My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 142


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 142 – When Firewood Meets Warm Fire

“Luo Heng, are you feeling better?”

In a room of the next building, Zhang Ning was sitting on the side of the sofa and Luo Heng was lying on it.

There were no painkillers so Luo Heng kept waking up from the pain.

There was also another reason why he couldn’t sleep.

“I’m feeling a lot better now, but I’m wondering if Wang Rin would…” Luo Heng voice seemed to be very uncertain.

Zhang Ning looked at him and said, “You treat her like a sister, I understand that you feel reluctant to let her go, but they are her family, if she goes with them…..  It’s too bad that Ling Mo guy isn’t willing to come with us or else all of these problems would be solved. Is it because he doesn’t think we are good enough for him to group up?”

Luo Heng hesitated before replying, “No, although he is a psychic, our group also has two, we also have guns as well. He might just have his own plans, we can’t force others so let’s stop thinking about this. Right now I just hope Wang Rin could come with us tomorrow, I sympathize with this little girl. She might have a sharp tongue but there are some good sides to her. I also realized Ling Mo had only treated her quite normal, it might not be the best for her to follow them.”

Zhang Ning seemed to be worried about something and looked out before lowering her voice, “But you know, she and Diny Yu….”

Luo Heng said, “I know, Ding Yu suggested that we let her go before which caused Wang Rin to be mean to him. Ding Yu is very good, it’s just that he’s too cold and rational to people. He shouldn’t have said that in front of Wang Rin. I really hope their relationship could get better afterwards.”

Zhang Ning’s face looked complicated, she seemed to have wanted to say something but she held it in.

Luo Heng was always sincere towards people he cared about which made her like him, but when it came to relationship stuff, he was like a total idiot….

She thought about it before, it wasn’t a good time for relationships right now, she couldn’t even make sure she could survive, so what was the point of even thinking about this?

But then on second thought, it is because she could die at anytime, she should do things she wanted to do before she’s dead so at least she would die with no regrets.

Especially since she almost lost Luo Heng today.

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Thinking up to this point, she bit her lips and stared at Luo Heng for a bit before she decided to jump on him.

“Ahh! It hurts!, What are you doing !?!?!?…don’t kiss…don’t take off my….”

“Don’t move!!”

“What are you doing???…Are you going to???…You can’t do this to me, this is rape!”

“Don’t spout Bullshit! If you don’t have any reactions to it later, I will stop.”

“I’m not ready yet…… plus we’re friends…”

“Who the fuck is your friend! I never seen you as a friend! Anyways, we should live life to the fullest and take the opportunity when it presents itself when were still alive.”

Just when Zhang Ning jumped on Luo Heng, the door had slightly opened displaying three pairs of eyes looking at them.

When Ling Mo saw that everything was heating up, he smiled and slowly shut the door, “This is what is called, firewood meeting a heated fire!! Oh no, a warm fire!”

“Brother Ling…They…”

Ye Lian’s eyes had turned very big. Although she didn’t see any of the exciting parts, after seeing how it began, she felt very restless.

Ling Mo laughed and said “Oh that’s nothing, they have not even reached the fun part yet, they are going to do what we did before.”

Shana seemed like she didn’t see enough because she replied, “Then don’t close the door, since we’ve already done it before, let’s see how humans do it!”

“Holy shit, you must have had these perverted ideas in the past! You probably even watched those kinds of videos!”

Ling Mo looked at her in shock.

“Heng!! Your just trying to change the subject because what they are doing, is different than what we did before!”

After Shana had evolved, she was essentially different than humans. She felt no shame in doing shameless things.

Ling Mo never thought he would see a situation like this.

Ling Mo began to worry that Shana and Ye Lian might just jump on him at the same time as well.

He was not prepared yet.

Shana seemed to be aroused and Ye Lian would usually copy her, so Ling Mo thought it might be a good thing to be a bit more aware of these two advanced female zombies.

“Let’s stop talking about this, our main objective is to talk to Ding Yu.”

After talking to Wang Rin, Shana had told Ling Mo that they should teach Ding Yu a lesson.

Ling Mo would be happy that Shana had this feeling. He thought at first, Shana was angry that her cousin was being bullied and might be abandoned by the other team. But after Shana told her the real reason, Ling Mo realized it wasn’t human emotions, but a zombie’s instinct.

“If Wang Rin is dead, I wouldn’t get the chance to get revenge on her. It would be sad for not letting my dream come true. Since he’s just a human, I won’t need your help.”

Ling Mo felt a headache approach his temples when she was talking.

“That guy is actually pretty good, even if you could defeat him, I think it is better not to go too far. Didn’t you hear, that Luo Heng guy saved your cousin.”

“OKOK! If you’re worried, why don’t you come with me?”

After Ling Mo made the decision, Ye Lian followed them, she didn’t want to stay in the same room with Li Ya Ling and Wang Riin.

It was actually fine to stay with Li Ya Ling, but Wang Rin was a human, staying in the same room with her would make her uncomfortable.

When Li Ya Ling realized that she ended up taking this shitty task of babysitting, she widened her eyes.

“Don’t eat her!!”


“I mean it!!”

After seriously warning Li Ya Ling, Ling Mo led them to the next building.

But Ling Mo didn’t really want to have a confrontation with Ding Yu because it would be hard to explain to Luo Heng if he asks.

And also, if he was in Ding Yu’s shoes, he probably would have made the same decision.

There was no reason to take the risk for someone who just came in and was a complete liability. This was because it might cause other people to die just to save her.

Guess it just depends on which perspective you see, if you saw it from Wang Rin’s shoes, you would probably hate Ding Yu.

And Ding Yu must of thought he made a logical decision and wasn’t wrong at all.

But Ling Mo was a person who placed family over logic so since he pissed of Shana, he needs to pay.

Ling Mo turned around and looked at the three puppets that followed along and smiled.

Sometimes it was better to use the zombies to punish others rather than himself.

And as for them…they would just need to hide in the dark and watch the show. He could take action too if needed.

Shana wasn’t very satisfied with Ling Mo’s plan, but on the thought of seeing Ding Yu suffer, she became excited.

Even Ye Lian was excited about it.

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