My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 133


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 133 – Be Careful of the Hidden Weapon!

TL: So this chapter was extra long and took a while to translate. It was  bit confusing let me know if you guys dont understand something.

While the zombies kept trying to enter the mall, a lot of shelfs from the stores started to fall down, making some loud crashing noises, but since it wasn’t as loud as the explosions, it didn’t attract any of zombies.

Due to the front door not being so big, in order for the survivors to slow down their pace, they had placed several shelves at the front door to block them. Unfortunately it was just a matter of time before the zombies broke through.

The zombie that Ling Mo was currently controlling went to the side door of the mall but found that it was closed.

Did the survivors use this place as a checkpoint? Through the zombie’s sight, Ling Mo could tell that there was something wrong with this door knob.

Instead of being really dirty, it was really clean as if someone had come in and out quite often.

There was a parking lot not so far from the alley by the side door. If this really was a checkpoint for the survivors, it would explain how they were able to move freely in and out.

This was basically like a isolated island already.

This mall wasn’t really like a regular mall. It only sold electronic merchandise and basically no food.

In the alley, there was a little supermarket. Ling Mo used his puppet to go take a look at it. From the puppets vision, he saw that everything edible had been taken away. Only a few items were thrown at the front door.

Just when Ling Mo wanted to open the door, a sound flew by.

Ling Mo somehow saw something that looked like light, attacking him.

A sense of awareness appeared almost immediately, and he quickly opened the door.


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A cripsy sound came out when the door blocked the “hidden weapon”(hidden weapons are basically throwing weapons that are usually used when someone is trying to ambush someone.) that had flew by.

“That was close….”

Although only the zombie puppet would die, Ling Mo was too lazy to go get another one since all of them were at the front door already.

After opening the door, a piece of steel that had the size of a hand appeared in front of him.

“What the fuck is this?” Ling Mo had thought it might of been an arrow but was surprised that it was actually a piece of steel.

Who the hell threw this? It must of been someone who was very strong and had good accuracy.

If it was Ling Mo himself right now, he definitely wouldn’t take the risk of finding out but since it was  a puppet doing the scouting he didn’t mind getting hurt.

So Ling Mo took the steel and then popped the puppets head from behind the door to take a peak.

There really was a boy standing there.

Seeing a zombie opening a door and also dodging his attack, the boy who looked around 25 or 26 looked very shocked.

His shock turned to puzzlement after seeing the zombie pop his head out from behind the door.

“He doesn’t look like a guy with a lot of muscles. Could it be possible that he was a psychic?”

The guy was skinny like a monkey, making Ling Mo think that it was impossible for him to pull that attack off without any powers.

Fortunately the guy didn’t seem to have processed everything yet so Ling Mo quickly controlled the zombie puppet to go back in the mall.

But when the zombie went inside, the guy screamed making a girl come.

“Are you crazy Ding Yu?”

The girl sounded really mean, but the guy only just frowned before saying in a sore voice, “Wang Rin, I think my eyes were playing a trick on me.”

If Ling Mo saw this girl, he would totally recognize her.

She was Shana’s cousin, Wang Rin!

She looked completely different than how she was before. She was wearing casual clothes that gave her a fresh look feeling while also carrying a long piece of steel on her back. Her hair was now short making her look like a boy.

Although her current looks would make people want to laugh at her, her face had completely changed. Her eyes contained a hint of coldness in them.

She must of been through a lot after Ling Mo left…

“What did you see?” Wang Rin asked impatiently.

She sounded like she hated him a lot. He seemed like the slow and quiet type, the one you could never understand what he was thinking about every day.

She had no idea how this guy could still survive with his brain capacity. To make things worse, he was a psychic that possessed about the same fighting power she had…It was no wonder Wang Rin didn’t like him!

Ding Yu hesitated and slowly said, “I thought i saw a zombie opening a door and when i attacked it, it dodged my attack, I also think I saw it looking at me…”

“HA! Are you stupid?” Wang Rin sneered and then suddenly an unpleasant memory popped out!

“I’m going, stay here and wait for Luo Heng.”

Wang Rin pulled herself back and told him.

