My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 132


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 132 – Every Single Zombie is a Member of the Suicide Squad

Although zombies kept coming up, the fire field was still able to block all of them.

The intersection had been filled with zombies, tons of zombies ran into the fire, there was even a slight barbeque smell.

After killing another two zombies, Luo Heng looked very serious and told Zhang Ning: “It’s about time.”

All the zombies had come out, it was like their gathering spot, normal people probably wouldn’t even have the courage to run away after seeing such a sight.

Although Luo Heng had planned to let zombies come here, he still had cold sweats.

As for Zhang Ning, her face was pale white, her hands were full of sweat, yet although she didn’t get cold feet, she was still definitely quivering with fear.

After listening to what Luo Heng said, she paused and finally reacted: “Oh, yeah!”

“Don’t worry.” Luo Heng could tell that she was panicking and added, “Even if we failed, Wang Lin would come to our aid. As long as we can trick these zombies to come here, it will become their burning graves. We can then move to the building behind us. We can definitely escape. Once we accumulate enough supplies we can leave this place and go to the countryside. Like i said before, we can survive at my place.”

Luo Hengs words really calmed her down, she wiped away her sweat and nodded, “Ok, I understand…it’s about time to let them come in down there.”

It was already meaningless to shoot the zombies now since those unfearful zombies kept dashing, making the fire smaller and smaller. Those zombies that had gotten caught by the fire kept running forward but eventually still couldn’t make it past the front door.

Ling Mo who was currently viewing Li Ya Ling’s point of view, started to feel pain.

Every single zombie was basically a member of the suicide squad…..

Li Ya Ling was currently standing on top of a car hood looking towards the mall that was not so far away.

She didn’t run like the other zombies, instead she stood inside the crowd of zombies and calmly watched what was happening.

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But neither Luo Heng or Zhang Ning could see her despite how different she looked. This was because no survivor would be able to keep a cool mind after seeing the amount of zombies that was here.

“Hmm…it doesn’t look like a rescue team….but that guy is wearing a armed police uniform.”

Luo Heng was currently wearing a trench coat with its zipper unzipped, making it possible to see what kind of clothes he was wearing under it. But due to the amount of blood stains and other dirty things that were on it, it was impossible to tell from an advanced zombies vision what he was wearing.

After all an advanced zombies vision wasn’t a telescope, they do have a limit of what they can see from far away.

Even though Ling Mo was extremely curious, for Li Ya Ling’s safety, he didn’t make her go any closer.

They had guns and could aim pretty well. Ling Mo wasn’t completely sure if she was fast enough to dodge the bullets.

This type of risk shouldn’t be taken.

Although Ling Mo only saw two survivors, Ling Mo still predicted that there could be even more people.

Even though there were a lot of cars down there, it would still be pretty hard to explode all those cars with some many zombies around.

They definitely should have some partners with them inside the mall.

Based on the situation, the two people seemed to be pretty strong. They were probably trying to tank everything by attracting all the zombies to one place and then kill them all.

The risk was pretty huge, but the benefits for it working out was huge. As long as they could kill all the zombies, the street would be empty for a while, letting people have a chance to go out and find supplies.

“They sure have big balls.”

Ling Mo complimented in his mind. Although he really wanted to confiscate their guns, he decided not to since he wasn’t the type of person to take advantage of others.

Plus he didn’t think he was a good shooter, even though he was good at shooter games. Games unfortunately don’t count and he doubts he would have any bullets to practice with.

Also there was a lot of things he needed to do to the gun, like maintenance or adding a silencer.

It just wasn’t worth it! Hot weapons were definitely easier to use for ordinary people, even though it’s risky, ordinary people still couldn’t resist the temptation of using a gun. As for Ling Mo, he and his three advanced zombies prefer using cold weapons. Using cold weapons were risky as well, but it suited him better.

After confirming his decision, he turned his interest towards the zombies over here.

There were so many gels right in front of him. Ling Mo had previously made an experiment before by using a lighter to burn the gel. But after burning it for a few minutes, the gel only changed the color a little bit and due to using the lighter, it became too hot to hold so he was unable to continue with his experiment.

So now this was a great chance for Ling Mo to get what he wanted.

The situation had also made Ye Lian and Shana really excited, but they had controlled themselves and didn’t rush in.

“We’ll just wait outside and wait for them to get rid of them.”

Ling Mo smiled and said.

Shana nodded and smiled, “Should we also kill them after they defeat the zombies?”

“Um…” Ling Mo had actually also thought of it but then he hesitated and shook his head before saying, “Nevermind them, we have enough resources so we don’t really need to do this. Plus we are all humans.”

Shana murmured, “I’m not…”

Ye Lian looked at Ling Mo and told Shana, “Don’t be like this please, Brother Ling still is….. “

“I know Sister Ye Lian” Shana put her hand on Ye Lian’s ass and pinched it, “I’m just saying..”

Ling Mo looked at her with resignation, he knew that she wasn’t just saying, they had a connection with each other so Ling Mo could tell that she really wanted to kill.

She was a zombie, so it is unavoidable.

Right at this moment Li Ya Ling met up with them in the middle and went onto another building to see what was going on.

The fire has been put out already, letting the zombies rush in, some of them even broke through the window.

Ling Mo thought of choosing one zombie to control to see what was going on. So he randomly chose one.

Ling Mo’s spirit power had grown to the point where he could control zombies that were in his sights.

But the amount of zombies was still a problem…After controlling Li Ya Ling, the number of zombies Ling Mo could control had sharply decreased.

But it was worth it, because one advanced zombie could fight like fifty ordinary zombies.

After being controlled by Ling Mo, the zombie became a lot faster and quickly went to the front door.

But since it was too crowded at the front door, it quietly went to the back instead.

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