My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 129


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 129 – The Scene in the Bathroom

“What a headache….”

It was already midnight when Ling Mo woke up. He slightly shook his dizzy head and sat up.

He almost fell off the swing bed while it was shaking.

“What a shitty bed….” He held on the rope and jumped off the bed.

He used the moonlight to look for his socks and shoes.

He could feel that the other three zombies were in the other room with his spirit connection.

He wanted to change his point of view and see if the girls were at peace with each other, but he had used too much power in controlling Li Ya Ling before and began to feel a bit dizzy so he gave up.

“Those two girls wouldn’t be doing something stupid…would they?”

Although he could feel that Ye Lian and Shana were hostile to Li Ya Ling, they were indirectly connected to each other so they shouldn’t be fighting.

They were hostile due to Li Ya Ling dragging Ling Mo away under their watch before. Advanced zombies already have their own emotional feelings, especially when it came to love and hate.

This was also one of the reasons why Shana had wanted to dig her brain out.

Ling Mo had to rest after making the connection, so he was pretty sure Li Ya Ling’s head injury hadn’t been treated.

Advanced zombies already heal pretty fast, but since it was on the back of the head near the brain, Ling Mo thought that he should at least check out the wound since he was awake.

Ling Mo took out a sterilized medical ointment from his bad and then walked out of the room.

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The room on the other side was opened, apparently they weren’t afraid of ordinary zombies walking in.

When Ling Mo went in he suddenly had a feeling, “Why am I the weakest among all of them?

This was definitely not okay. Ye Lian and Shana are girls I’m going dominate in the future. I should be on top. If I’m not strong enough, I will be at the bottom instead.”

As for Li Ya Ling, Ling Mo only sees her as a powerful puppet, nothing more.

When he went inside the room, Ling Mo didn’t see anyone at all. Just when he was trying to figure out why, he heard something coming from the bathroom.

“What the hell is going on?”

Ling Mo rubbed his temples, approached the bathroom and opened the door.

Although this hotel was pretty remote, it probably still made a lot of money since the interior design was pretty good. The bathroom was huge and the design setting was romantic. There was a sink in front of the door and a glass wall.

The glass wall was transparent, so your vision wouldn’t be blocked making it a bit interesting.

Although this place was very dark at that moment, Ling Mo was already used to the dark by now, he could see some of the things that was in here.

But Ling Mo was in for a surprise the moment he opened the door.

Behind the glass wall were three white shadows of different body types, but all of them had their own good traits.

After evolving to advanced zombies, their bodies became somewhat hot and seductive.

They didn’t have muscles but instead had tight thighs and curvy bodies that contained a wild sexiness.

All three of them had different features. One of them was tall and skinny, that’s apparently Ye Lian. The other one had a flat chest…….

The one that had a chest so flat like a airstrip would be Shana of course.

Although it wasn’t that big, it still had potential since he could rub it big.

To Ling Mo’s surprise, his senior classman was actually pretty hot. Since she was tall, she looked pretty much like a model.

She was facing him with her back, with her long hair tied which revealed her beautiful neck. Ling Mo just glanced at it, but he had saw a dark colored scar.

It must have been a really deep wound or else that scare wouldn’t have looked like that. But the scar looked a bit weird at first. After taking a clearer look at it, he felt that this scar looked like a bite mark.

Was she infected by being bitten? That kind of makes sense….

Before he could ponder any more on this, another nose bleeding scene appeared.

The girls seemed to have been searching all over the place for water to take a shower. It seemed like Li Ya Ling hadn’t woken up yet, but she was totally naked in here. Seemed like she was undressed while she was unconscious and taken in here.

Right now her arms were each grabbed by Ye Lian and Shana. They were using a towel to wipe her like how Ling Mo used to wipe them in order to clean their bodies.

Ling Mo had done this many times, but he had never done what Shana was going to do next.

She started to wipe her sensitive part heavily.

Apparently zombies actually have a reaction down there because after rubbing it for a while, Li Ya Ling started to frown and make weird noises, “OOhhh….”

This hurtful yet also joyful sound turned Ling Mo’s face beet red, but at this moment Shana looked at Li Ya Ling and asked, “What’s wrong with her?”

Ye Lian looked puzzled and shook her head, “I don’t know, maybe her wound hurts???”

“It shouldn’t hurt, I didn’t break any bones in her head.” Shana replied with annoyance. Seemed like she didn’t give a damn whether or not her bones were broken.

The two of them already realized that Ling Mo had appeared, but they weren’t surprised.

They were already used to Ling Mo being there when they were naked since Ling Mo used to clean them as well as change them.

“Brother Ling, you’re awake?” asked Shana as she turned her head. Then she added, “She’s too dirty, so i thought of changing her but then i found out her body was dirty too so i found some water to wash her.”

Ling Mo thought, “You were rubbing too hard.”

But how could Shana know that. She might of known that before she mutated, but the current her was an advanced zombie.

“Help her change after cleaning her. Why are the two of you torturing her when she’s not even awake yet.” Ling Mo said with resignation.

Shana’s red eyes under dark looked really evil. She simply raised the corner of her mouth and revealed her snow white teeth, “If she woke up, you wouldn’t have let me done anything….”

Ling Mo paused and felt that something was not right and asked, “What did you do to her Shana?”

“Something fun….” Even though it was dark and quite blurry, Ling Mo could still see the mischievous smile on her face.

It wouldn’t be anything good if it entertains Shana.

Ling Mo though, “Oh god please…. I have finally just taken her down and can control her…Please I’m begging you don’t break her already….”

Li Ya Ling was very unlucky since she still hadn’t woken up yet. If she was awake at least she could go one on one with either Shana or Ye Lian and still end up with the upper hand.

But since she was passed out right now, she couldn’t resist anything that was done to her by Shana and Ye Lian.

After hearing Ling Mo’s question, Shana took away the towel and poured water on Li Ya Ling.

The water soaked both Li Ya Ling and Ye Lian. Li Ya Ling woke up immediately at the same time.

When she opened her red eyes which glistened in the dark, the eyes showed alertness with some puzzlement.


She tried to shake her body but was unable to get loose from Ye Lian’s grip. She could only look at Shana with concern.

Although she had woken up, she hadn’t fully recovered her strength.

Shana sneered at her and then stuffed the towel in her mouth while Ye Lian also let go of her.

“Wipe it yourself.”

Ye Lian and Shana seemed to have finished washing so they quickly changed while Li Ya Ling on the other hand just stood there surprised with the towel.

Her mindset seemed to have changed but she couldn’t tell why. It was until she saw Ling Mo standing at the door, when she realized why it was weird.

As an advanced zombie, instead of having the intention of killing him, she instead felt intimacy towards him.


Although Li Ya Ling was smart, this was something totally above her understanding. She could only look at Ling Mo for clues.

Ling Mo wasn’t going to tell her anything.

He finally knew what Shana had done to her. Currently all his attention was towards her face. He didn’t want to look any lower in case Li Ya Ling figured it out.

“Hmmm, wash your face, you can’t see anyone like this….and……uhh….nvm…”

Ling Mo just couldn’t help looking at her important part, because Shana made it too obvious….

How many naughty things were in Shana’s head? After seeing the shaver on the toilet lid and some hair, something came to Ling Mo’s mind.

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