My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 13


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 13 – A Dragger should behave like a Dragger

In terms of the situation where Ling Mo and Ye Lian were staying, with Lu Xin as the previous example, other people did not dare to complain again.

But from how most people are deliberately avoiding eye contacts, Ling Mo could see that they were really afraid of him. Even though Shana is strong, but she never acted against Ling Mo. Maybe they finally realized at the moment when Ling Mo grabbed Lu Xin, it would be better to stay put in front of him.

And just like the effect Ling Mo wanted to achieve, although his only slapped on Lu Xin’s face, but in reality the rest of the disgruntled people also felt that burning pain on their face.

As for Lu Xin, as soon as he heard that Ling Mo is actually staying, he immediately fled into the room, afraid to show his face again.

Ling Mo did not think he overreacted, this is actually a world without order, since he has the strength, then he will not allow others to insult him!

“Everyone remember those teachers and students who stayed back at the school?” Liu Yu Hao arranged Ling Mo to sit on the sofa, then excitingly said to those people, “big brother Ling already agreed to help Shana and I to find them!”

Everyone all froze for a moment, instantly looked at Ling Mo with mixed feelings.

The female junior high school student from before hesitantly spoke: “ There are a lot of zombies over there…..”

The implication, obviously is that the success rate of this operation is extremely low. And in other people’s eyes, you could see skepticism.

“I have already told you guys before, I must go back to find them. If it wasn’t for them, you guys would have already be turned into leftovers inside zombies’ stomach.” Compared to Liu Yu Hao, Shana is not only more direct, but also blunt.

If it wasn’t for that she looked like a clingy little sister because of how she was holding Ye Lian’s hand, she really behaved like a boss….


At this time, a man in glasses who sat on the left of Ling Mo suddenly spoke: “if so, then let’s all go together. Shana is right, they are probably still alive and waiting for us to pick them up. It would be too selfish for us to just walk away like this. How about it, can you take us?”

As soon as his voice fell, everyone’s face became somewhat unpleasant, but strangely no one objected.

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“No way!” Not waiting for Shana and Liu Yu Hao to speak, Ling Mo said promptly.

The man in glasses did not seem to be angry when his proposal was rejected, he only turned to Ling Mo and asked: “Why?”

“You all do not have the ability to fight, and we will be too big of a target if the whole group goes.”

Getting blackmailed and extorted by Shana is all right after all, but being a babysitter for these group of people, Ling Mo is not nice enough to do something like that. Although the man in glasses worded everything nicely, but Ling Mo felt that they wanted to follow them just because of their lack of sense of security, and it can be seen from their reaction.

The Third High School is quiet far from here, it would be no problem if all those people were killed. But if there are survivors, then it would take a few days for Shana and the boy to come back. After all, going through those crowded zombie areas is not a simple matter.

Of course, these people do not have any pressure, they just need to play their role as a good liability.

“But there is not enough food to eat!” The man who previously echoed in agreement with Lu Xin suddenly opened his mouth and bitterly said, and it is equivalent to confirming Ling Mo’s previous speculation.

“That’s right, we never thought to meet big brother Ling today, so we did not prepare enough food for him in advance….”

Liu Yu Hao patted his own head, then turned to look at Ling Mo pleadingly.

“Well, you do not have to take care of their life and death, you just need to help us in times of crisis, would it be alright then?” Shana thought for a little, suddenly said to Ling Mo.

As soon as she said, everyone’s face became somewhat subtle. They probably all knew about their own position, but it was probably the first time been clearly pointed out in the public, which is inevitable embarrassing.

In fact, it’s because they know that they are a burden, so they would be dissatisfied with Ling Mo’s appearance. Regardless if Ling Mo is the same as them in terms of being a burden, or with some ability, for these people who likes to form cliquey, Ling Mo and Ye Lian are all “foreign invaders.”

As for Shana and Liu Yu Hao, the two are like hosts in these people’s eyes, they might take full advantage of those two and make sure they are the only benefactor.

But leeches should consciously behave like leeches, once the host makes a statement, they could only endure even if they are dissatisfied in their hearts.

Since Shana already said it, no one else said anything and Ling Mo just nodded in agreement, “Okay.”

“Great, Shana, you don’t have to worry, just give us weapons and we will try to protect ourselves.” Glasses man showed a hint of smile of joy and said.

But from the other people’s completed expression, that would probably not be the case.

Everyone then discussed the details for another moment, and then Liu Yu Hao took out the food from the backpack, ate a simple meal while sitting together with the group.

The food they looted from the city could barely fill people’s hunger, rather, Ling Mo’s food in his backpack were a lot better regardless of it being in terms of taste or calories. It’s pretty normal, there are a lot of more zombies in the urban area and a lot more survivors, so all kinds of supermarket probably have been through several rummages…

But Ling Mo does not intend to take it out and share…..

“Hm, big sister, you will not eat?” Shana handed Ye Lian half a pack of instant noodles, but found Ye Lian completely unresponsive.

“ Big Sister, are you in a bad mood?”

Although Shana did not seem to notice, but Liu Yu Hao felt a sense of coldness from Ye Lian’s eyes, he could not help but to ask tentatively.

“No, she just does not interact much with strangers.” Ling Mo suddenly felt a headache because of all sorts of things that could go wrong if this conversation continues, so they quickly interrupted their questioning.

“Big sister, let’s sleep together tonight.” Shana suddenly proposed, “Ling Mo, you sleep together with Liu Yu Hao. Boys live there, and we girls lives on the opposite.”

She pointed to the opposite direction as she said.

Even though Ling Mo wanted to refuse, but when his eyes swept through Shana and several other girls, he could not help but nodded for some mysterious reason, “All right.” It’s not far anyways, Ye Lian won’t be out of control. Ever since his mental strength increased, there is a significant growth in terms of distance.

“Huh…?” Ling Mo’s quick response surprised Shana, but this changed her views about Ling Mo slightly.

After the outbreak of the disaster, all recreational activities are basically gone. After dinner, although the sky just became dark, everyone all returned to their rooms silently to rest.

Shana also took Ye Lian and went to the opposite room with several other girls, while Ling Mo maintains the spiritual contact with Ye Lian, he would be sleeping alone on a single bed under Liu Yu Hao’s arrangement.

This is like special treatment, after all he will help Shana and these people towards The Third High School, and with his fighting ability, even though he chooses to help selectively, it would have special significance to Shana and her people.

But no one expected that when Ling Mo slept on the single bed and closed his eyes to rest, his perspective had already switched over to Ye Lian’ body.

“ Leaving Ye Lian be with you guys alone, I cannot but help to worry, must pay attention….” (TL: pervert alert)

Ling Mo said secretly in his heart.

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