My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 128


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 128 – You’re a Girl, Don’t Always Try to Take Other People’s Brain Away!

Seeing that Li Ya Ling was knocked out, Ling Mo rubbed his hands and went over to see how she was.

Shana didn’t hold back at all. Although she had used the knife handle to hit her, she had used it with a lot of force making Li Ya Ling’s head bleed. It was no wonder that she didn’t even have the time to struggle before passing out.

Ling Mo was kneeling beside Li Ya Ling when suddenly, Shana’s knife flashed in front of Ling Mo’s eyes. She was using the knife to point at Li Ya Ling’s brain and said “Let me dig into her brain.”

“You’re a girl, stop being so needy and trying to get other people’s brain all the time….”

Ling Mo pushed away Shana’s knife and then started to search Li Ya Ling’s body.

Ye Lian looked at Ling Mo with curiosity and asked, “What are you doing Brother Ling?”

“I’m checking to see what she has on her. Here it is..” Ling Mo answered.

Ling Mo found a wallet from her pocket and then opened it. There was a ID card , a X city university work permit, and several bank cards.

Everything was covered with blood stains. Apparently she had taken them out look at it when she had recovered some of her memories. She didn’t throw them away.

But it seems like she didn’t know that the person on the ID card was herself, or that she had no ideas what the words on card meant.

Who knew what she knew……

For some reason, Ling Mo felt a bit sad after seeing these things.

As a ordinary zombie, they would just only wander on around the streets in search for food. But for advanced zombies, they would recover a bit of their memory and most probably start wondering, “Who am I?”

This actually makes perfect sense since if a person really lost their memory, the first thing they would want to know after being conscious is to figure out who they were. Although advanced zombies think a bit differently than humans, they would also be a bit curious about themselves.

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Ye Lian and Shana didn’t have this kind of problem since Ling Mo was around to remind them. As for the two Advanced zombies from Peace theater, no one knows if they really cared about their previous selfs or not.

Li Ya Ling was by far the smartest advanced zombie Ling Mo has ever seen. She was very eager to gain self-consciousness and she saw the hope of getting her questions answered through Ling Mo.

Although it was quite ridiculous for a human to sympathize with a zombie, Ling Mo was always with zombies so they way he thought about zombies was a bit different than other people.

Most people would regard zombies as cruel beings, but from Ling Mo’s perspective, they were just a brand new race to him. It was just that this brand new race was at higher level in the food chain than humans.

Ling Mo found a picture from the wallet, and he felt extremely surprised.

The picture was taken in a place right outside the classroom Ling Mo used to be in. Li Ya Ling was standing with a girl in the picture. There was also a ordinary boy walking out of the classroom, that boy was Ling Mo. No wonder she had an impression of him.

There wasn’t any big changes towards Ling Mo’s looks, he only just looked a little bit more mature now.

Ling Mo sighed: “What a coincidence….”

Ling Mo was hesitant on how to deal with Li Ya Ling now. She wasn’t going to get up anytime soon.

After all he knew her, so Ling Mo wasn’t ruthless enough to dig into her brain.

Plus, the reason for her coming here wasn’t for her to eat him.

Ling Mo started to think that life would be much easier if he could just control her as his zombie puppet.

But with his current ability right now, there would be a possibility of two worst case scenarios.

One would be where Ling Mo gets completely exhausted and risk losing the control of Ye Lian and Shana.

The other possibility would be where Li Ya Ling loses her ability to think and becomes an idiot.

But hey… it’s worth a try since she is already passed out.

So Ling Mo decided to try and control Li Ya Ling.

It wasn’t Ling Mo’s style to just leave her there.

Who knew if she would try to cause him any problems after she woke up.

Although she wasn’t thinking about eating Ling Mo before, she might hold grudge still since she was knocked out.

“That brain….” Shana held on to her knife and stared at Li Ya Ling’s head with her red eyes.

“Could we like stop thinking about that brain right now? Let me do something first.” Ling Mo said with resignation.

After shooting out his spirit tentacles, the way Li Ya Ling looked, changed.

Her bright spirit ball looked a bit blurry but Ling Mo could tell from it that she recovered a lot of her consciousness.

But the spirit waves seemed to be a bit weaker after she had passed out. He could really give it a try now and try to control her.

Ling Mo carefully moved his spirit tentacles to reach Li Ya Ling’s spirit ball and then carefully looked for a weaker part of the ball so he could break into it.

There was only one chance to do this!!

Ling Mo was completely immersed with concentration, the spirit tentacles were like antennas, looking for the best opportunity.

Bouncing back….bouncing back…..

Li Ya Ling’s conscious was fighting back deep inside, giving Ling Mo a very hard time. After just one minute, Ling Mo had sweat all over his body.

Ye Lian and Shana felt worried because they didn’t know what was going on and that Ling Mo’s face had all of a sudden started to turn pale and covered in sweat.

Ye Lian hesitated and wiped out his sweat for him.

Ling Mo felt like his temples were almost about to explode after a few minutes. The immense pain made him feel like the skin from his head was being peeled off.

Ironically, this made Ling Mo want it even more.

If he couldn’t even control a zombie that had passed out, what was the point of him practicing previously. If he failed now it meant that all his previous efforts of training himself was useless.

Ling Mo was not the type to give up!

In the beginning Ling Mo was thinking of digging her brain out if it didn’t work, but after realizing that it was so challenging, his competitiveness rose, and he really wanted to be able to control her. He wanted to win.

If there are no weaknesses, I will just have to look harder for one.

Ling Mo was totally in the zone now, in his eyes and mind, there was only the spirit ball.

Although he was in high spirits, he still had to be very careful while he was using his tentacles.

This was Ling Mo’s strongest trait. He was always still very careful even when he was excited or amped up.

The apocalypse forced him to be always on his toes and cautious of everything. But after attaining his super powers, it pushed him to take risks.

After about ten minutes, he had finally found a gap where he could enter into the spirit ball.

Ling Mo immediately used the spirit tentacles to enter the gap in order to enter the ball.

When the tentacles entered, Li Ya Ling kept resisting.

A couple of minutes flew by before Ling Mo finally exhaled and let go before sitting on the ground.

Ye Lian and Shana helped him up and wiped his sweat.

“Are you OK Brother Ling?” asked Shana. even though she was usually cruel, she still cared about Ling Mo.

Ye Lian also looked a bit worried because she had never seen Ling Mo with such a pale face.

Ling Mo had actually almost passed out, controlling an advanced zombie was really hard.

But the benefit for succeeding was a very powerful helper since Li Ya Ling was strong.

This was also a good chance to test himself to see how good he currently was. Although it was quite risky, it pushed him to reach another level.

Of course he didn’t have time to think about this since now all he wanted to do was sleep.

After Li Ya Ling wakes up from being knocked out, she would realize that she had a connection with him.

Once the connection was established, it would be very risky for her to break the connection since could hurt her ability to think making her stupid.

But it would be a entirely different story if Ling Mo was too tired.

After helping Ling Mo up, Shana looked at Li Ya Ling.

The second Ling Mo took control of Li Ya Ling, Shana and Ye Lian felt something familiar about her.

“What do we do with her?” Shana asked.

Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and said, “Anything as long as you don’t dig her brains….”

“Oh….” Shana’s tone of voice seemed peaceful, but the way she looked at Li Ya Ling was a bit creepy.

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