My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 136


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 136 – You Saw Everything

Looking at himself while walking back from the puppet’s view felt pretty weird.

But he needed both the puppet and him to put these two on the bed.

Ling Mo was now currently in a second floor of a building, in a room where workers would take breaks.

There wasn’t much in the room. There was only a single bed with a lot of blood stains on it. It was still a lot better than leaving them on the ground.

The policeman’s face was facing up on the bed while Ling Mo just threw Wang Rin on top of the blanket facing down.

After settling them on the bed, Ling Mo controlled the zombie to walk out because it had a very strong smell on it, not to mention the room was very small in the first place.

Shana and Ye Lian curiously looked at the two people who got taken in.

And Li Ya Ling stood outside frowning with her red eyes, she looked very impatient.

Ling Mo thought she might have been stimulated by the smell of blood, so he made a gesture to tell her to go wait in the stairway.

It was quite common for her to have this kind of reaction since she didn’t have much contact with humans.

As for Ye Lian and Shana, since they’ve already been with Ling Mo for a while, they wouldn’t have any desire to attack.

When Wang Rin was put down on the bed Shana kept staring at her. Her looks became kind of weird.

She unconsciously touched her breast. The jade sword pendant was stuck to her skin, her eyes looked cold, couldn’t really tell what was she thinking about right now.

Ling Mo realized that Shana was acting very differently right now but he knew that right now the most important thing was to treat their wounds.

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If he pulled out the glass pieces right now, they would start to bleed massively.

Ling Mo took out some hemostat and bandages from the bag first and then began to pull out the pieces.

In order to do this faster, Ling Mo let Ye Lian help.

She was very fast and accurate, after telling her how to do it, she immediately took out her clean white yet powerful fingers and pulled out the glass piece.

Wang Rin who was currently passed out made a slight noise of pain and blood started to splash out.

“OMG! That was too fast!!!!!”

Ling Mo quickly pulled up her shirt, revealing her white back and then proceeded to help her stop the bleed.

The pieces came from an explosion, so Wang Rin’s wound was heavier.

Although the policeman’s wound was also severe, she was his sister-in-law so he should help treat her first, plus Shana had this weird look on her face.

If she died, he would feel sorry to Shana.

“You are so lucky to have this brother-in-law treat your wounds for you.”

Ling Mo said quietly while he was treating the wound as well as helped her clean it. Meanwhile Ye Lian was also taking out the other pieces from her body.

After a while the sheet under Wang Rin got soaked with blood and she started to breath harder.

Good thing was that Ling Mo and Ye Lian were very fast and precise. Wang Rin’s back was perfectly treated. She just looked like a mummy right now.

The wound on the butt was the biggest one and the only one left to treat.

But at this moment, Ye Lian’s eyes had completely turned red, even Shana started reveal some desires.

Human blood was very tasty for them….Even Ling Mo’s blood could stimulate their desires, not to mention these two lying on the bed…..

“Brother Ling …I….” Ye Lian was now staring at the back of Wang Rin’s neck, Ling Mo quickly made them move by the door.

“Good girl, they don’t taste good….”

This apparently didn’t seem to work, the two girls could only run out the door to control themselves. At least they could control themselves better than Li Ya Ling. At least they weren’t acting like her.

Looking at the butt cheeks, Ling Mo grabbed on the piece and pulled it out.


Wang Rin made a sound, the severe pain made her twitch and then she woke up.

But when she had opened her eyes, Ling Mo had already taken off her pants with the underwear to her thigh.

Her butt was kind of nice and white, even though looking at her butt wasn’t his real intention in the beginning but since it was already there for him to see, why not take a look.

Wang Rin and Shana didn’t really look similar to each other, but their body shapes looked the same. Both of them had flat chests but with a nice booty.

Don’t know if it was because of the family genetics or due to them learning fighting skills.

But she did look a lot cuter if you took a look at her butt since that part looked exactly like Shana’s.

Wang Rin didn’t expect to feel the coldness of the air at the bottom part of her body, she screamed right away and then started struggling.

Her back was so painful that when she got up for a bit, she immediately lost her strength and fell back down.

Even though Wang Rin looked really painful, she was afraid that if she turned her head, she would see the zombie trying to rape her….

“Am I going to be …? Last time there was that asshole Ling Mo to save me, but this time….”

Because she felt very scared and hopeless, she didn’t even realize the person beside her was a friend of hers.

“Hey! Don’t worry, it’s me.”

Seeing that Wang Rin kept quivering with her fists tightly clenched, Ling Mo thought it was pretty funny.

After hearing the noise, Wang Rin paused and slowly turned her head. When she saw Ling Mo, she became stupefied and shouted, “You!!!”

“Don’t call me You! Call me Brother-in-law!”

Ling Mo was going to slap her butt, but then he realized that her butt was soaked with blood, so he could only put her down and start to clean her wound.

Seeing Ling Mo using his hands to reach her butt, she wanted to shout but before she could shout, Ling Mo impatiently said, “Shout whatever way you want, but if the guy beside you woke up, he would also see your naked butt.”

“Ah!!!”She looked at where Ling Mo was pointing and became surprised. But she listened to Ling Mo since she didn’t want Luo Heng to see her butt.

It was then she also realized, “Ling Mo also shouldn’t be looking at her butt.”

Even though Ling Mo was her brother in law, but he still shouldn’t look at her butt.

When she wanted to argue, a huge pain burst out from her butt. Ling Mo was cleaning her wound with some diminishing inflammation powder.

The huge pain made her start to cry, she could only bite tightly with her teeth and grip hard on the bed sheets while accepting Ling Mo’s help……

After finally treating her wounds, Wang Rin cried with pain. She cooperated with Ling Mo to let him put on her pants.


“Stop crying!!”

“It hurts and you saw everything….”

Wang Rin was like a little girl right now, but thinking of her face when she attempted to kill people still gave Ling Mo a chill.

Her weakness was just temporary…

But she suddenly had a question. Why was Ling Mo here in the first place?

This was the second time she saw an advanced zombie and strangely everytime she woke up with Ling Mo in front of her after fainting.

“Brother in law….”

But just when she started talking Ling Mo interrupted, “I saved you again, Sleep first and then  you better think how to thank me first before we talk.”

Wang Rin thought that everything seemed weird, but the fact was that he really did rescue her. If he didn’t she probably would have been burnt in the fire or probably killed by the zombie.

She somehow figured out how she got her wounds, since part of the plan included the glass.

They were planning to explode some glasses, so there would be more damage in each explosion.

Seeing Ling Mo without any wounds made her feel a bit suspicious.

But if she saw how the zombie was burnt with holes in its body, she probably wouldn’t think this way…

After all she just escaped from death so she had no energy to think too much about this, instead she fell asleep.

When she was closing her eyes, she saw Shana. She felt weird since Shana’s back was against her….

Meanwhile Ling Mo started to treat the policeman, but he bled more than Wang Rin. Fortunately he only frowned when Ling Mo took out the glass piece, he didn’t wake up.

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