My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 143


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 143 – Aiming for the Kidney

The fire had almost nearly died out, there was just a few little flames here and there.

There were hundreds of zombies that had been attracted by the fire, wandering around on the intersections of the street.

Ding Yu was sitting in front of a French door drinking beer and watching the scene from far away.

He had a little bag tied to his waist, with tons of steel sticks in it.

He was sitting on a sofa, with some kind pillow behind his head which had a lot of blood stains, but he didn’t seem to care.

“Good thing Luo Heng and Wang Rin aren’t severely injured, otherwise both of them would be liabilities again…. This team is really getting weaker, bad things keep happening.”

Ding Yu apparently likes to talk to himself, it seems to help him think.

“Luo Heng is at least very useful though, he has the necessary survival skills and also knows military things, only he could make a plan like this. People should know what they are capable of, for example me, I wouldn’t be able to plan something like this. I just have super powers, that doesn’t give me the power to create a survivor base….I hope i get more powerful. Like Ling Mo’s group, even though they have two girls, they were still pretty strong.”

After nagging a bit to himself, he swallowed more beers and sighed.

Right at this moment his pupils constricted, he turned his head.

When he turned his head, a person with red eyes was standing behind the sofa under the darkness of the night.


Ding used one of his hands to reach his waist bag while the other one pushed the sofa in order to try making the zombie fall.

Just when his attention was all on this zombie, another zombie appeared from the corner with a table leg.

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The zombie jumped high and used the table leg to attack Ding Yu. Ding Yu, who was pushing the sofa tried to dodge, but he didn’t completely dodge it.

The table leg hit his shoulder and he made a grunt.

But right at this moment, he was able to take out a steel stick and got up before throwing the stick.

Ding Yu didn’t have enough time to gather power when he threw it, but it still made a sharp noise when it flew towards the zombie holding the table leg.

But what shocked Ding Yu was that the zombie dodged it as if it knew what he was up to and the other zombie dashed towards him, twisted it’s body before making a spin kick that aimed at Ding Yu’s waist.

Ding Yu never thought a zombie could do something like this. The sudden attack was very effective.


Ding Yu was kicked and flew towards one direction, the zombie that had dodged his attack also tried to kick his waist after.

It seemed like the zombies were aiming to destroy his kidneys….Ding Yu’s pupil constricted and he made a roar before throwing two more steel sticks out.

Unfortunately the vital parts weren’t hit, so there was no big harm to the zombies.

“Are they highly advanced?”

Although it was only a few seconds, Ding Yu already had cold sweat on his forehead.

He had never seen zombies that could cooperate so well like this.

These two were very special, they seemed to be very smart, but also had a look that was very twisted, unlike those very smart ones, who instead looked very blood-thirsty.

“What’s going on…”

Ding Yu looked at the two zombies and took out his last two steel sticks. He could feel that his life was on the line.

The two zombies were very similar to the one he saw in the morning, are they here to revenge?

But it was Ling Mo who had killed that zombie, not him.

Although Ding Yu was thinking angrily,he looked very calm, it’s just his eyes looked very serious which revealed what he actually felt.

If Ling Mo knew what Ding Yu was thinking, he would of admired him for his deductions.

Seems like this could be the only explanation for the current situation right now.

But the truth was actually really simple, they were Ling Mo’s zombie puppets.

Ling Mo was just in the room right next to it while Shana was on the balcony that was connected to another place, enjoying the show.

Ye Lian was staying by Ling Mo because she was still stimulated apparently by the scene that was generated from Luo Heng and Zhang Ning. Zombies apparently didn’t know how to hide their feeling so she kept hugging Ling Mo and not letting go.

But she was extremely curious on what was going on in the room, so she kept asking, making Ling Mo get turned on by her soft voice…..

Unfortunately he had to control two zombies while holding back his desire.

If Ling Mo’s skills were even better, he could probably get rid of the delay issue.

Ling Mo was a bit curious on whether or not he could win since it’s not every day he had the option of having a psychic help him practice his skills.

Luckily, unlike controlling Ye Lian and Shana, he didn’t need to worry about the zombie puppets getting hurt.

Ding Yu had already gotten hit twice and the damage he gave the zombies were basically nothing.

And after getting hurt by them, they became even more different.

Their attacks became even more precise and were starting to collaborate even better.

Where the hell did these zombies come from?? Is this some new kind of zombie?!

Diny Yu was now completely confused, he began to think he was so unlucky! Although he knew there would be advanced zombies in such a big city, he never thought that he would be attacked by them.

He thought of trying to get help from his teammates, but they weren’t really close in the first place which was why he was the only one living on the roof…

Should I call for someone? He started to hesitate.

If I ask for help now, it basically means that I’m also a liability…..

Luo Heng and Zhang Ning have guns, they might be able to really help me.

Just when he was thinking the two zombies attacked him again. They have very diverse attack patterns which gave Ding Yu a very hard time.

And for some unknown reason the two zombies kept aiming at the side of his waist, seemed like they wanted to give him a kidney deficiency.

Ding Yu was running out of methods in defending himself and there was no way he could defeat both of them in one shot.

Although he did some damage to the zombies, it seems that he would be the one that would fall down first eventually.

For some reason Ding Yu had the feeling that the zombies were just playing with him and trying out different fighting methods.

What made him really angry was that he didn’t even have a chance to take a break and only could just continue fighting.

He had already used up his steel sticks pretty fast, he was currently in a totally weaker position now.

Ding Yu had seemed to want to pick up the steel sticks and throw it again, but right now there were only several of sticks that had dropped to the ground. The others were stabbed inside the zombie’s bodies.

Nobody wanted to do a close combat fight with a zombie when they didn’t need to since it was too risky.

Right at that moment, he made a decision and stuck himself to window behind him and shouted, “LUO HENG!”

His voice wasn’t too loud since he didn’t want to attract even more zombies.

Unfortunately for him, there was no way in hell that Luo Heng could hear him right now since he and Zhang Ning were making “PA-PA-PA” noises with their bodies on a low quality sofa that was also making a “GAZHI…..GAZHI” squeezing sound.

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