My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 135


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 135 – The Black Face Shield

Ling Mo blanked out for a bit.

But afterwards a even louder noise exploded out!

A wave of heat spread out, although it didn’t reach the stairways, he could feel that the temperature rose up a lot.

After Luo Heng fired his gun, he suddenly collapsed, he had no energy to run.

“Holy shit!”

The explosion was insane, since Ling Mo’s puppet was inside the mall, he could really feel it.

Even his real body quivered, making Ye Lian and Shana curiously look over at him.

“Are you OK Brother Ling?” Ye Lian asked.

Ling Mo shook his head, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Ling Mo was already proficient in switching between his own body and his puppets.

He not only could complete two things at the time, he could also actually multitask, it was just that the “multi” had a certain limit.

Ye Lian and Shana looked at each other, curious of what Ling Mo was trying to pull. They actually had indirect connection with the puppet, so they could somehow tell what was going on.

After hearing Ling Mo talking, Li Ya Ling coldly looked at him and walked into the mall.

Ling Mo could tell she was still mad at him, but since she was controlled by him, she really couldn’t do anything about it.

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Ling Mo didn’t care anyways because he knew as time went by, she would eventually listen to him.

She was just a extremely powerful puppet to him. If it wasn’t because they knew each other, Ling Mo would have already used some extreme methods to train her loyalty.

Since they knew each other, it’s fine to give her more time.

From where they were standing, they could see that the mall was on fire and the flames had already popped out of the doors, catching some of the zombies in it.

The first floor of the mall looked like a big ball of fire, probably after a while, the whole building may be under fire.

The fire was a lot stronger than what Ling Mo had expected, he thought to himself, “Oh shit!” What he was really afraid of was the gels being burnt completely.

But on second thought, since he didn’t contribute to anything, he shouldn’t really care.

Of course it was always better to get something over nothing, but even if he didn’t get enough gels, he could always go collect some on the streets ahead of the survivors.

All these guys needed was food and what Ling Mo needed was daily use items like tissues.

These items were actually the hardest to find, although there was a short supply of food, these kinds of things were also hard to find.

He could actually have gotten all these things somewhere else, but if he could get something just by sacrificing one zombie without doing anything that would be even better.

After pulling himself back together into the zombie puppet, Ling Mo hesitated before poking his head out to look at Luo Heng and finally running over to him.

Although this was the first time seeing him, Ling Mo kind of liked this guy.

Since he was the type of person who would sacrifice himself for others, it would make many people want to admire him. What really made Ling Mo admire him was that even though he was really scared, he still managed to pull of the plan.

This kind of persistent and self-sacrificing spirit was already hard to see back in the past, not to mention right now.

No matter if it were soldiers or ordinary people, there would always be people like this.

Those who didn’t understand why, would laugh at them and think they are idiots.

Although Ling Mo wasn’t this kind of person, he still admired people like this.

It was hard to find someone unselfish in the world right now…..

Luo Heng was completely exhausted and very dizzy. He kept hearing explosions and feeling heat waves coming out. He knew that if he still stayed here, he would die but he didn’t even have the power to stand up right now.

He didn’t really want to die yet but after trying a few times to stand up, he really just couldn’t do it.

And the more anxious he was, the less energy he had. His current state couldn’t even crawl, not to mention standing up.

Right at this moment a person appeared in front of him, he felt hope for a moment but once he saw the red eyes of a zombie, he felt despair again.

It’s over, he looked hopeless, he used all the energy he had left to lift the gun and aimed at Ling Mo.

But before he could pull the trigger, Ling Mo dashed in front of him and kicked Luo Heng right on the face, “Sorry…”


After being kicked in the face his body fell on the door.

He was already exhausted, not to mention when he got kicked, he had bumped onto the door with his head making him pass out immediately.

After the door was bumped open, the crazy fire in the mall began to make Ling Mo feel a bit intimidated.

The survivors really put a lot of effort into this, within a few seconds, the entire mall was caught on fire, this was apparently planned perfectly in advance.

Thousands of zombies were caught by the fire, seeing zombies running all around really looked scary.

Another electronic device seemed to have exploded, another noise came out, the flame was reaching the door and the heat wave nearly burnt the puppet’s eyebrows.

This fire just shocked Ling Mo too much.

He immediately awakened and sandwiched Luo Heng in his broken arms armpit and grabbed Wang Rin with the other hand.

The flames popped out of the door, the building was completely on fire right now.

“Holy mother fucker!”

If it was only Ling Mo by himself, he would be able to take the risk with his puppet to get through the fire but because he had two people with him he was unable to….


He protected Wang Rin in his chest and took two steps back and dashed outside the door like a released arrow.

While Ling Mo dashed out, a huge flame burst out and burnt Luo Heng’s head.

But the good thing was that Ling Mo didn’t stop, instead he ran bit more faster to put off the flames.

Ling Mo wanted to send the two people to the parking lot but after taking two steps a window from a building next to the mall broke to pieces.

The broken pieces flew out and hit Ling Mo.

Good thing was that it wouldn’t do any severe harm to zombies, but he didn’t know if Luo Heng and Wang Rin got hurt from the broken shards.

“I was already nice enough to save you two, so i really can’t help it if you two got hurt.”


The survivors really put a lot of effort on blocking the zombies, when Ling Mo looked at the flames he thought to himself, “Oh shit!!”

And with every second of hesitation, he could see the fire only getting bigger.

No wonder that Zhang Ning girl went upstairs, that was probably the only path for escaping.

But it’s too late to go back up, even if there was someone up there, Ling Mo wouldn’t be able to send both of them up.

Can’t really blame Ling Mo since he wasn’t even part of the team so he wouldn’t have known how everything was arranged in the first place.

People who have never seen a big fire would never really know how it was really like, just the high temperature would make it unbearable.

Not to mention the smoke and debris exploding out.

Ling Mo hesitated and decided not to take the risk and ran towards the street.

The flames were already very big, Ling Mo could feel that the skin on his head was almost burnt.

Ling Mo controlled the puppet to run tens of meter away from the mall before finally feeling a bit relieved.

Although only the zombie was burnt, this experience had made Ling Mo feel terrified.

“Should I just leave them here?”

Ling Mo looked around and saw some zombies running out of the building, but they were all on fire, so they shouldn’t be able to reach here.

But if he really left them here, it would still bel very dangerous. Those zombies wouldn’t give up on free food even if they didn’t have any faces.

Ling Mo was thinking of putting them inside a store, but just when he started walking, a drop of blood dropped on his feet.

He quickly looked and paused.

Both of their faces look very dark….Luo Heng was struck by a lot of glass pieces and a palm size piece of glass was stuck in his leg.

Blood kept coming down from his pants.

Wang Rin was also really unlucky, she was on Ling Mo’s shoulder, her back and butt also had a lot of glass pieces, even though she was passed out, she was still frowning.


Ling Mo thought he was a lucky in the beginning, but then he realized they were actually his shield….

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