My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 138


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 138 – The Guy by the Stairway

After listening to what Luo Heng had said, Ling Mo nodded.

It was completely fine to tell Luo Heng since he had nothing to hide. As long as he didn’t let others know what kind of powers he had, it was ok.

Ling Mo’s ability was actually pretty hard to guess, the diversity of his puppet skills really gave him a big advantage.

There were already two psychics in Luo Heng’s survivor group. One of them was Wang Rin while the other one was the skinny guy who used the steel pole.

The guy’s ability seemed to be pretty good, but Wang Rin’s ability wasn’t really that useful, not sure if she had improved or not.

“That’s it…” Luo suddenly gave Ling Mo a passionate look and said, “I know this might be kind of abrupt, but I would like to invite you to join our team, we have four people right now, there used to be more but a lot of them sacrificed themselves….”

Talking to this point, he started to look a bit sad for a moment but he cheered up immediately before saying, “We also have psychics in our team, Wang Rin is one of them. If you team up with us we would have higher chance to survive together. What do you think? It’s quite inconvenient for you to bring two girls with you, why not do things together! Plus you already know Wang Rin and you also saved us, we would regard you like family and would never let you down.”

“I know that people out there are crazy right now and there are no rules, but me and my teammates, were not like that. In this team, everyone is basically the same.”

“After collecting enough items, we can go to the countryside. Over there are rivers and also a big farmland as well as other families. As long as we can get rid of the zombies, we could live there for a while until the army takes over X city.”

Luo Heng seemed to be very excited about his plan, even though it was a bit too idealistic, but if they were good enough and had a bit of luck, it actually wasn’t hard to make his plan into a reality.

The hardest part would be collaborating with other survivors since it was hard to share the benefits and finding a perfect balance.

Ling Mo obviously didn’t really agree with the “everyone is the same” concept because there will always be a leader in a team.

The way he depicted everything was really tempting, even Ling Mo had almost fallen for it.

But Ling Mo immediately reminded himself that he had three zombie girls with him, which meant that he could only stay in areas full of zombies.

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One of the points that Ling Mo had been contemplating was that zombies seemed evolve very fast. Although they would kill each other and their numbers would decrease, no matter how much they decreased, they would still eventually have more numbers than humans.

And for the ones that survived the slaughter, they would definitely be elites, normal people wouldn’t even stand a chance in defeating them.

Even though humans could use weapons and also now had psychics, who knew how powerful the more advanced zombies were like.

Another main thing that concerned Ling Mo the most was that he wondered if zombies could reproduce?

Since the zombie’s flesh and body was full of the virus, nobody really could do any research on this.

Ling Mo thought he could try this out and test his theory after losing his virginity. Unfortunately he couldn’t do this with Ye Lian and Shana since he would always end up being a nice guy when it came to Ye Lian and Shana.

If he really wanted to try though……

Li Ya Ling’s hot body started to wander in his head. She was mature enough to have a kid, but Ling Mo immediately shook his head and let go of that idea.

Could zombies and humans really have kids?

No one could really have an answer to this question since the virus shouldn’t be able to also change the DNA too.

Thinking up to this point, Ling Mo shook his head and told Lup Heng, “Your plan sounds really nice and all, and i also wished you could also succeed in it, but I’m currently not planning on going to the countryside right now.”

Luo Heng paused a bit before asking, “Why? It’s already so hard to survive in the city and to be honest, some of my pals have already died. Although you have super powers, there are just way too many zombies making it hard to survive. It would also become harder to escape once the supplies have been exhausted in the city.”

Shana suddenly turned her head and sneered, “What’s so great with hanging out with humans?”

Apparently she was talking to Ling Mo, she was probably afraid that Ling Mo might cave in to the temptation.

Fortunately Luo Heng didn’t seem to understand what Shana had meant and said, “Not everyone is crazy, at least our team wouldn’t do anything bad…”

Ling Mo thought to himself, I know you won’t but the three girls over here will want to eat you….

Ling Mo quickly interrupted and said, “Thank you for your kind offer, but i have other plans in the city.”

He then gave Shana a gesture that meant to stop talking.

Shana quickly covered her mouth and hid behind Ye Lian.

Ye Lian didn’t seem to be interested in this conversation at since she had no reactions. Luo Heng seemed to be surprised by her beauty.

This policeman was very ethical, although he showed admiration to her beauty, he didn’t show any lust or desire towards her and had quickly looked at Ling Mo.

“Since you insist….”

Suddenly right at this moment, Ling Mo looked outside.

Shana and Ye Lian looked at the stairway immediately, the intruder didn’t seem like he wanted to hide, so they could feel his presence from his breath.

Usually advanced zombies would hide themselves whenever they met Ling Mo so he found out the pattern to it. Apparently advanced zombies could feel the presence of humans by their breathing. If one didn’t have the ability to hide their breath, they would be felt by an advanced zombie.

Li Ya Ling also reacted, she look very impatient and wanted to attack.

Ling Mo stood up and gave Li Ya Ling a command to calm down. She was sitting on the staircase connecting to the third floor, as long as the person didn’t walk towards the third floor, the person wouldn’t see her.

Luo Heng had also wanted to stand up but since his thigh was hurt, he couldn’t even stand stably, so he leaned on the bed and looked towards the direction Ling Mo was heading.

A guy showed up immediately at the stairway. Ling Mo could tell that it was the guy who had tried to kill his puppet.

Ling Mo was a bit shocked in the beginning but then he suddenly thought that even though he knew the guy, the guy didn’t know him since it was the puppet that met him. Ling Mo stayed calm again after this thought.

Since he came here, that meant he saw the zombie taking Luo Heng and Wang Rin away.

Ling Mo had no intention of hiding himself in the first place, so he wasn’t surprised that he showed up.

Even if he saw the zombie’s corpse, he wouldn’t be able to form any connection towards Ling Mo and the zombie. He probably would be thinking that Ling Mo had saved them after the zombie took them away.

So Ling Mo hesitated for a bit before giving up on the idea of fighting with him.

Luo Heng also saw Ding Yu at this moment, he paused a bit before putting on a big smile on his face and yelled, “Ding Yu! My Brother, this is my partner, he’s here to look for me.”

Luo Heng quickly told Ling Mo. Although Ling Mo’s high alertness shocked him, he didn’t bother thinking any further than that since he was just too happy to see Ding Yu.

Although Ding Yu didn’t bother hiding himself, his muscles were still very and while he was holding onto the steel pole, looked like he was ready to attack at anytime.

But when he went up and saw two beautiful girls. Although their eyes looked cold, they at least weren’t the iconic red eyes that zombies had, so he felt relieved.

Even so he was still very wary and slowly walked up until he heard Luo Heng’s sound.

He was shocked and stepped faster, when he passed by Ye Lian and Shana, he felt a sudden chill.

The way the two girls looked at him made him feel very uncomfortable. It felt like he was being stared by zombies….

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