My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 131

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 131 – The Fire Field

The sounds of gunfire started to get closer as Ling Mo and the girls followed the zombies.

There were sounds of explosions coming out from the buildings.

This was the first time Ling Mo had seen this kind of thing.

While the zombies were dashing towards the location of the sounds, the obstacles on the way caused damage to some of them.

Some bumped in to the obstacles while others got stuck, some even fell off buildings….

None of the obstacles could really stop the zombies since the sounds were  a big attraction towards them.

All the zombies had sprinted forward, but there were also so many obstacles in the way, it was lucky for a zombie that got slowed down by an obstacle, not to be stepped all over by the other zombies.

Even though there were so many zombies, they were all very nimble. Even when some of the zombies fell down, it wouldn’t turn into a huge chaos.

Ordinary zombies would just keep as long as they could breath. If some of the zombies had fallen down, they would just over them.

Ling Mo also saw some mutated zombies too. They were much more ruthless, they used their much more powerful jumps to leap onto the car hoods and ran over it. When they saw other zombies in front of them, they would just kill them making the other zombies rush over to eat the corpses.

But as the sounds of gunfire kept coming, it attracted their attention making some of them give up on the food to run towards the sound.

Ling Mo predicted that there were probably a ton of mutated zombies over there, not to mention the ones that were close from evolving to a mutated zombie.

He began to wonder if there would be some advanced zombies in there….

But then again, advanced zombies wouldn’t be wandering around on the street in the first place so there shouldn’t be any.

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If this situation didn’t end soon, the zombies from the other areas were going to show up and then it would definitely become chaotic.

Ling Mo thought that even a fully armed rescue team wouldn’t do something so stupid like that.

He thought that they should probably know the consequences of doing this, maybe they had a way that was capable of destroying thousands of zombies.

Seems like Ling Mo could benefit more things besides just the resources from the rescue team. He could also get the gels that were left behind from the mutated zombies, which was a lot.

But he wasn’t going to take any action at the moment since it was best to wait and see how the situation played out.

Even if the rescue team killed the zombies, they wouldn’t open the brains and take the gels away from the mutated zombies, Ling Mo thought. Most people wouldn’t even know that mutated zombies had small gels in their heads.

It would be much easier for Ling Mo to go collect the gels after they had finished fighting.


Ling Mo seemed a bit puzzled, “That doesn’t sound like a gunshot, could it be a bomb instead? Sounds like something exploded.”

He wasn’t really sure what was going on over there so he turned to Li Ya Ling and said, “Go over there and see what’s going on over there first.”

Ye Li and Shana were still at full power, so he would be much safer if he kept them around him. Since Li Ya Ling was an advanced zombie, the other zombies wouldn’t try to attack her. She was a bit weak right now so she wouldn’t be really useful around him so the best option was to make her go there.

But upon listening to Ling Mo’s command, her eyes turned furious.

“You…..” Ling Ya Ling still had some feelings of refusing Ling Mo since their connection between each other had just recently been established.

Before she could put up a refusal, a searing pain in her head came out of nowhere and dominated her. She fiercely looked at Ling Mo before going towards the zombie crowd and disappearing quickly.

“Seems like she’s still not willing to listen to me.”

Ling Mo rubbed his chin.

Ling Mo changed his vision to Li Ya Ling’s.

Ling Mo felt like he was also in the zombie crowd.

Although she hadn’t fully recovered her strength, it was still easy for her to run through this crowd of zombies.

She also had a very fast reaction as well as speed so she could avoid coming into contact with other zombies.

Ling Mo could only feel bodies going past him, it was really hard for him to see anything.

“With this kind of speed….No wonder last time when she attacked me….” He was surprised by the advanced zombies ability in speed.

This was another reason why he wanted to control her because she was even more advanced than Ye Lian and Shana, she probably was even close to evolving to the next stage.

What Ling Mo was worried most now was that he had no clue on how advanced zombies would increase their powers or how they would look like the next time they evolved.

He figured maybe he could find something out from observing Li Ya Ling.

Ling Mo and the other two slowly followed her.

As long as they kept a distance of 1 kilometer, they would be safe.

All of sudden, about a thousand meters away, a blaze came of fire came out and turned the street into a sea of fire.

A lot of cars exploded, metals were flying everywhere during the explosion.

On the second floor of a three story building, a guy was aiming at zombies with his rifle by the window.

This guy had some unforgettable features. A straight nose, a wide forehead, and two sharp eyes making him look like a very serious person.

While he was shooting he kept looking out and frowning.

There was honestly just too many of them….it was becoming scary now….


After he pulled the trigger a zombie got shot by the bullet.

“Zhang Ning, are you ready yet?”

The guy asked without looking back.

A girl who seemed to be around twenty seven with short hair and looked very tough carrying a pistol, came out.

“It’s all done, the gases have all been used from the cars.”

After listening to what Zhang Ning said the guy sneered and said: “Let’s finish off all the zombies today.”

Zhang Ning hesitated and said: “We could only kill part of it, it’s impossible to kill them all. We failed a few times already. Luo Heng, don’t do impulsive things.”

“Don’t worry about it, we just need to clear the field temporarily. If we don’t, we won’t be able to collect any supplies because we wouldn’t be able to go into that area. I’m also running out of bullets, if we stay here too long we will die. After collecting enough supplies, we can move on.”

Zhang Ning sighed, “O.K. fine…. But this fire field won’t hold them off for long.”

Luo Heng said, “This fire is only here to just temporarily block them. It would only stop the the first couple of zombies that came first. It wouldn’t work for sure on the other zombies that came after. Once those zombies entered the first floor of the mall, that’s when their time to die will come.”

Zhang Ning looked a bit insecure but since he looked very confident, she didn’t bother saying anything afterwards. She started to use her gun and aimed at the zombies.

She aimed for a while and then pulled the trigger.


Another zombie got burnt after entering the fire field and fell down defeated but it was still breathing and struggled to get up and crawl towards the mall.

Ordinary zombies couldn’t feel any pain making them practically unstoppable. After running for 5 or 6 meters, it got knocked off its feet by the second car explosion.

There was a very big mall, the front door was wide open. There were lots of zombies trying to get through but they couldn’t make it in due to the fire field. The zombies that had gotten killed by the explosion actually helped the fire get even bigger.

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