My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 139


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 139 – Shana’s Request

“Brother Luo….”

Ding Yu’s tone of voice was really cold, he didn’t look too excited when he saw that Luo Heng and Wang Rin were still alive.

Ling Mo felt a bit suspicious about him. Isn’t he a bit too calm?

Luo Heng on the other hand looked very happy, he said, “Ding Yu, I was very lucky! Thanks to this person were alive or else Wang Rin and I would be….”

Speaking to this point, he suddenly realized that he forgot to ask Ling Mo how he had saved them.

But Ling Mo made others feel that he wasn’t the type to talk much and didn’t really like to talk much about himself.

Nevermind, since Ding Yu was here, he could ask him later instead of bothering Ling Mo.

While talking, he was also looking at Ling Mo with appreciation.

Ling Mo made a dry cough. He actually felt a bit ashamed and sorry. This was because if he was a bit more careful when he was controlling the zombie, they wouldn’t be suffering so much pain right now…

When Ling Mo was puppeting the zombie, he was a bit reckless since he felt that it didn’t matter if the zombie got injured or not.

Ling Mo thought to himself, “Whatever, I’m already nice enough to save you two.”

After listening to what Luo Heng said, Ding Yu curiously looked at Ling Mo and then paused. After a few seconds later, he simply said, “Thank you.”

It was just like how Ling Mo had predicted, Ding Yu had followed the trail of blood, but before he came in, he had taken a look around first.

He did this to avoid direct conflict with zombies, but to his surprise, he saw the zombie’s body at the rear door.

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Even though the zombie’s wounds looked a bit special…most survivors wouldn’t capture a zombie and throw it onto the wall.

Looking at the blood on the wall and the bloody forehead, Diny Yu’s expression became a bit weird.

When Luo Heng told him that Ling Mo had saved them, the zombie immediately popped into his head.

Very bold, very strong, probably on par with a psychic that had strength as a advantage? Ding Yu started to measure Ling Mo’s ability using the zombie as a base.

Although Ling Mo looked very normal and didn’t seem like he had the strength to capture zombies or the strength to throw them onto the walls, at this time where psychics existed, anything could happen.

He probably would never figure out that Ling Mo’s super power had nothing to do with strength but instead was related to puppet skills.

The unlucky zombie that Ling Mo controlled had been made to back away a few steps before running towards the door after dropping those two off. Ling Mo then controlled him to run towards a wall. Ling Mo broke their connection the second before the zombie crashed into the wall.

At the moment when the zombie regained control of its body, it wasn’t able to stop in time so it rammed its head into the wall and died.

If this was seen by a survivor, they would probably think they were dreaming.

Ding Yu seriously looked at Ling Mo before saying, “You’re very strong aren’t you? Are you a psychic?”

“Yes, I am” Ling Mo nodded.There was nothing to be humble about since they were strangers. He didn’t want to have any future conflicts with them so it was a good idea to show off his ability right now and prevent them from doing something foolish.

Luo Heng was a man with principals, but Ling Mo wasn’t sure if this young man was also a man with principals.

Ding Yu looked a bit shocked, but he slightly nodded afterwards before saying, “Nice to meet you, my name is Ding Yu, how about you?”

“Ling Mo.”

“How about them…?”

Ling Mo was surprised that he would even take the initiative to ask about Ye Lian and Shana. The two of them looked very cold, even Luo Heng had seen them, but he didn’t ask anything about them.

Ling Mo wasn’t paranoid that Ding Yu had probably figured out something, he just thought Ding Yu was probably a bit hostile with the two of them.

“They are my girlfriends.” Ling Mo said confidently.

Ding Yu and Luo Heng were surprised for a moment, especially Luo Heng, he looked very awkward.

If other survivors had two girlfriends, Luo Heng would definitely look down on that guy.

But the guy in front of him had saved him.

When it is the end of the world, strength meant everything. The strong take what they wanted.

At least Ling Mo was a lot better than those guys who wanted to “possess” woman, because he could tell from the two girls, that they weren’t weak at all.

Anyways, Ding Yu became more careful of Ling Mo now….

“Oh yeah, how’s Zhang Ning?” Luo Heng anxiously asked.

Although he probably didn’t need to worry too much, due to the fire being very big in the mall, he couldn’t help but be worried since he didn’t see Zhang Ning with Ding Yu.

Would she do something stupid like going back to find them…..

Ding Yu looked at Luo Heng before saying,: “She’s probably fine…”

“Probably???” Luo Heng’s expression changed, “So you’re not sure how she is?? What are you doing, running away without waiting for her….”

In middle of talking, he stopped and looked at Ding Yu with a sorry face before saying, “Sorry, I was just too worried, so i used the wrong words.”

Ding Yu came to look for them so he had left, Luo Heng realized that his complaint didn’t make any sense.

But Ding Yu didn’t seem to care, his attention was all on Ling Mo and the other two girls. He looked more interested in Ling Mo than his partners though.

“Um..Ding Yu, could you please….” Luo Heng knew that he couldn’t travel with his leg like this, so his voice had a bit of a begging tone.

“I know, I will take her here. But I think we should wait for the fire to stop before we collect supplies. The zombies are being attracted to the fire, but as long as they gather around the intersection, the streets will be basically safe as long as were careful. In short, the odds are on our side.” Ding Yu coldly said before nodding to Ling Mo and then turning around in order to go back and get Zhang Ning.

Luo Hend looked at Ding Yu leave with anxiousness and then apologized to Ling Mo by saying, “Sorry, it seems like another person will be occupying some of your space.”

“It’s fine….”

It was a long day and there were still a lot of zombies being attract to the fire from other places. If they kept going now, they might see a lot of zombies.

Plus Ling Mo wanted a share of some of the benefits. They only had four people in their group so there wasn’t much they could take away anyways.

Ling Mo’s plan was to wait until everything was completed before going out to collect supplies.

Before Ling Mo said anything, Luo Hend took the initiative and said, “Ding Yu is right, let’s collect supplies after the fire is put out. You guys can come too, if anything is useful to you, take it.”

“Thank you then.” Ling Mo smiled.

“Um… When Ding Yu and Zhang Ning comes back, I’ll leave with Wang Rin. There’s still a lot of places we can look for on the street….although I would like to chat with you all night but there’s only one bed….”

Ling Mo thought he was pretty nice, just when he was about to nod, Shana suddenly said,“Take Wang Rin away tomorrow.”

Her tone of voice was as if there was no say in this, Ling Mo and Luo Heng were surprised. Ling Mo looked at her with surprise before turning to Luo Heng and saying, “They are actually relatives….”

Luo Heng showed that he understood after he listened to Ling Mo.

Since they are relatives, this was quite a reasonable request, he actually thought Wang Rin might prefer to stay with Ling Mo….

Although he was quite worried, Luo Heng couldn’t doing anything but just nod his head and say, “OK, that’s how it should be with family.”

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