My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 137


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 137 – Grateful

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The fire had completely swallowed the mall and Zhang Ning was anxiously looking at the stairway.

Unfortunately she didn’t see Luo Heng show up, the only thing she saw was smoke coming out.

Zhang Ning bit her lips, she didn’t even realize that it was bleeding. Her eyes started to turn a little bit red….

“Luo Heng….”


Another loud noise bursted out, Zhang Ning could also feel that the ground was shaking.

She pulled herself together with sorrow on her face, she turned around and crawled to the next building.

If she didn’t leave, she would be letting Luo Heng down.

She actually had a bad feeling when Luo Heng had told her to leave.

Luo Heng might of been determined to die at that time.

Using his life in exchange for a bit of hope for his companion’s futures….

What made Zhang Ning feel painful was that she couldn’t stop him or come up with a better idea.

There was no use using lead wire since once the zombies came in, they would walk it off eventually, so sacrificing Luo Heng was the only way.

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There wasn’t enough tools, in order to attract all the zombies into the building, you would have to take the risk.

But to Zhang Ning’s surprise there was nobody when she reached the rooftop.

“Where’s Ding Yu and Wang Rin…did they leave from behind? That can’t be right, they wouldn’t have left in advance….”

Zhang Ning suspiciously looked around, and then quickly left from the stairway.

The fire might spread to this building, but the good thing was that there were no other buildings besides these two and the parking lot. It was just a big space surrounding these building so the fire wouldn’t spread to the streets.

Although they had planned to retreat to this building, they didn’t plan to stay here though, this was just a place for them to regroup and then they would head to the street to collect for supplies.

But what Zhang Ning didn’t know was that when she was waiting for them, a zombie was already carrying Luo Heng and Wang Rin away.

Ding Yu had seen everything and ran down immediately to chase after them.

But a window exploded and the flames separated Ding Yu and the zombie.

When Ding Yu saw the chance, he hugged his head and dashed through the flames but the zombie had already disappeared.

He immediately searched around. Some of the zombies that hadn’t died, approached him, he just waved his hand and some steel pieces shot out and hit the zombies.

“This…” Ding Yu didn’t look at the zombies, he was just focused on the blood stains.

He wiped his hand on the ground and started sniffing, “Is this human blood…. Is it Luo Heng’s or Wang Rin’s?? It must be a very advanced zombie, if it could dodge my attack and open the door.”

But afterward he seriously started to consider, “Should I save them? They might already have been eaten by the time i get to the zombie, if I just save half a body, it would be kind of meaningless.”

“After all we are companions…I should make sure. If they are dead, there’s no reason to fight a zombie.” Zhang Ning should be able to go to the streets by herself. I’ll meet her after I make sure.

After talking to himself for a while, he followed the trail of blood.

Ding Yu is very cold person, although what he said was right, but if other people heard it, they might feel scared.

After all humans are usually emotionally attached, every thought would have some subjective elements.

Although his final decision was also due to emotion, but the way he said, it was as if it was something he needed to put into consideration, but he didn’t really actually care about them…

Just when Ding Yu was following the trail of blood, Ling Mo had finished wrapping Luo Heng’s wound.

Ling Mo folded back the pants and pulled out a glass piece and started to disinfect it and then used bandage to wrap it.

But what really shocked Ling Mo wasn’t the deep cut, it was the densely covered wounds.

These wounds didn’t look like it was from a long time ago, some of them just scabbed and got ripped off again, the wounds just kept bleeding.

The rest of his body must have a lot of similar wounds….

Seems like it was tough over here, he had no idea why Wang Rin had come here.

“Didn’t she go to that survivors camp base at the Ginkgo area after we parted ways?”

But since Wang Rin was asleep right now, he could only wait till she woke up to ask.

“Shouldn’t there be a knife on him?”

Ling Mo admired him but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t take any advantages from him.

Unfortunately for Ling Mo, the policeman only had some bullets and candies on him.

Ling Mo of course also took the rifle, but since he didn’t know how to use a gun, he didn’t bother loading it with bullets, he just left it near the door.

Right at this moment Luo Heng opened his eyes with pain.

When he opened his eyes he seemed very puzzled but when he saw Ling Mo, his eyes became wide opened.

Then he realized that it was a person, not a zombie.

“You are….” He struggled to get up and looked around the room carefully.

Ling Mo had made the puppet commit suicide. After treating the wounds, there was no smell of blood anymore so Ye Lian and Shana also turned back to normal. Even though Shana’s eyes were still slightly red, nobody would be able to find out.

The only one that would be exposed was Li Ya Ling, but she was on the third floor.

Luo Heng realized Wang Rin was also here. He looked very surprised, but he immediately realized that she had already stopped bleeding and there are some cotton wools beside her.

He looked down and touched his wound and asked, “Did you save us?”

Ling Mo knew there was a lot of doubtful points in this rescue, so he just nodded, and changed the subject, “So.. I am actually kind of related to Wang Rin, my name is Ling Mo, you are…”

“OH! What a coincidence, pleasure to meet you. I really don’t know what to say, you saved me the first time we met” Luo Heng answered without hesitation. He seemed like he wanted to bow to Ling Mo but since he couldn’t get up so he ended up just saying: “Thank you thank you!!!”

You could feel that he was very sincere.

Ling Mo just smiled, he was glad he did the right thing.

Although there was no such things as friends right now, Ling Mo didn’t mind helping people that admired.

“I didn’t realize there would be survivors here, if I knew, I would have tried to contact you. You must have gotten scared by what had happened today, sorry about that.”

If other people had said this, it would have sounded like they were trying to undermine Ling Mo’s ability, but when he said it, it sounded like he cared.

Ling Mo smiled, he knows he looked very weak since he only had two girls with him.

“No need to thank me, we just passed by.” Ling Mo said.

Luo Heng was shocked and changed the way he looked at Ling Mo, “There were so many zombies, how did you guys get here?”

Ling Mo thought that there was nothing to hide so he said, “X city university”

Luo Heng’s expression completely changed, “I can’t imagine how you did it. I was actually planning to save some people over there, but I’m not capable of that. But since you could pull it off, you must be a psychic right?”

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