them here and go on checking.

“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

After reminding them, Ling Mo took out his knife and headed to the third floor.

Although he was pretty sure that there were no more zombies here, but being careful was one of his key points in surviving.

From the experience of being attacked by Li Ya Ling, Ling Mo realized that if the zombies level was the same or higher than Ye Lian or Shana, the zombie girls wouldn’t be able to detect where that zombie was.

There could be also another explanation for this but so far he thinks this might be the most probable one.

These theories could only be proven after more experiences, but those experiences were the ones that Ling Mo would never wish to experience again.

While thinking, Ling Mo reached the third floor.

The third floor was a warehouse with a lot of paper boxes.

To Ling Mo’s surprise, there were a lot of things in the boxes. There were even some snacks, drinks and cigarettes. Most of them were still edible.

The hotel seemed to also have a storage office or else there wouldn’t be that much food.

“What good luck!!” Ling Mo excitedly took the food from the box. The food he had saved from school before was almost finished.

He was planning on collecting more food on the way to Shana’s home, but to his surprise, he didn’t think that he would find some over here. Since he found food already, he wouldn’t need to make a stop and could go directly to Shana’s house.

Although all production had been paused due to the apocalypse, the amount of survivors were less than zombies so currently it wasn’t really hard to find edible food in the city.

In order to find food though, one must have the ability to find it. Most survivors wouldn’t come to a place like this to find food.

Just when Ling Mo was stuffing the items into his bag, he somehow saw a shadow flash by.

Although it was just for a second, it freaked Ling Mo out, he immediately put down his bag, and stood up with his knife and turned to the direction where the shadow appeared.

In the extremely quiet warehouse, there was only the sound of the food he collected sliding on the floor.

“Who is it?”

Ling Mo roared with a low voice.

Although he didn’t actually see it properly, Ling Mo was sure that it wasn’t an illusion.

A survivor? No, there were zombies here, so there shouldn’t be any survivors here.

Nobody answered, he held on tighter to his knife and headed out.

The moment he walked out,  a person appeared at the door. The moment Ling Mo realized who it was he paused and thought

“God damn it, are you fucking following me for revenge?”

The one who was blocking the way at the door was the advanced zombie he had met at X city university, Li Ya Ling.

She was carrying a wooden stick this time.

Apparently after being defeated last time, she decided to bring a weapon.

This was such a smart zombie. She chose a time when he was all alone.

Ling Mo used his spirit connection to contact Ye Lian and Shana right away since there was definitely no way he could beat Li Ya Ling on his own.

Just when Ling Mo had started to look at her with caution, Li Ya Ling started to talk, “I……know…”.

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