My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 134


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 134 – Why Do Bad Things Always Happen When I See My Sister-In-Law?

When they both fell down, a loud sound was produced by the fall.

Luckily the sound was covered by the noises in the mall, so it didn’t attract the policeman’s attention. The policeman was very nervous already now, so he was too concentrated on other important things.

The moment Ling Mo saw the white blue striped womens underwear, he paused and felt a slight chill.

WHAT THE FUCK, this man is such a pervert! Although the world was currently running low on food, it still shouldn’t be hard for a psychic to get proper underwear.

While thinking, Ling Mo had controlled the zombie to pin down the guy and started to choke the person’s neck.

But at the same time, the person raised his hand and used the piece of steel to hit Ling Mo’s zombie puppet.

Ling Mo gripped the neck even tighter, making the person lose strength due to the lack of oxygen. This only made the person start struggling.


While Ling Mo kept putting pressure on the person, he used the zombies red eyes to look at the person.

“Isn’t that my sister-in-law?(In Chinese, cousins that were females would also be considered a sister)”

Due to Wang Rin changing herself too much, Ling Mo thought the person was the guy he had seen at the rooftop that had tried to attack him previously.

After looking more closely, he realized who it was!

Because he was so shocked, he accidentally loosened his grip on her, giving Wang Rin a chance to immediately try and stab the zombie.

Wang Rin’s power exploded out since she had felt that her life was on the line, but before the steel piece had a chance to hit the zombie, Ling Mo had already felt like his brain had been poked through by it.

This type of feeling was a kind of perception where even though he hadn’t been attacked yet, he could see what was going to happen if he didn’t dodge.

Since Ling Mo had strong spirit powers, his reactions were also very fast. Although using puppets was a bit slower than using himself, it was at least almost as quick as a regular human.

So he was able to quickly dodge the attack by a hair’s length.

“Woosh” The steel slashed above the head. Wang Rin gets up on her feet.

Because her pants were almost taken off by Ling Mo, she was still a bit wobbly. Ling Mo took the opportunity to run over and push her against the wall and used one hand to grab her arm that was holding the steel piece and used the other hand to cover her mouth.

By this time they were really close, Wang Rin looked extremely scared.

The distance between them was less than 10 centimeters, she could already see the blood on the zombie’s face as well as a piece of flesh in its mouth….

While Ling Mo was controlling the zombie before, he had also let it eat something on the way.

The smell of blood almost made Wang Rin pass out.

But this was not what she had feared most. What she feared most was that she was currently caught in a embarrassing position with her pants down to her ankles, with a ugly zombie pressing against her with nothing blocking her private area except her underwear.

This made a lot of her bad memories play again in her head.

She had believed that her surprise attack would have been enough to destroy Ling Mo’s puppet zombie.

It was just like how Ling Mo had predicted before. In the past when Wang Rin was attacked by Ling Mo’s two puppet zombies, she was actually very scared. She realized after parting ways with Ling Mo, that she had actually seen advanced zombies.

So she immediately understood that those two zombies that had attacked her were a lot smarter than normal zombies….

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But she had no idea why the zombies didn’t want to kill her but had instead wanted to do something else to her.

This had bothered Wang Rin for a really long time. It was a good thing that the zombies she met afterwards were not like that, so she slowly lost her fear towards zombies.

Although she had slowly lost her fear, she still hated those types of zombies.

So after listening to Ding Yu’s description, she immediately came to kill Ling Mo’s zombie.

Of course she did this obviously for the team’s benefit. If it really was a a advanced zombie that went in, it might have ruined their entire plan.

She was even starting to blame Ding Yu now. If he had successfully killed this zombie in the beginning, she wouldn’t have had to come and clean up his mess.

And to make matters worse, this zombie was very impudent! What kind of zombie does these kinds of things?

Wang Rin tried to shout for help, but Ling Mo’s puppet doesn’t give her any chance.

She was starting to regret not calling the policeman in the beginning for backup because they probably could have taken down the “advanced zombie” together.

She was afraid at the time, if she did that it might have gotten the zombie’s attention, so she chose to attack solo instead.

Right now Ling Mo was feeling a bit complicated.

Why do bad things always happen when i see my sister in law……

Ling Mo really couldn’t blame her since all she wanted to do was kill the zombie rather than bringing trouble to him.

She was just doing her job as a human to kill a zombie, so Ling Mo decided not to kill her.

Unfortunately Ling Mo didn’t know how to make his zombie puppets talk yet, probably required a lot of strong psychic powers.


Ling Mo tried to let the zombie open its mouth and talk but instead it only made meaningless noises from its throat.

The noise sounded like roaring, making Wang Rin fearful even more.

“Hey…don’t be afraid….”

Ling Mo thought in his head, but he couldn’t really speak. He just sighed and took away the piece of steel while looking at her scared expression.

Ling Mo main objective was to see what was going on here so he had to finish this fast. He could only helplessly look at her before making the zombie’s mouth open wide and inch its head closer to hers.

Ironically this really worked, when Wang Rin saw the big bloody mouth getting extremely close to her, she immediately fainted.

“You improved a lot sister-in-law, but it seems that I improved more.”

Afterwards Ling Mo slowly put her down. Looking at her underwear, Ling Mo decided to put her pants on for her.

Although Ling Mo didn’t really like her, she was still Shana’s cousin so Ling Mo decided not to let her reveal her butt for everyone to see.

The mall was filled with zombies now, the obstacles the survivors had created in the beginning had all nearly been destroyed.

But none of the zombies saw Luo Heng, he had his gun out but he was hiding behind a door.

Right now he was completely covered in sweat, peering inside the mall, he didn’t even bother wiping off the sweat that had covered his eyes.

Because of this he didn’t know what had occured in the stairway.

“It’s about time….”

Seeing so many zombies, Luo Heng’s lips were white already. He took a deep long breath and looked at the barrel.

Inside the barrel was full of gas, he only had to aim correctly on the cotton ribbon.

The cotton ribbon was wrapped around the barrel and extended out. It was also soaked with gas. The ribbon was made out of bed sheets and curtains.

The had done a test run in the parking lot before so all they needed was someone who was good with guns to make the fire.

Once he successfully shot it, it would burn right away.

This critical moment put so much stress onto Luo Heng that he felt that he could fall down anytime.

His finger was on the trigger but he hadn’t pulled it yet.

Although the barrel was hung  at a higher place, it was still a bit hard to aim in front of so many zombies.

The pressure was just too much….

Just when Ling Mo was grabbing Wang Rin to the door, he heard a loud “BANG!!”

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