My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 130


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 130 – The Gun Shots

After one night of rest, Ling Mo had fully recovered his strength.

Li Ya Ling on the other hand looked really tired.

This was because she hadn’t fully recovered from her injury. Even advanced zombies needed some time to recover after being hit on the head.

Their recovery speed was fast, but it didn’t mean it was instant.

The smell of blood that was on her had disappeared after being cleaned by Ye Lian and Shana. She also had changed her clothes.

But all the clothes that Ling Mo had brought were just too small. They were really tight on Li Ya Ling, making expose her hot body.

Her eyes didn’t look red anymore after being controlled by Ling Mo. Ling Mo believed that she could be more human once their connection got more closer.

Ling Mo also noticed that she was walking in a weird way.

Was it because her hair was shaved off down there or was it because Shana had accidentally cut her skin when she was shaving it.

Unfortunately Ling Mo would never know since he wasn’t going to ask, just in case she took his words wrong and thought of it as some sort of “encouragement”.

At least Ye Lian didn’t have these naughty ideas, but since her connection to Shana was really close, Ling Mo also had to stop her as well otherwise she would always be on Shana’s side.

Ling Ya Ling was a bit isolated right now but she was still behaving herself.

Ling Mo packed all the food from the hotel and then they started to head towards Shana’s house.

While walking down the stairs, Ling Mo turned his head to Shana and said, “Lead the way.”

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Shana tilted her head and started to think before she said, “I only remember a little bit on how to get there from the Hundred Flower district, but I don’t know how to get there from here since I have never been here before.

“That should be good enough, then we just need to find a way to the Hundred Flower district.”

It was impossible to remember all the roads in such a big city. Even Ling Mo couldn’t do that. He was usually at the suburbs area, so he wasn’t really familiar as Shana was about the city area.

As for Ye Lian, after asking her several questions, he could tell that she was completely useless since she had zero knowledge about the city area.

Ling Mo hopelessly looked at Li Ya Ling and asked, “How about you? Do you know how to get to the Hundred Flower District?”

Li Ya Ling still seemed to be really dizzy, probably because she was still trying to process the fact that she was being controlled by Ling Mo. After hearing what he had asked, she hesitated a bit and slightly shook her head before saying, “I don’t really remember much…..just a little bit.”

“You can think of everything you need to say to me first and then tell me after.”

Talking with her was a bit frustrating but at least Ling Mo felt lucky.

There was at least one person who knew how to get there.

Although Shana didn’t know the exact way, it was still good enough for Ling Mo since her memory would be more useful after they reached the district.

The moment they went out of the alley and reached the road, Ling Mo saw a scene that gave him a terrible headache. There were just way too many zombies over here.

The entire road was filled with zombies, thousands of zombies were just wandering around.

There were also a lot of abandoned cars, some of them even containing traces of explosions.

A store’s display window had been driven through by a high end car. It made one wonder if the driver of the car had mutated or escaped.

The piece of cloth with lots of blood stains on the rear window would really shock most people. It basically painted an image of people being pulled out of the car and then torn apart.

Fortunately, this was something Ling Mo was already used to seeing.

“How could anyone possibly find a way out in front of that many zombies?”

Ling Mo was having a headache. Although he had advanced zombies with him, if still tried to go past the huge crowd of zombies, he was good as dead.

“It would’ve been great if there were some tools lying around…”

While Ling Mo was still thinking, a black smoke started to come out from somewhere very far.

“A Survivor?” Ling Mo hid behind a wall and before trying to look at the direction where the smoke had come from.

The other three advanced zombies just decided to stand there by the entrance as advanced zombies, they had their pride, they would not hide. As long as the zombies didn’t see Ling Mo, they wouldn’t dare to think of coming here.

“What is that?” Shana asked.

Ye Lian also looked towards the direction of the black smoke with curiosity before turning to Ling Mo to wait for his answer.

“I don’t know, it’s not like i have powers that can let me see a thousand miles ahead or a telescope.” Being relied on felt great, but unfortunately this time, he could only say he didn’t know.


Just when Ling Mo had finished talking, a loud noise came out!

It was like a bomb had exploded in the silent road.

Ling Mo became dazed for a split second before cursing, “FUCK!”

He immediately went in the store through the gap that was made by the high end car when it had driven through the display window.

The zombies immediately found out what was wrong her and dashed towards them.

But with the three advanced zombies standing there, they got killed immediately before even reaching near the door.

At the same time, other zombies had also gotten attracted by the sound. Just when Ling Mo had entered the store, a bunch of zombies landed from the sky.

These zombies were the ones that were wandering around on top and had come down when they heard the noise.

Even though these brainless zombies were strong and had great recovery, when they decided to jump off from a floor too high, they didn’t make it and instead became a puddle of flesh and bones. Afterwards there were a lot of “banging” sounds which had begun to make Ling Mo’s head hurt.

He decided to look through the gap and saw that the zombies had all turned towards the direction of where the sounds were coming from and had all dashed towards that place!

The scene looked incredible with thousands of zombies running together to specific area.

A lot of zombies ran on top of the abandoned cars extremely fast.

Obviously there were a lot of different types of zombies running so some of them got killed on the way. A younger zombie was stepped on when another zombie had jumped on the car making blood splash out.

Some of the other zombies had gotten attracted by the smell of blood and started to tear apart the body leaving only bones left.

The three advanced zombies had already backed away towards the door and had also leaned on the wall. Even advanced zombies would feel the need to hide a bit in front of so many zombies.

If there was only one sound, the zombies would have just kept wandering due to losing track of the target.

To Ling Mo’s surprise, they started to slow down, yet the sounds of a gun kept coming out!


Ling Mo thought that if it’s a gun then it must not be an ordinary survivor.

“Could it be a rescue team?” Ling Mo thought curiously.

But Ling Mo immediately felt a huge sense of disapproval because if it was a rescue team, what they were doing wasn’t saving anyone. They might be even risking themselves.

Using guns in this area was basically committing suicide.

Once the sound of the gun came out again, the zombies all started to run towards that direction again.

The rest of the zombies were either eating zombie corpses or they were unable to move since their legs had gotten disabled in the process.

When the gunshots had finally stopped, the zombies had all headed towards the directions of the sound.

“This had actually helped me.”

Seeing the zombies being led so far away, Ling Mo came out from the store.

The three advanced zombies looked very interested making Ling Mo also look interested.

There must be a lot of supplies if it was a rescue team. Even though he wasn’t really interested in guns, other weapons would be nice as well.

Ling Mo wasn’t hoping for them to die, but he knew the possibility of them surviving was nearly zero due to the amount of zombies.

“Should I go? Maybe there’s a chance that we get something good….”

Ling Mo was very tempted, he looked at the three girls and decided to take out his knife.

“It’s worth a shot to get good stuff! Let’s go!”

Shana was really excited after Ling Mo made that decision. She was so excited that she licked her lips and said, “There might be a lot of humans, since there were so many zombies gathering over there! It must be interesting right?”

Ye Lian agreed with her.

Even Li Ya Ling’s eyes had turned red, looking extremely interested in it.

Ling Mo grabbed Shana and shook his head and then said, “You just want to watch them kill each other don’t you?”

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