My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 141


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 141 – I Can Rub it and make it Bigger!

When it got really dark at night, Wang Rin slowly woke up.

The moment she opened her eyes, the pain from her butt made her frown. She was still facing down, her shoulder was really stiff and she felt really uncomfortable.

After bleeding so much, she felt like her throat was burning, even swallowing her spit was very hard.


Wang Rin tried her best to get up and looked into the dark room.

The scene she saw almost made her spit out blood.

The place she was on wasn’t a bed, it was a makeshift bed on the floor.

Above what her was the only bed and Ling Mo was on it with his girlfriend!

But what shocked her was that there was another person on a chair in the corner.

The person’s eyes were closed, she tried her best look at that person, but realized she didn’t know the person.

“What a shitty brother-in-law….just a pervert, he is seeing another girl!!” She was cursing in her mind and looked at where she was lying.

This Ling Mo had gone too far! She was at least his sister-in-law and also an injured person, yet he didn’t even let her to sleep on the bed!

The makeshift bed was just a thin mat, just enough for one person, and it wasn’t soft at all!

If she had just lied on it for a while, it would be fine, but she’s been on it for at least half a day. She felt very uncomfortable, especially her breasts….

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Did Ling Mo discriminate against flat breasts? Did he actually think that it wouldn’t hurt if my breasts are flat?

Wang Rin was complaining in her head and opened her mouth to say, “Hey…”

But just when she was about to talk, someone had covered her mouth from behind.

Wang Rin widened her eyes, just when she was about to panic, a voice came out, “It’s me.”

Wang Rin was very familiar with the voice, but at the same time it felt cold.

She hesitated and revealed a shocked look in her eyes.


“Quiet.” Shana said and let go of her, then walked in front of her and kneeled down.

Wang Rin couldn’t really describe how she felt right now. Her expression contained shockness and complication.

The two times they met last time, Shana didn’t come and talk to her, she felt a little bit sad and  very angry.

But to her surprise, Shana had came to see her when she woke up.

What really made Wang Rin feel frightened was Shana’s slightly red eyes that staring at her in the dark. Her eyes revealed some curiousness but mostly indifference.

“Why does it feel like I’m being stared at by a zombie?” Wang Rin quivered, but afterwards she thought she was probably imagining things.

Although Shana didn’t look like this before, a lot of time has passed so change was a high chance, even she had changed a lot so she didn’t make a big deal of Shana’s changes.

The eyes made Wang Rin feel a bit insecure, but when she saw the small necklace on Shana’s neck, she started to feel warm in her heart.

“You…” Just when she wanted to talk, a bottle of water was thrusted in front of her.

Shana’s eyes looked very creepy but her behavior was quite normal. It even revealed some concern.

“Drink it.”

“….” Wang Rin took the water with surprise and then said, “Thank you…”

After drinking the water, Wang Rin felt a lot better. She looked at Shana with a warm feeling.

People were usually very fragile after getting hurt, not to mention she was just a girl, and the person in front of her was the only relative she had left…..that is if you didn’t count Ling Mo since he was her brother-in-law.

Shana looked at her. smiled, and suddenly asked, “Why are you here? I thought you were planning to go back to the Ginkgo district.”

“Yeah…” Wang Rin looked sad and said, “I was going to head there, but I had gotten involved when I saw Luo Heng on the way. He had brought me into the group. There were many times I had wanted to go back to the base but i suddenly got a fever on the way. If they didn’t insist on bringing me with them, I would have already been dead. The only person who had wanted to let go of me was Ding Yu!”

Speaking up to this point, her eyes turned furious, probably because talking to a relative made her feel wronged even more, her eyes kind of turned red, “But he was right, I was a total liability at the time. But Luo Hend didn’t let go of me, he carried me until i had recovered. I’ve been following them for a long time and so I couldn’t go back. Even if it went back now, everyone there might have already left.”

Shana quietly looked at Wang Rin and then nodded before asking, “How about my classmate, Liu Yu Hao? He’s still with those guys right?”

Her tone of voice didn’t sound like she cared.

Shana’s calm reaction made Wang Rin wide-awake. She kept blinking her eyes to hold her tears back.

She felt kind of stupid to vent her grievances to her if she was having this kind of attitude.

“How would I know.” Wang Rin answered with anger.

“Never mind, I was just asking”

Wang Rin looked at Shana and asked, “What’s your plan next?”

“Follow Brother Ling” replied Shana. She made it sound like it was obvious. She then added, “But I won’t take you with us.”

“I wouldn’t want to join you guys in the first place!” Wang Rin was very upset, “ Why? Although we weren’t on good terms, but that was so many years ago, you shouldn’t……”

“But my memory of that time is very clear. So I decided to give you a little surprise as a memory of me. We can cross out what had happened before, but don’t show yourself in front us. You are just too weak, I feel ashamed to introduce you to Sister Ye Lian.”


Wang Rin was curious about what kind of surprise Shana gave her, but the words she had said after that pissed her off.

She knew Shana was just stating facts, but she didn’t have to be that so straightforward!

“Oh yeah, I have another question. How’s it going with your boobs??”

Shana’s question made her almost choke on her saliva, why would Shana ask this kind of question?

But she immediately realized it must of been that jerk, Ling Mo, who had taught her this.

Wang Rin looked down and angrily said, “It hurts a lot now, thanks to you guys.”

“It’s not our fault that it hurts, it’s because your boobs aren’t big enough.” Shana added, “If it was big enough, it can become a cushion.”

Wang Rin thought that was complete and utter bullshit, but she couldn’t stop herself from touching her breasts and thinking that it really was pretty small. Even though she hadn’t completely finished puberty, other girls seemed to have bigger ones than hers.

“Who would care about how big boobs are right now!”

Wang Rin was suddenly awakened and move her hands.

Shana was serious, ”You don’t need to care, but I do. Brother Ling will rub it for me and make it bigger!”

“I….” Wang Rin was thinking of what to say, but after seeing Shana’s serious expression, Wang Rin thought she should just shut up.

But she couldn’t help thinking, “Maybe I could rub it to make it bigger too.”

I could try it when other people were not around….

“Maybe our family has a history of small boobs, so not my problem.” Shana talked to herself a bit before saying, “You can go back to sleep, I’m done asking you questions.”

Shana stood up and didn’t see Wang Rin’s fierce look in her eyes.

Although Wang Rin had wanted to argue, Shana looked too intimidating, she couldn’t really tell why.

A lot of words were in her head but she didn’t seem to have the courage to say it.

Her subconsciousness was telling her there was nothing good in pissing Shana off.

Wang Rin stared at Shana’s back before going back to sleep.

Suddenly someone sat up from the bed, it was of course Ling Mo.

He was a very light sleeper. He actually heard their whole conversation.

He of course also wanted to know what kind of surprise Shana gave her. He looked at Wang Rin who was asleep with sympathy.

This unlucky girl, why did she offend Shana in the past….

Ling Mo thought Shana was going to give her a bit more hard time, but to his surprise she talked with Wang Rin for a while.

Just when he was going to ask Shana he realized Shana’s eyes were glowing a slight cold light.

She smiled and turned to Ling Mo, “Brother Ling, there’s a saying ‘a mountain cannot have to tigers right? Seems like she’s having a hard time with that Ding Yu guy.’”

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