My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 140


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 140 – Human Flesh Really Doesn’t Taste Good

When Ding Yu brought Zhang Ning back, the tough looking girl didn’t even bother caring that there were other people around and just ran to Luo Heng before giving him a big hug.

Although it was a short hug, Luo Heng was really surprised.

“You scared the shit out of me…”Zhang Ning let go of him, wiped off her tears, and smiled.

Luo Heng looked at Zhang Ning and thought “You scared the shit out of me too!”

Zhang Ning looked around and saw Ling Mo, and asked, “You’re the one who saved him right?”

Ling Mo was just standing on the side watching, he didn’t expect that she would suddenly look at him.

Ling Mo nodded and Zhang Ning walked over to him slowly and looked deeply at Ling Mo before proceeding to hug him.

Her cold cheeks were pressed next to Ling Mo’s cheek. At the same time she whispered into his ears and said, “Thank You!”


Being hugged after the first time seeing each other, Ling Mo seemed to be a bit shy, especially in front of Luo Heng.

Shana and Ye Lian seemed to be annoyed with so many people in here. They were annoyed to the point that they even went to find Li Ya Ling.

Seeing the both of them leaving, Zhang Ning let go of Ling Mo and anxiously said, “Sorry, I was just too excited.”

“Oh…don’t worry, they weren’t jealous.” Ling Mo quickly replied, but those words didn’t come out the right way. Zhang Ning wasn’t thinking about it but when she heard his reply, she kind of blushed and glanced at Luo Heng, looking a bit worried.

But to her disappointment, he didn’t do anything but paused stupidly.

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“Before I came here, I saw a pretty nice place close to here. We shouldn’t keep staying here and bothering them, lets go now.” Ding Yu coldly said.

Luo Heng finally pulled himself together, coughed and said, “Ya…Brother Ling, the fire probably won’t die out until later this evening, let’s take action tomorrow instead.”

“Your legs are injured, are you sure you could walk tomorrow?” Zhang Ning asked with concern.

She saw the bandages on his legs but when she asked, she didn’t sound too worried. Since the wound had already been treated, there’s no point in asking too many times.

But she still really appreciated what Ling Mo had done. There weren’t many people that were willing to help others right now.

“No problem, Brother Ling wrapped up the wound. He saved me, I am very grateful you wasted your drugs on me.”

Luo Heng got up with Ding Yu’s help, he thought for a while before turning to Zhang Ning and saying, “Let’s give some of what we recorded to Ling Mo.”

Ling Mo looked suspiciously looked at Zhang Ning, she took out a plastic bag with some hesitation. When she opened it, there was a notebook in there.

Luo Heng took the notebook and gave it to Ling Mo. “We were going to the countryside, so we don’t really need it anymore. I was actually planning on giving it to the army, but I think you would have a better chance than us in reaching them since we wouldn’t even know if the army took over X city when were in the countryside. It’s up to you whether or not you want to give it to the army. I believe the things on here would help you, although it probably isn’t enough to pay you back for saving me, but I would feel much better if you took it.

Ling Mo knows that Luo Heng was the type of person who remembered the people that did nice things for him, since he said it, he would take it.

Plus whatever a policeman was going to give to the army must probably be something very important.

Luo Heng was really something, he might actually be very successful in the countryside.

If he eventually couldn’t stay in X city, he could go and find him.

But that possibility was very low unless the zombies in X city all evolved into another level, Ling Mo wouldn’t need to retreat.

“I’ll leave Wang Rin here for now, I’ll see you guys tomorrow and see what her final decision is.”

After he finished talking, he left with Ding Yu and Zhang Ning. Before leaving, Ling Mo gave him the rifle back, since weren’t that much bullets left, it wasn’t that useful.

Zhang Ning and Ding Yu didn’t ask much about why he was leaving Wang Rin here, anyways, Luo Heng would tell them later.

After they left, the three girls came in.

Li Ya Ling’s eyes had turned red, she kept staring at Wang Rin the moment she came inside and seemed like she was ready to take action.

Shana turned to her and her eyes turned cold, “What are you doing?”

“…”Li Ya Ling and Shana looked at each other. Li Ya Ling was stronger than Shana but she wasn’t able to attack her since she was connected to her indirectly. Plus she wasn’t as intelligent as Shana who had evolved in a very special way….

Looking at Shana’s eyes, Li Ya Ling thought of her shaved part…

Because of Shana, she had been walking in a weird way.

“Nothing” Li Ya Ling answered with anger.

Ling Mo sighed and said, “If I don’t give you an object to attack, you can’t attack ok? I’m a human, I don’t kill people for no reason, understand?”

Li Ya Ling looked at Ling Mo and shook her head, “I don’t understand…”

“Did you not understand the first half or second half?”


“Don’t bullshit with me, I know you at least understood the first half. There’s no use in pretending that you don’t. You are wrong if you think I won’t punish you if you eat someone.” Ling Mo said seriously and then added, “At least you can’t eat her okay? I still have something to ask her.”

“How about other people?” This time Ye Lian was the one asking the question with seriousness. “So it’s okay to eat other people….”

“My good girl, we don’t eat people, they don’t taste delicious” and quickly added, “Gels are much better, it tastes good and has a lot of the virus…”

Ye Lian just looked at Ling Mo for a while. Although she only understood a little bit, she at least was more obedient and nodded, “OK!”

“Ye Lian is a good girl.” Ling Mo said with a long sigh. Li Ya Ling wasn’t his girlfriend or anything, she was just a zombie he had just started to control, it would take some time for her to become completely obedient.

But when he thought about Shana, he realized she was also not very obedient sometimes.

“A zombie’s rebellious phase?”

Shana showed a proud smile and leered at Li Ya Ling before walking to the bed and looking at Wang Rin with a weird look.

After seeing her expression, Ling Mo couldn’t help asking, “Shana, Do you…”

“Yes, my memory is all back, I remember her.” Shana immediately nodded.

“Did you want her to stay because you want me to take her?” He actually didn’t want to take Wang Rin with them. If Shana really wanted to, he would need to spend a lot of time talking her out of this.

Shana smiled creeply and said, “I remember that you don’t really like her, don’t worry, I don’t like her either.”

“Then why….”

“Because when i saw her, a lot of memories between me and her showed up. Right now i have a very clear memory of my childhood with her.”

Shana stared at Wang Rin and smiled evilly.

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