My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 14


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 14 – The Shameful Game Inside Girl’s Dormitory

Ever since encountering the zombie Ye Lian, Ling Mo was constantly undergoing a process of pain and happiness.

The body that once exist only in fantasies could now be touched at anytime and become naked by his hands again and again, although it was only for the purpose of changing cloth. Seeing Ye Lian’s emotionless eyes, he could only push down the strong desire to push her down onto a bed.

But this compassion will only appear before Ye Lian.

So When Shana brought Ye Lian down in the corner of a mattress, she did not know at all that at this time, a strange smile emerged on Ling Mo’s face in the opposite room.

“Big sis, just sleep with me. There is no way to add another bed for now.” Shana frowned her eyebrows, glanced the surrounding and said apologetically.

This girl who acts so arrogantly is surprisingly gentle towards Ye Lian, which makes Ling Mo could not help but sigh in the heart.

If she knew about Ye Lian’s true identity, who knows what kind of face she will make….

As a zombie, it’s not like Ye Lian does not need to rest, but unlike the average people who need longer time to sleep. After being affected by the virus and turning into a zombie, in the case where the body is controlled completely by instincts, these zombies instead understand how to make efficient use of their own body energy. Those zombies who wandered on the street seemingly to have lazy movements, but once they spot a prey, they will instantly burst out tyrannical power and speed, and immediately transformed into horrifying monsters.

With no feeling of pain or thought to retreat, then coupled with flexible movements, once these zombies start to attack, they will not stop until the target disappears.

However, in the absence of a prey, their movement will immediately slow down to minimize physical activities. Compared to the amount of sleep needed by average people, zombies only needed this level of rest.

But in front of Shana and these girls, I cannot let Ye Lian act strangely, so Ling Mo commanded Ye Lian to nod her head, then just laid down on the side of the mattress against the wall.

“Big sis, are you not going to undress?”

Shana asked questionably, and then extended her hand to take off Ye Lian’s jacket, “you will catch a cold if you sleep with clothes on. Come on, I will help you.”

“What do you want to do, little sister!” Ling Mo’s eyebrow hopped and he shouted in his mind. He agreed to let Ye Lian to sleep with Shana, only wanted to experience the pleasure of sleeping among the flowers (TL: implying beautiful girls), but I did not intend to play this shameful game!

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But since you offered, you cannot blame me…

After controlling Ye Lian to sit up, Ling Mo…..rather, using Ye Lian’s slender and pale hand suddenly grabbed Shana’s collar, and pulled her towards Ye Lian.

Shana was stunned for a moment, with Ye Lian’s power and speed, coupled with no defense, she did not even have the time to react and was already dragged before Ye Lian.

With Ye Lian’s finger flexibly picked open the first button of the neckline, a touch of white skin immediately appeared.


Shana called out in a low voice, but did not push away Ye Lian, apparently totally stunned. Right now the distance between her and Ye Lian is less than ten centimeters, the air ejected by her breathing could even blow up Ye Lian’s hair. But she did not notice that Ye Lian’s respiratory rate is surprisingly low, almost imperceptible to people….

But when Ye Lian untied the third buttons and can even get a glimpse of a corner of the small rabbit (Implying the two things on the chest), Shana finally came back to her senses.

“Big sis you are pretty bad!”

Shana “Puchi” laughed out, directly pushed Ye Lian down on the mattress, and twisted together with her: “I will help you to undress, ha ha ha…..”

The rest of the girls also looked over with a smile, and even that female junior high student from earlier joined in….

And Ling Mo who’s currently lying down by himself is having a twitched eye. A place like girls’ dormitory, is really shameful…

After been naughty for a whole ten minutes, Shana who was stripped to only an underwear finally got into bed and laid down besides Ye Lian who is also stripped with only underwear.

Ever since the beginning where the female junior high student joined, the rest of the girls also rushed over. The Ye Lian who has a pretty face but does not speak a word stimulated great interest among these young girls, for a few times Ling Mo felt that Ye Lian’s chest was “attacked”!

“Wow so big!”

“Ah, big sis, what is the size of your cup!”

“Such skinny waist, slippery skin….”

From the moment where the girls touched Ye Lian, the Ye Lian controlled by Ling Mo was in a completely abandoned state.

After all, this is a group of undressed girls around him, things like constantly creating a physical contact were never experienced or even imagined by Ling Mo! Most importantly, even though the one they attacked was Ye Lian, but Ling Mo was the one who “suffered”!

Until the moment where Shana got into bed, Ling Mo suddenly woke up.

“Big sis, your body feels cold.”

Shana touched Ye Lian with her warm foot, rolled over to Ye Lian and whispered.

Let’s return the favour…. Ling Mo let Ye Lian’s hand to touch Shana, but the moment she tried to act, her elbow hit Shana’s chest.

“Ha, let’s stop playing!” Suddenly attacked by the chest, Shana is not angry, just laughed in a low voice, “never thought that big sis is actually quiet cheerful! It would be much better if you could smile more, you are so beautiful, and laughing will make you look very good. But that Ling does not look good enough for you, I thought in the beginning that he forced you.”

Give me a break little sister, big brother here has a bottom-line!

Ling Mo secretly rolled his eyes, and manipulated Ye Lian to shook her head.

“Haha, I know, then I saw that your body is clean, and heard how he talk about you… then I knew that he is not that kind of scum.” Shana leaned toward Ye Liana a little more, almost sticking with Ye Lian’s body, “go to sleep, we still have to go to The Third High School tomorrow. Anyways, thank you guys in advance.

This girl has totally two different personalities in front of Ling Mo and Ye Lian!

Probably because of performing too much physical activities during the day, after she finished speaking, she soon let out long even breathing and seemed to have already fallen asleep.

And Ling Mo actually look through Ye Lian’s perspective and stared at her for a moment. After falling asleep, not only the arrogance disappeared from Shana’s face, but it also revealed a little softness.

Letting such small girl in charge of this many people’s hope for survival, it really makes life difficult for her, ordinary people responsible for their own survival already has tremendous pressure, and imagine what kind of extremely heavy burdens is there on Shana’s not so strong shoulders.

Although she entirely made it herself……..

After touching Shana’s cheek, Ling Mo who is lying on the single bed quickly fell asleep after taking a long deep breath.

Like Shana said, there is still tomorrow!

In order to ensure adequate strength, it’s better to have a good rest.

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