My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 127


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 127 – Taste like Chicken


The words that came out of Li Ya Ling’s mouth shocked Ling Mo. What the fuck was going on?

The moment Ling Mo saw her, he had already became really cautious. He was prepared to have another close combat fight with this advanced zombie.

But never in his dream would he ever have thought that she would just suddenly talk under this kind of situation.

It didn’t seem like she was going to attack.

Unlike last time, Ling Mo was looking at her in a bright place so he could clearly see how she looked like right now.

She was wearing some sportswear, but it was so dirty that you couldn’t even tell what was the original color. Her hair was stuck together with blood which had already covered half of her face.

But due to her delicate face and tall body she didn’t look so scary. In fact, she could probably pass off as a female survivor.

If he didn’t almost get killed by her, Ling Mo might not have realized it.

“Maybe she is harmless…..”

“Oh hell no! What the fuck am i thinking!!! Bullshits she’s harmless!!! I almost just got eaten by her like a chicken leg. Maybe she would probably think I taste like chicken after she eats me.”

The memory of almost getting killed by her took Ling Mo back to reality. While cursing inside his head, he suspiciously looked at her.

Although she didn’t seem like she wanted to attack him, he still needed to be careful of her since she was an advanced zombie. Advanced zombies were extremely fast and agile.

It would make complete sense that Ling Mo knew Li Ya Ling since she was very popular at school, but it didn’t make any sense for Li Ya Ling to know about Ling Mo.

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After hearing what Li Ya Ling said, Ling Mo’s first thought was, “Is this bullshit?

But on second thought, Li Ya Ling was famous for her three “highs”, which were high body(tall), high IQ, and high standards.

Maybe she saw him once and had remembered him.

But it looks like she only knew that she knows him, but she doesn’t know his name or anything about him, so she might not even know how close they were before.

In other words, she only had a tiny memory about Ling Mo.

Too bad no matter how smart she was in the past, she would need to restart everything once she became a zombie.

Ordinary zombies were basically just like Embryos without any consciousness. It was just that these “Embryos” were so strong that they could possibly destroy the human race. Of course this was only regarding towards strength, speed, and power. Humans obviously would still have different ways of surviving as long as they weren’t retarded.

If humans couldn’t use strength, speed, or power to defeat them, then their only other choice was to use the environment or weapons to defeat the zombies.

As for mutated zombies, they were like the embryos that had started to bud and after evolving to an advanced zombie, that was when they had the ability to think.

Based on the current situation right now, Li Ya Ling had already evolved to an advanced zombie and also had recovered some of her memory from the time she was a human.

She might have of remembered something when she attacked Ling Mo.

Ling Mo thought that this might be the reason why she was after him instead of her wanting to eat him.

After all he was just a human. Human flesh for advanced zombies weren’t that tasty as mutated zombies.

I wouldn’t taste so good that a advanced zombie would want to come after me that bad…. Ling Mo seriously thought.

But this time she was smarter. Instead of attacking him immediately, she was instead in a defensive position.

Apparently she was afraid of Ye Lian and Shana showing up so she chose to only show up when Ling Mo was on his own.

Li Ya Ling could definitely win if it’s one on one, but if the two zombie girls were there to help, it wouldn’t be hard for Ling Mo to kill her.

While talking to Ling Mo, Li Ya Ling had been blocking the door with a wooden stick in a defensive position.

She somehow saw Ling Mo’s short knife and frowned.

That was the knife that had almost killed her, seeing it the second time made her nervous.

“I remember you….” Li Ya Ling looked at Ling Mo and slowly squeezed out the words.

She either never talked after evolving or she didn’t recover enough memory so it took her a long time to talk. Ling Mo became a bit impatient after listening to her.

Ling Mo felt a bit more relaxed though since she wasn’t going eat him, he didn’t need to be scared.

“Do you remember who you are?” Ling Mo thought and asked.

Li Ya Ling looked confused and then she shook her head and scratched her head: “Li…..”

“Ya Ling, Li Ya Ling. Remember?” Ling Mo sighed and kept asking.

After hinting by Ling Mo, Li Ya Ling suddenly realized: “Yes, Li Ya Ling…..It’s….me” and then she looked at Ling Mo suspiciously and asked: “I don’t …remember your…your…”

“It’s OK, I know what you were going to say. You don’t know my name. That is normal because we weren’t even close in the past.”

Ling felt a bit frustrated with the language obstacle. If she had more time to communicate with people, she might of talked a lot better.

But as a advanced zombie, she probably killed anyone she saw so that was unlikely.

The reason why she could talk with Ling Mo was because she somehow remembered him and she was also kind of afraid of him.

After listening to what Ling Mo said, she became silent. But you could tell from her eyes that after recovering some of her memories, she became very curious.

Of course she was also very curious about this Ling Mo in front of her.


But right at this moment, she suddenly turned her head!

Two people appeared, which caught her by surprise.

Even though she quickly reacted to the attack and used her stick to block the attack, but how the hell could a wooden stick block a knife.

The lack of common sense was the advanced zombies biggest disadvantage. The wooden stick was broken and two cold beams of light slashed towards her head.

Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy to kill an advanced zombie. Even though the weapon couldn’t block the attack, she quickly used her nails on the wall to make herself leap in order to dodge the attack.


The wall was pulled down by Li Ya Ling, making the warehouse become full of white dust.

This scene completely shocked Ling Mo. He had been trying to buy more time until the both of them came in order to attack Li Ya Ling, but he didn’t realize she was so powerful.

Based on what just happened, she was even more advanced than Ye Lian.

“That’s fucking overpowered” Ling Mo looked at the place that used to have a wall with disbelief.

Based on the finger holes on the walls, probably only the two zombies in Peace theater could probably fight her in terms of strength.

More importantly, she was fast, and she also showed high intelligence since most advanced zombies wouldn’t think of this way to dodge an attack.

Li Ya Ling seemed pissed, but after Ye Lian and Shana missed their attack, they cornered her to the other wall immediately.

Ling Mo was holding on to his knife with his spirit tentacles ready.

Although one of the reasons he was talking to her was to reminisce, but the main reason was to buy time.

Even though Li Ya Ling was fast, it was still hard to defeat two others by herself.

When she was going to charge, Ling Mo’s tentacle affected her.

Although it only lasted for less than one second, it was enough for Ye Lian and Shana.


Shana quickly used her knife handle to hit Li Ya Ling’s head from the back, making her pass out instantly.

This powerful zombie has been captured!

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