When Ding Yu was about to stop her, Wang Rin had already dashed towards the stairs and went downstairs.

After 10 seconds, she showed up at the alley and went into that side door.

Diny Yu saw her vanished from the door and sighed, “Why doesn’t this girl obey any orders? I just wish she doesn’t mess up the plan….This was why I always said women are a liability…”

After complaning a bit, his face turned towards the rooftop of the mall. He then proceeded by taking a ladder and making it reach the mall.

The height of the two buildings were the same and were only three meters apart from each other. Those who could jump really far could probably just jump over.

Right at this moment, the zombie Ling Mo was controlling had finally entered the mall. He became really careful considering the fact that he might bump into some of the survivors.

Ling Mo thought about the guy he had faced before and thought that the guy might have probably changed the way he perceived how zombies acted or he might also regard it as some sort of coincidence, or even see it as an advanced zombie….

Actually if nobody knew about Ling Mo’s ability and had seen a advanced zombie before, they would definitely think his puppets that were being controlled by him were advanced zombies.

So in a sense Ling Mo wasn’t too concerned about it anymore.

But since there was only one available zombie for Ling Mo to use, he was still very careful.

When he carefully walked up the staircase he heard a sound.

“Zhang Ning you should go up first, I’ll set the fire.”

“I…..…then you be careful”

“Don’t worry so much, you know how good i am at using guns. Once the zombies get past a certain point, I’ll shoot to make the explosion.”

The guy’s voice sounded a bit shaky, seemed like he was nervous but also a bit excited.

Ling Mo quietly hid near the door and took a look inside. He saw a young girl going up and right beside the entrance was a man in a trench coat holding a rifle.

The guy was the one who was shooting at the second floor. Ling Mo admired his accuracy a lot. He didn’t expect to meet him this fast.

After seeing him from a close distance, Ling Mo realized that he really was a armed police, although the uniform was dirty, one could still tell.

No wonder he was able to use a gun and stay calm at same time.

Although he was a bit frightened, he still managed to execute his plan which made Ling Mo admire him very much.

The armed policeman had no idea that a zombie was looking at him from behind, while he was holding the rifle and taking a look at what was happening from the door gap.

It must of been very thrilling to know that thousands of zombies were right next to the other side of that door!!

It was like dancing on thin ice, one mistake could cost your life!!

A Gun? Even a cannon wouldn’t work at this point.

Ling Mo was planning on trying to take advantage of this guy, but after looking at him, he felt a bit guilty.

After going through so much, Ling Mo had changed. He would never show mercy to those that tried to take advantage of him.

But that didn’t mean he would be like those people and try to take advantage of others.

The armed policeman was just seeking a way to let his companions run while he bought some time which deserves respect.

Ling Mo actually understood their plan. Attracting the zombies in a place filled with gas and alcohol and making the armed policeman explode this place and letting the fire burn the zombies. Once the mission was completed, they could take what they needed from the streets.

Although the fire would probably spread out really fast, it would also attract the zombies on the streets. Either way they only needed a small amount of time.

Ling Mo suddenly felt a chill while he was thinking about it.

At this crucial moment, Ling Mo dodged a piece of steel.

“Steel again? Fuck that guy came after me?”

Ling Mo was shocked but he had reacted fast and grabbed on to the piece of steel before it was pulled back.

Unfortunately this guy seemed to know a bit of kung fu and he was able to pull back the steel piece and smashed the zombie’s arm with it and then aimed at its neck.

“Holy shit!”

Ling Mo doesn’t know kung fu but he had experience of fighting, he simply kneeled down!

The piece of steel luckily smashed above the zombie’s head, just missing the brain and then the zombie jumped on the survivor and tried grab his ankles.

Instead the survivors pants was grabbed and the zombie pulled to avoid getting hit.

No matter how good his kung fu was, it didn’t stop him from losing his balance.

Even though one of the zombies arms were smashed, it was very strong.

The person fell down with Ling Mo’s zombie and at the same time the pants was also taken down as well by the zombie….

Just when Ling Mo was about to get rid of the survivor, a white leg and white blue striped underwear appeared..

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